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Sabine McNeill and Hampstead: Timeline of How UK's Secret Family Courts Conspire to Silence Whistleblowers Exposing Rampant Pedophilia, Baby Killings, and Satanic Ritual Abuse

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From Sabine McNeill <sabine@globalnet.co.uk >
August 8, 2016

Sabine McNeill and Hampstead: Timeline of How UK's Secret Family Courts Conspire to Silence Whistleblowers Exposing Rampant Pedophilia, Baby Killings, and Satanic Ritual Abuse (August 8, 2016)

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[Editor's Note: In November, 2014, Sabine McNeill got involved in helping the mother of Alicia and Gabriel, the young children whose video interviews exposed the Hampstead Satanic/Pedophlia cult in January/February of 2015, as part of a family court assistance group called McKenzie's Friends. Both the mother and Sabine had to flee London in early February 2015 because the police and the family court judges decided they were going to arrest them and concoct something to charge them with, rather that look at the individuals whom the children named as their abusers. A media coverup and vicious smear campaign aimed at Sabine especially, has been in place ever since. To silence Sabine entirely and forever, the police and courts are now trying to dictate her every move and are looking for a pretext to arrest her and confine her -- which is what British police do to all decent people who try to help children victimized by well-connected, well-protected, child-abusing, baby-murdering satanists (as was seen in the kangaroo court conviction of Robert Green a few years ago in the Hollie Greig case). Sabine recently posted an overview of her experiences in the Hampstead case to a German blog, which is linked further below, and the English translation of her comments.]

Re: "Papa Kills Babies" ~ Two Young British Children Expose Ghastly Baby Decapitation Murders & Sexual Abuse by Teachers & Parents of Large Satanic Cult among Schools & Church in Hampstead, London (Feb. 16, 2015)

"Papa Kills Babies" Latest Updates From Sabine McNiell (Feb. 17, 2015)

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Sabine Kurjo McNeill
21a Goldhurst Terrace London NW6 3HB

06 August 2016

UK Treatment of (disabled) German Whistleblower of two ‘Whistleblower Kids

1. November 14, 2014: Contacted by Russian mother of two, then 8 and 9-year-old children, taken into care [custody] by Barnet Police on September 11, 2014 allowing contact with father whom they accused of being the leader of a ‘strange culture’ at a church and school in Hampstead, London;
2. February 10, 2015: Support of Prosecution by LB Barnet in Secret Family Court made me flee to Berlin – due to 200 parents imprisoned each year: Parliamentary record in 2006;
3. February 11, 2015: Threat of Imprisonment in Secret Family Court by Judge JJ in High Court;
4. February 13, 2015: I filed Application to Set Penal Notice Aside – which was never heard;
5. March 19, 2015: Publication of High Court judgment against mother and me as her McKenzie Friend denying the children’s allegations;
6. August 3, 2015: My return to London for Mother’s Appeal hearing at Royal Courts of Justice;
7. August 4, 2015: Arrest (1) for ‘Harassment’ with accusation of having published a ‘list of alleged abusers’ which I denied and for which there has not been any evidence; it contains the names of 20 Police Officers and 16 Stations with 175 adults altogether – no evidence;
8. December 21, 2015: Re-Arrest (2) for ‘Malicious Communication’ for having linked the words ‘Hampstead Children’ to an album of video testimonies in which the children name some of their abusers and describe their genitals with drawings – no evidence;
9. January 11, 2016: Arrest (3) on Sunday after midnight for ‘Conspiracy to Intimidate Witnesses’ by having published a 32-page court bundle on April 10, 2015 pertaining to who became my Co-Defendant, Neelu Berry –who was arrested on April 4, 2015 for ‘vexing a priest and disrupting a church service’, i.e. by attending a vigil / protest demonstration;
10. March 9, 2016: Arrest (4) and de-arrest for not having gone to court, after I was told my hearing was ‘vacated’ and my case joined with Neelu Berry’s;
11. July 18, 2016: Found NOT GUILTY after 6-day hearing where the Police could not produce investigative records pertaining to my arrest: they stopped at Sept. 5, 2015. Apparently it is unusual for a CPS case to collapse before it is even presented in its entirety. However, this meant that the jury never heard our side as Co-Defendants.
12. July 18, 2016: Restraining Order not to publish or re-publish any of the allegations re child sexual abuse, satanism and cannibalism in relation to Christchurch.
13. August 4, 2016: Arrest (5) for ‘Breach of Restraining Order’ – with Bail Conditions not to use any social media in any way – to prevent further defence - and to reside at my flat – not to abscond to Germany - and to return to Holborn Police on Saturday August 27, 2016. 1pm.
14. August 5, 2016: My solicitor makes Application to Vary Bail Conditions.
15. Since arrests 1 and 2, property has not been returned by Barnet Police who want to re-interview me in September and Holborn Police have seized yet more electronic property.
16. What if Police Bail was abolished? published by the Howard League for Penal Reform explains the underlying motives by Police and effects on law abiding citizens

Recent blog post from Sabine McNeill in German discussing her involvedment in the Hampstead case:


English translation:

"This very interesting conversation was held in March 2016 in Brussels, while the London police were still insisting that I stay in my apartment. Luckily, thanks to the EuroStar, Brussels is a day-trip from London.

The travel ban was one of the conditions imposed on me after I was arrested on 4 August 2015 at the Royal Courts of Justice. A dear former neighbour from Buschower had accompanied me to be a witness to whether my return, after six months’ exile in Spandau, was to take me to jail. The arrest can be viewed here:

.What was my ‘crime’?

On behalf of a mother, I had threatened a judge: either give her her children back, or we would turn to the online world.

In November 2014 the Russian mother had contacted me on the basis of my website, because she was looking for help to get her two children returned to her care. The police had removed them, claiming that she and her partner would be a danger to her children, then 8 and 9 years old.

During their summer vacation the children had broken a pact with their English father, who had threatened to kill them if they told the mother what he was doing to them and other children, as head of a cult.

The details the children described about their abuse could not be invented, unless they had actually experienced them. The children also included drawings of the genitalia of their abusers:

Sabine blog drawings


"However, High Court Judge Pauffley decided in her judgement that it was all fantasies, although medical reports confirmed anal scarring. But the judge said the injuries pointed not to the father, but to the current boyfriend of the mother.

The drawings were also suppressed by the police; the judge, therefore, never saw them.

The mother and I fled at the same time in February 2015 because of two documents issued by the secret family court, which threatened us with jail.

The mother was also visited by a minibus of nine police officers who wanted to pick her up. She escaped through the back door, while a lawyer, through a closed door, insisted on a court order. This conversation was inter alia recorded, and became one of many videos that the children’s supporters produced.

While I was living in my nephew’s apartment in Spandau, Interpol had been alerted and the London police had searched my apartment. An arrest warrant was made, and enacted on 4 August 2015.

This was the first of four arrests, three crimes against me, a six-day-long court process in which I emerged the winner, and other court hearings involving money, not prison.

I’m going to tell more about this to my clients. I have reason to lead the Buschower Birthday culture in Märkische Heide further and visit the Friesenhof with English friends.

The Havelland happens to have become my soul home!"


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