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QLD, Australia's Newly Proposed Constitution Is Pure Communism Masquerading as a Republic
January 2, 2012

Forward courtesy of Richard S

QLD, Australia's Newly Proposed Constitution Is Pure Communism Masquerading as a Republic (Jan. 2, 2012)

Hi Ken,

Got this email.....looks like an agenda for Australia

Keep up your good work!

Regards, Richard

*Subject:* Richard, How to Destroy Australia

*Your Rights and Liberties are Under Threat!*
*QLD is the guinea pig, the rest of the nation shall follow.*

To you Richard, and your family and friends,

We are writing a very serious message to you. We know the personal politics of many of you, others we don't know, but regardless of your
political stance, *PLEASE* read this message through carefully. You are aware that a referendum in July will ask you to vote for a new
QLDConstitution. It will be sold to you in glowing terms, but please know that if this referendum is won by government it will literally turn QLD into a republic where there will be...

- *You will NOT own your land. Nor can you own any body of water. *

*That's just one aspect of this new constitution they won't be telling you about.*

We have a close friend called Larry Hannigan who knows what is going on. He and two amazing legal eagles who can decipher all the legalise have managed to get hold of the document. By Law it has to be posted on the web but they've made it hard to find & it's even harder for the average Joe blow to understand, but Larry & his friends are going through it with a fine tooth comb & it will be posted on Larry's website

Please understand that we are not wild eyed fanatics, but we have been learning a great deal through Larry. The big problem is that few
Australians know anything of their Constitution which was thought out wisely & with great forethought by our Christians forefathers. If our
Constitution was the rule of Law in our country we would be the strongest, greatest country in the world, but most lawyers don't know it because it is not taught in law school. They have a code of laws that have little to do with the constitution, however, the Constitution still reigns supreme in our country, & that's why the powers that be are trying to destroy it.

Already around our nation lawyers, judges & politicians are having counts of corruption & treason brought against them & are running scared. Some magistrates have even resigned because they could see the writing on the wall. That's why our governments must get rid of our Constitution as soon as they can because Australia is a nation that stands out against one world govt.

I remember hearing a young man interviewed on radio. *He had resigned from one of our leading banks that I won't name, because he had seen a top level memo that stated that Australia was the wild donkey standing in the path of one world govt. & it had to be crippled*. There has been a steady working at that now for years. Every attempt to change the flag or make Australia a republic is all part of it.

This new Qld. Constitution is actually illegal because it cannot Override the Australian Constitution, but if the people stupidly vote for it, that
FACT will be swept aside. Did you know that according to Constitution Law solicitors & barristers cannot hold political positions? They cannot be law makers. Most of the Fed Lab. Govt is illegal.

There is so much more, but rather than go on I urge you to go to Larry's site, Larry Hannigan Australia. He is owner of wheylite Australia. Click
on the Australia Flag in the top right corner, then click on All Products and select concerning Australia. PLEASE get his audio tape on The voice Of The Australian Flag. I had the privilege of working on it with him many years ago & it stills moves me to tears.

Every Australian should know what that flag is actually all about. It's only 10 minutes but it is powerful. There is a radio station in NSW which
beams a late night programme over a wide area even into QLD. The host of that programme plays the Flag at regular intervals & every time the phones are packed with people wanting it. Many who have been republicans have done a complete turn around after hearing it.

Larry has also produced The Voice Of The Constitution. You can obtain that. The production is nothing spectacular...words scrolling up over a
blank screen & a man's voice reading them at the same time, but he explains key points. I did some work on that with him too. Recently in Kalgoorlie that DVD was played in the open air picture theatre for the residents. Two thousand people attended and didn't move or make a sound for half an hour. They were dumbfounded at what they DIDN'T know.

You can get the package from Larry very cheaply & you are free to copy & give away as many as you please. He's not out to make money, he's out to save our beloved nation.

*Richard, PLEASE vote NO at the upcoming referendum, and PLEASE get this information to all on your email list, neighbours, etc.
Feel free to copy this email, but take out our names & email reference.


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