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 RebelNews Reporter Obtains Video Footage of ILLEGAL Aliens Being Escorted into Canada by Trudeau Government with Red Carpet Treatment Under Cover of Covid Lockdown While Border Is Supposedly 'Shut Down'  

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
November 2, 2020

RebelNews Reporter Obtains Video Footage of ILLEGAL Aliens Being Escorted into Canada by Trudeau Government with Red Carpet Treatment Under Cover of Covid Lockdown While Border Is Supposedly 'Shut Down' (Nov. 2, 2020)  

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It's hard to imagine such naked, in-your-face treason & betrayal of public trust by the dedicated Marxist offspring of Fidel Castro who's running Canada (into the ground)  and is committed to ridding Canada of its rightful, traditional white & native population and replacing them with non-white  hordes of illegal 'refugees' from Third World sh*t hole countries to suck the Canadian taxpayer dry with 'support' in order to 'aid' them in their criminal trespass and to enable the traitorous scum to win re-election with his new-found "friends.".

Keean Bexte of Rebel News deserves a lot of kudos for getting out there and doing what the well-paid Canadian Press Whores should be doing~ reporting on news stories of interest to the Canadian people -- NOT to black it out, nor suppress it, or ignore it.

There's only ONE Canadian patriot with a video camera, some balls, and a sense of duty & courage to hold onto his birthright & country who's now currently residing in Canada? Shame on all of you brain-dead, Canadian weaklings who allow this to happen and DO NOTHING to try to stop it.

 ...Ken Adachi

Roxham Road: 'Refugees' Still Welcome at Illegal Canada/U.S. Border Crossing

Even though the borders are closed, the floodgates are still open. 

Roxham Road is still letting “refugees” into Canada, despite the fact there's a global pandemic. 

You may have believed the RCMP would have shut down the illegal operation. After all, Canadians are being fined or threatened for not wearing masks, social distancing or self-isolating. But if you thought that meant there would be some enforcement of our border controls, you'd be wrong.

For the first time in history, the land border between Canada and the U.S. was shut down. Justin Trudeau stood on his soapbox and insisted it was for the betterment of the country. But he forgot to add that the border was just shut down to you.

You can't go visit your dying aunt in Montana, but illegal migrants can cross be welcomed across the border anytime.

According to locals on the road, “a bus every weekend” brings illegals and their luggage to a previously undisclosed location.

We found that location, and we spoke to the guards, staff and valet drivers whose sole job is to keep Trudeau’s future voters safe, and out of the media spotlight.

Trudeau’s slum is located several kilometres to the east of Roxham Road, off the highway and behind some trees. If you were not looking for it, you wouldn’t notice it, but it is there.

Row upon row of ATCO trailers, propane tanks and water heaters, along with a compliment of dozens of full time staff members, attending to the fake refugee’s every need.

While there are boil-water advisories on indigenous reserves across Canada, Trudeau prioritized hauling a massive water truck to help the illegals.

The staff at this site were not happy that we found them, and became volatile when we started asking questions.

We spoke to the RCMP, private security — even the CBC — in this blockbuster exposé that you will not want to miss.


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Roy Hysen

enough of it, closed the border!!!!!!!

Like · Reply · 10 · 6h

Michelle Burch

Maybe it is time Canadians start patroling that border!! We all know the turd wont stop it, so now it is time for Canadians to stop it!

Like · Reply · 15 · 6h

Doug Derbyshire

TRUDEAU IS A DIRTY C- - - S - - - !

Like · Reply · 10 · 6h

Bruce Atchison

Is it fair that these "immigrants" are allowed to jump the cue and get benefits? Is it right that First Nations people have to boil their water while these freeloaders get the cleanest water tax money can buy? Is it just that these people are prioritized above LEGAL immigrants? The Trudeau government is wrecklessly endangering Canada. How do they know that TERRORISTS aren't sneaking in as "refugees" claiming sanctuary? As a taxpayer, I feel offended that CANADIANS aren't being cared for while these lawbreakers get the red carpet.

Like · Reply · 20 · 6h

Scott Stevens

Does not surprise me one bit.Just wait until he is out of power and we find out all he has done to Canada.No wonder he brought a island as he will not be safe in Canada.Looser enough already but only hurts you & I not the 1%

Like · Reply · 7 · 6h

Richard Shiels

These people will be expected to vote lieberal when the time comes.

