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Reviewing the Las Vegas Shooting Hoax with Jim Vella

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
October 6, 2017

Reviewing the Las Vegas Shooting Hoax with Jim Vella (Oct. 6, 2017)

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On 10/4/2017, Jim Vella wrote:

[Editor's Note: Update, Oct. 7, 2017, 11:30AM PST: This video was being pointed to by Youtube 'it really happneed' trolls to "prove" that people were shot at Las Vegas. It has now been taked down by the "submitter" without explanation because so many commenters on Youtube were berating it as an obvious fake, especially noting the fire engine red "blood" poured all over the ground, but no entry or exit wounds seen on any of the "victims."]


On Oct 6, 2017, Ken Adachi wrote:

Hi Jim

How can you take this obviously faked video seriously? This is a totally faked scene. The media, military and police are in cahoots to fake these "shootings."

LiveLeak has a long-standing reputation for putting out phony, faked videos to support the official "massacre" story line. They are OBVIOUSLY controlled by the government, probably the CIA or Mossad.


LOOK at the video carefully. You think that is REAL? I notice that they are still using the same fire engine red "blood" in this hoaxed video clip that they used for the Boston Bombing Hoax. Real human blood does not remain bright red after it exits the body and spills onto the ground, as if it was red paint. It is quickly oxidized by the oxygen in the atmosphere and turns into a dark brownish-red color fairly quickly after it's exposed to the air. Everything about that video clip is just shouting "fake" from the rooftops.



On 10/6/2017, Jim Vella wrote:


When I first started watching it, I thought no one would treat people at a scene in his callus manner but it made a point that was reiterated by Paul Craig Roberts, unless you go to the scene and do your own personal investigation then you will not know what was real and what was staged and since he did not go he could not make a for certain statement. The holes in the official story are enormous, se we know that it’s a false flag but that does not mean no one died.

Do you believe that the alleged shooter did not die?

If he is dead that is one dead.

I would not allow my own analysis from afar to make conclusions that no one died. 22,000 people were manipulated into believing some number were shot but not even 1 was?

The old saying is a truism, you can fool some of the people some of the time but not all the
people all of the time…..PT Barnum.

I have a friend in Vegas but don’t want to phone him, he’s a black jack dealer and addicted gambler and I have to listen to him with oh poor me because he has no money and no one is helping him by giving him money (which he then gambles away).
He has told me the corruptness there, including how cops take people out in to the desert and murder those that they never want to return and leave the bodies out there to be consumed by the animals. So I would not trust most of the Vegas cop stories. Already we are seeing the public questioning the one lone shooter narrative. Hopefully, it will cause a great awakening to get up off their booty and participate in saving the little left of their Constitution.

The candle of freedom and rights is getting low on wick. They either get a new one and light it immediately or they will be in a dark age…and us along with them

For without great participation by the majority of the masses, the satanists will prevail. Perhaps, the masses have earned this outcome by consuming whatever evil is put on their plate. Time for choices is near its end. But too many still choose the path of the silencing of the lambs

They lack a strong survival instinct to self preserve by taking action to end what they know is corrupt.

May God bless us activists with the result we have so long pushed ourselves to bring about or at least make us accept a reality that people were given a free will by God to make the choice for Him or the other. So far, too many have moved to support the other on the basis of the right to have what they want.

They are wanton en mass and will get what comes with wantoness.

God help them.




You can believe as you wish. But this is just the latest in a long string of hoaxed shootings in America and in Europe that follow a cookie cutter template pattern. The lack of credible evidence in glaring and obvious in all of them. You can distill a great deal of solid information from the videos that are posted to Youtube. And to say you would have to be there to know what's up is not true. If the hoax event involves a relatively small number of people, then the only people who COULD be there would be agents and actors who are involved in staging the hoax, like Charlie Hebdo in France (Jan. 7, 2015) . If you haphazardly wandered into a locale that was about to stage a false flag in an outdoor setting, you would have been hustled out of there or you would likely cause the entire hoax event to be canceled because you could be a witness to its staging. This has happened to people who have posted their story in Youtube comments.

If the hoax is staged at a large event, like Las Vegas, then you are going to get a certain percentage of honest witnesses, but usually from afar, not up close. The videos you see up close are usually that from crisis actors or agents participating in the hoax. There are already Youtube videos showing a panning of the entire area below the stage where supposedly people are being shot and killed during supposedly 9 minutes of shooting - we are told by the media. But no one is seen going down or dropping from being hit by gun fire and the person taking the video says "I don't think anyone is being hit" or something close to that. There was no opportunity to place dummies on the field while the Las Vegas "shooting" was supposedly taking place, in the manner that "casualty" dummies where placed on the grassy area outside of the Pulse nightclub hoax in Orlando or "run-over" dummies were placed on the road following the Nice truck "rampage."

You can see the evidence in the video that is provided, however, even when the video is made available by those who are orchestrating the hoax, because in their attempt to snooker the viewer into accepting their phony narrative, the intelligent and discerning viewer can see the falsity of the action, the falsity of the staging, the camera action, the lack of sharpness of the images, the erratic movement and juggling of the camera etc., the absence of logic and verisimilitude in the sequence of action portrayed. These phony videos are child's play to spot ~ which is WHY I asked you how you could fall so easily for the LiveLeak video that you sent to me?

