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Reader Agrees with Traditionalist View of Blond Girl Video But Questions John Wayne Reference

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
January 20, 2017

Reader Agrees with Traditionalist View of Blond Girl Video But Questions John Wayne Reference (Jan. 20, 2017)

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On 1/19/2017, Jim wrote:


Thanks for introducing Blond Woman; wonderful mind.

How feminism, liberalism, and Cultural Marxism are destroying western society (Feb. 24, 2016)
More from Blond Girl .

She sees reality largely as it is. She seems not aware that Islamaphobia has seeped into her mind. There is no global jihad by Islam to take over the world so to speak. It is a global jihad by satanist pedophiles to create a “Clash of Civilizations” by forcing populations in the Middle East and Africa to flee from war in their countries to safer places i.e.: EU and Canada and US.

The satanic New World Order made sure that the worst elements of these country's societies were moved into EU so that they would trigger a reaction by the domestic population and attack the Muslim refugees and populations physically and kill them so that the Muslims in the refugee's home countries and other Muslim countries would come to defend their brutalized members of their faith and start doing the same to Christian populations, such as Isis with Christians in the Middle East have done.

The satanists of the New World Order need a One World religion that they control as a necessary element of a successful NWO, and to get that they have to create a war between Islam and Christianity. And after they slaughter each other off, they then introduce the Religion of Peace……a One World religion.

The NWO already have a number of candidates set up to become the religion of peace including Rev Moon's Church of Unification, Unity Church etc….

Hillary Clinton scared me the most of any candidate ever because she was a true satanist and I was certain she lusted after the Presidency to be the usher in of the Anti-Christ. She give up her soul for the lust of satanic sex. Blond woman is not seeing the over all New World Order plan, and maybe it is better because she is imparting very important perspectives on our human male/female relationships i.e.:

I intend to view all of her videos over time.

What do you think of this man's comments on her?

Jan. 15, 2017

Thanks, Jim


Hi Jim,

I agree with your thoughts here completely. Yes, I saw that she erroneously used the term "Islam" in referring to the pushy Muslims she saw in Europe, but her language is being primed by Zion's propaganda machine. And yes, they are intentionally bringing in the more radical and extreme hot heads to create the very resentment and animosity understandably felt in Germany, England, France, Sweden, etc.

Trump will not let these individuals flood into America; you can be sure of that. Assad and Putin could quickly end the Syrian war if the Zionist-owned US, and Zionist-owned Israel, and Zionist collaborator Saudi Arabia would stop funding and arming the mercenaries which the West created. If Trump helps to shut down the funding of ISIS/ISIL then the war will quickly come to an end. If that happens and if the EU breaks up and nationalist leaders are elected in France, Germany, Italy, etc., they will likely force the repatriation of the massive numbers of undocumented Muslims who were supposedly allowed into Europe as Syrian war refugees (many were not) back to their home countries. This will end the destruction of European culture and restore peace to those countries that have been overwhelmed by third world Muslims.

If Trump keeps his word, he is going to remove MILLIONS of illegal Mexican aliens and send them back to Mexico where they will be required to APPLY for LEGAL entry into the United States like every other foreign national from Europe or Asia or the Middle East would have to do to LEGALLY reside, live, or work in the United States. When that happens, Europeans will notice that the Sky Will Not Fall, the economy will not crash, the need for crop pickers will not become a national crisis, the factories will not shut down, and lawn maintenance or landscaping will not suddenly cease to exist. The American people never NEEDED nor did they ever WANT illegal aliens to invade America to steal away jobs from American citizens, and bring with them their third world manners, their third world culture, their crime, their drug trafficking, their murderers, and their kids to burden the American taxpayer to subsidize and pay for the schooling, healthcare, food and rent for Mexican illegals by the millions while denying needy American citizens and veterans the very taxpayer funded benefits showered on illegal aliens.

Europeans will notice that they don't HAVE to take it and allow the JWO to destroy their country, destroy their family, destroy their unity, and destroy their culture, heritage and their Caucasian race just because the Rothchild and Rockefeller families and the International Jewish Bankers - following a Sabbatean Frankists blueprint - want to create a One World Zionist Feudal Utopia run by Chabad Lubavitch psychopaths under Noahide Law.

The mounting conservative backlash against the infuriating promotion of cultural Marxism, feminism, homosexuality/transgender promotion, the slandering of patriarch and traditional male roles, the emasculation of men, the dismantling of the gentile nuclear family structure, the promotion of degenerate sexual behavior as "normal and healthy," the vicious denigration of Christianity, Catholicism, and even church attendance -- is just beginning to get underway.

The blond girl's videos exemplifies the stored resentment that will increasingly express itself in the months and years to come now that Trump has become President and the illegal alien communist from Indonesia is finally gone.