Like · Reply · 7 · 6h

Joanne Churchill

Cannot access the video.... keep getting an error so imagine it has been taken off?

Like · Reply · 5h

Maryin Sab

joker just buying votes

Like · Reply · 2 · 5h

Maryin Sab

It is easier to enter this country and get welfare than job at harveys

Like · Reply · 3 · 5h

Maryin Sab

why does this fat security guard thinks he is king

Like · Reply · 3 · 5h

Gerald Yorkton

Crickets form opposition party leader. Just like we heard last week when liberal immigration minister increased annual immigration intake exponentially.
We already have the highest immigration per capita in the world, over a million PR, TFW, foreign students & other long term visa enters Canada each year never to leave, many among them continulally sucking on welfare teats .
Canada as a country is fast becoming a lost cause not only because of Trudeau liberal policies but also because the so called Conservative Party of Canada is impotent. It seems like CPC & Erin O'Toole actually support Trudeau on open borders & high immigration, if so they should come out & say it loud.

Like · Reply · 5h

Maryin Sab

lol Seriously who voted this joke in 2015?

Like · Reply · 5h

Paul Albers

So Trudeau is putting them all in cage?

Like · Reply · 5h

Paul Garrison


Like · Reply · 5h

Alex MacKenzie

At one point can we have this clown put on trial for treason? Shameful. Thank you RebelNews for doing what our lame-stream media won't do.

Like · Reply · 4h

Dee Burgess

Trudeau does not acknowledge Canadian Law. He is a globalist and these are UN mandates. He will not stop until we stop him. Thank you for covering this. Makes me so mad.

Like · Reply · 2 · 4h

Paul Leadston

No footage of illegals. Conspiracy .No story

Like · Reply · 4h

Ida Pfiefer

Only a knob gobbling liberal would doubt this is happening, considering it's been happening for almost two years now.

Like · Reply · 3h

Val Higgins

Wtf Quebec is still letting these illegal immigrants into Canada?
Guess they get paid really well from TRUDEAU.

Like · Reply · 3h

Kyley Pinloit

Why are the people of Canada still funding the corrupt government? The government is suppose to be the people, if that government is not doing the will of the people shouldn't that government be ousted and defunded?

Like · Reply · 3h

Allan Steele

Crooked lying Trudeau has no problem spending multi millions or billions of taxpayers hard earned dollars to house and feed and protect thousands of these illegal border crossers from who knows where carrying unknown diseases and with possible criminal records for who knows what , the only way this can be stopped is for hundreds of Canadian protesters to spend time here protesting and demanding Trudeau stop this insanity and thank rebel media,s brave reporters for the great work they do reporting all the crap turdo is inflicting on this great country Canada....

Like · Reply · 3h

Steve French

When people fear or hide from questions they instinctually show everyone that "what they are doing is wrong" I so love human nature, showing everyone what you are doing is wrong without knowing it.

Like · Reply · 3h

Dale Stuart

Why isn't CBC, CTV, and Global reporting on this? I mean this is ground-breaking news. And god knows they like "ground-braking news." So much for Trudeau protecting Canadians. And why aren't the Conservatives letting Canadians know about this? Or do they even know??

Like · Reply · 2h  · Edited

Tammy Seguin

2 words for Trudeau.

Like · Reply · 2h

Kierzek John

I have to laugh as the RCMPs are used as greeters and baggage handlers. I thought the border was closed. What a joke.

Like · Reply · 2h

Lois McQuinn

Keean, there is probably another angle you may have missed in this story- First,  something is so bad they crossed into Canada- but then what really happens to them? What you were shooting looked like a very nasty jail- if woman and children are being kept there -what kind of horrific treatment are they undergoing? With no one checking up on these folks they are ripe to be used, abused and exploited as well. Some thing to really investigate.

Like · Reply · 2h

Motherlode Prospecting

This is much scarier -

Like · Reply · 1h

Greg Ross

burn it down

Like · Reply · 1h

Phil Wallace

Of course back in the day pappa dictator PET opened up immigration during his time in office and for the same reason, votes. Fortunately, for the country back then, many of these immigrants were comming here from liberal western European countries but the end game is the same for Justina, he'll have a large voting block beholden unto him and his liberals, people who will gratefully vote for this criminal without any understanding of what he represents to the true Canadian culture...death.

Like · Reply · 50m

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