Videos of staged events fall into two broad categories:

1) FAKED Youtube videos designed to support or "prove" the Cover Story, like the LiveLeak video you sent to me or
2) cell phone or Smart phone video taken by a non crisis actor or a genuine mass event witness which belies the official narrative in multiple ways.

You can gain solid evidence from both types of videos if you have the brains to discern what you are looking at.

There is no EVIDENCE that anyone was killed or injured. No hospital videos of anyone coming in shot, or operated upon etc. The phony hospital "recovery" videos show up a day or two later with the crisis actor posing with his "wound injury" in a hospital bed being greeted and photographed with President Trump. Just like the second guy who was identified by the media as "Jeff Bauman" of the Boston Bombing Hoax was photographed in the hospital recovering from the "loss of his two legs" (which he had actually had amputated and recovered from some substantial time prior to the Boston Hoaxathon).

As far as the MEDIA identified "shooter," we don't know if he even actually exists. He's part of the staged narrative. You can't accept ANYTHING as true from the media or police or other official spokesmen. We are shown photos of someone the media identifies as Stephen Paddock, the "shooter." We don't know if he is alive or dead. If he's alive, he could be anywhere on the face of the planet. By the way, WHERE do these crisis actors go after they have been reported "killed" in a hoaxed event anyway? How about the two women who were supposedly "killed" at the Boston Hoaxathon? Where are they living today? They certainly weren't killed at the Boston Marathon on April 15 of 2013 because the ONLY things that were detonated were flash and smoke MORTARS that produced a big bang, an explosive flash, and smoke and NOTHING else. No shrapnel, no injuries, no nothing.

The police change their story day by day. They originally reported that Paddock shot himself inside his hotel room before they arrived. They said he committed "suicide." THEN, they change the story and said that they had a SHOOTOUT with Paddock when they approached the room, but later on, after the "shootout," he committed "suicide." When they show police video of the room where Paddock supposedly committed "suicide," and they show assault rifles scattered all over the place, as if he was a gun dealer putting on an exhibition of his wares for prospective convention buyers, the camera pans by the FEET of the supposed dead shooter laying on the floor. Only the lower ankle area and the feet are shown. If there was a real dead body there, and this event was genuine, the police would NEVER show for public consumption, the dead person's feet while panning the room. That was pure Hollywood and OBVIOUSLY planned to telegraph the idea that Paddock is laying there dead. But it could have been the feet of ANYBODY who was staging that room scene. After the video was taken, that individual could have gotten up off the floor, put his shoes on, and walked out of the hotel room with the other traitors orchestrating the hoax.

The well funded shooting hoax event is always a complete disinformation package, so you will get tons of trolls berating Youtube commenters who are calling it a fake event for being "insensitive" to the "families who have lost loved ones." They will ALWAYS stage FAKE funerals, sometimes with an open casket, as they did with the Pulse shooting hoax, with a DUMMY in the box or at the "wake." There will always be "grieving" relatives to give the media testimony of their "shock" and dismay at the "loss" of "loved ones," etc., etc., etc., etc., etc. It's a total Hollywood movie production.

Look how many "grieving parents" got their mortgages paid off following the Sandy Hook Hoax in Connecticut. A great deal of tax payer money is doled out to the treasonous actors and participants who engage in these hoaxes.

We are being victimized by the media, US military, Intelligence services, Mossad, and local police who are all engaged in psychological WARFARE being waged against the American people by the TRAITORS in the government and in the military who are orchestrating these events on behalf of Organized Jewry to destroy America, its people, and its freedom-loving Constitution and turn America into a East Germany style communist Hell Hole after they take our guns - which is the purpose behind the faked shootings.

What is truly perplexing is that these staged shootings are becoming MORE sloppy and MORE transparent with each new episode. Are they intentionally making it easy to spot the phoniness and just mocking the stupidity of the American public?

It seems so.


PS. The quote you made about not fooling the people all of the time came from Abe Lincoln, not PT Barnum.



What I have come to know second hand is:

a) 500 people? Hospitals could not handle this and where are the media photos, ambulances in the hundreds? Where are these?

b) ears hear multiple different weapons shooting

c) I went to the theatre last night and there is the Jeff Bauman story (which of the two "Jeffs" is the question)

d) 58 funerals? none covered by media?

e) it contains a false flag

f) I could believe there were crisis actors

g) no thousands of empty shell casings

The question in my mind is: were there any more dead than the patsy that they showed a body representing him?

Yeah, plenty of trickery there,

I find it difficult to fathom that of 22,000 persons that were there were fooled. And were they all crisis actors?

Not likely

Alternative media has accepted that there is a reality to this event and have not pursued enough of the 22,000 to give us their actual exeperiences with wounded.

As far as cookie cutter. you are totally correct. It was not a cookie and this took the cake.

Thanks for taking the time to open my eyes further

I lost my credibility once and take caution to not repeat it. I do so by taking my time and review
the information that continues to come out and match it with what was said at the time of the event.

For sure the narrative changed a number of times. The cops shot him; he shot himself; etc..

This was told to a woman, I met, by the head of the New York FBI: “We may never know who really did 9-11.”


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