The Youtube guy is correct on some things he says, but his attitude is too harsh towards the blond girl and he talks too much like a Low Life who's used to filling his hands with a woman's body on the first date. He's a cretin. I can't stand scumbags who talk or act that way. I want men to be strong and masculine but not with a crude, vulgar or pushy attitude like this guy has. I want John Wayne type men who are polite, sincere, respectful, and never treat a woman with anything but consideration and kindness. When the girl is ready for you to touch her, she'll let you know and send the signal. Then, you can move when it's right. It used to be like that between men and women, before the 1970s at least. It could be like that again. It's up to us to maintain our Western culture and our Christian mores and not allow ourselves to be manipulated and devolved into Godless, amoral, Marxist zombies working for the Zionist Masters.

Regards, Ken


On 1/20/2017, Jim wrote:

Thank you Ken, for a profound summary.....you mirror my sentiments....By the way, John Wayne
was a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason and later joined the Al Malaikah Shrine Temple

Converted to Catholicism from what? I was told that he was a Jew by birth.

In May 1971, Playboy magazine published an interview with Wayne which resulted in a firestorm of controversy. Wayne expressed his support for the Vietnam War,[4]:580 and made headlines for his resolute opinions about social issues and race relations in the United States:

I believe in white supremacy, until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility. I don't believe giving authority and positions of leadership and judgment to irresponsible people ... I don't feel we did wrong in taking this great country away from [the Native Americans] ... Our so-called stealing of this country from them was just a matter of survival. There were great numbers of people who needed new land, and the Indians were selfishly trying to keep it for themselves.[18]:289[61]


Hi Jim,

John Wayne was raised Presbyterian and was not a Jew. He converted to Catholicism shortly before his death. His mother was of English, Irish, Scottish decent. The murderer, John Wayne Gacy was Jewish, not John Wayne.

John Wayne was a freemason all of his life starting out with the Order of De Molay as a boy. You have to remember that not all people who call themselves freemasons are Zionist henchmen and satanists of the Albert Pike variety, which is the more secretive - and darker - "inner court" of freemasonry. I don't approve of freemasonry, but I fully recognize that "outer court" freemasons are in it for brotherhood, business networking, and charitable work and are not necessarily part of the higher level, "inner court" wickedness and skullduggery. John Wayne's family and his social surroundings would have viewed freemasonry as an upright organization to be part of.

John Wayne was a decent and honorable person in my opinion. My comments were alluding to the sort of manly, but gentleman-like character that John Wayne portrayed in most of his movie when it came to the opposite sex.

John Wayne seemed fair minded, honest, and regarded America as the world's greatest defender of freedom and liberty - which it was during his time. He felt guilt ridden that he was kept from fighting in the military during World War II. He wanted to go, but the studios wouldn't let him. I don't think it's fair to condemn John Wayne for his white supremacy comments made in 1971 concerning the legitimate complaints that white people had at that time who were being discriminated against by government-mandated set-aside quotas and lowered qualifications allowed for unqualified black applicants while qualified white applicants were being denied admission to schools and executive jobs solely based on being white. Reverse discrimination, favoring largely unqualified black or "minorities," at the expense of qualified white people, for school admissions or government-coerced job allotments on the federal, state, and local level was just as wrong as discrimination against black people in the Deep South prior to the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

John Wayne had no patience with indolent people who were capable of working and taking care of themselves but allowed themselves and their families to devolve into government-dependent welfare clients. This has ruined the lives of millions upon millions of mostly black people in this country and it has only led to greater government control over our lives and the growth of ever-bigger government. I feel exactly the same way about accepting any form of welfare, or food stamps, or subsidy from the government if you are capable of working and can take care of yourself. Sick people or old people are a different story, but welfare should be only be for people in extremely dire circumstances and not made available to able bodied people, and especially not for illegal aliens.

John Wayne saw America as the Good Guys in the Vietnam War, just as he saw America as the Good Guys in World War II and the Korean War. I was in the military during the Vietnam War and we all believed and accepted the government cover story at the time from Johnson, McNamara and Rusk as Gospel ~ that we were fighting the communist takeover of Vietnam just as we fought the communist takeover of Korea. At the time, most American military, including myself, could not think of America as an evil aggressor or purveyor of war. We strictly viewed our role as DEFENDERS of freedom and fighting against the advancement of communism. I didn't know any better until I read Bill Cooper's book, Behold a Pale Horse, in 1995 and woke up to the whole NWO game plan. I'm sure John Wayne did not know at the time of his death in 1979, what I discovered in 1995 by reading Cooper's book.

His comments about the takeover of America from its Native American inhabitants is less defensible. If we had high minded men in Washington and in the military throughout the 19th century, we could have kept our treaty promises, left Indians alone on their land, and not attempted to simply murder and eradicate non threatening Indians or move them wholesale off their own lands as Andrew Jackson did, then we would have had more to be proud of. None of that, of course, was John Wayne's fault or my fault or your fault. It's just the historical reality of what took place at that time. .

I'll take a John Wayne American over the Marxist liar who just vacated the White House - or any of his corrupt, disloyal, unqualified and unfit appointees - any day of the week.

Regards, Ken

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