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Stefan Molyneux and Paul Joseph Watson Are Controlled Opposition Shills: Latest Proof Found in 'The Truth About London Bridge'

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[Editor's Note: Alex Jones and his sheep dog crew at will embrace any Zionist party line propaganda theme that his CIA/Israeli intel overlords require. That now includes unrelenting Muslim blame assigment, Catholic bashing, and, of course, all the fabricated "Muslim terrorist attacks" and shooting hoaxes being staged here in America or France or England. Alex has now back peddled so far on the fairy tale Sandy Hook 'shooting' of Dec. 2012, that we should expect a belated memorial service any day now for the non-existent "children and teachers" who "died" at Sandy Hook. All of Molyneux's ringing words on his well-attended Youtube homilies mean NOTHING when he sells himself out in order to be part of the Alex Jones "team" of Zionist propaganda shills. ]

Stefan Molyneux and London Bridge "Gruth"

From Ken Adachi, Editor'The-Truth-About-London-Bridge-17jul17.shtml#top
July 17, 2017

Stefan Molyneux and Paul Joseph Watson Are Controlled Opposition Shills: Latest Proof Found in 'The Truth About London Bridge' (July 17, 2017)

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On 7/13/2017, Jim Vella wrote:
Thanks Ken for the heads up on Moleneux, when he talked I felt weirded out. - YouTube

On Jun 6, 2017, Ken Adachi <> wrote:

re. London Bridge Attacks, Politicians Attempt to Respond and the Media Remain Dumbfounded by Lionel Nation

This guy is saying nothing of importance or significance. What's important to see is that London Bridge, like Manchester, is yet another staged, hoax "attack" that needs to be publicly ridiculed and mocked for the loathsome and easily debunked deception that it is. That's the first statement that ought to come out of Lionel's mouth.

I just saw Youtube videos from Zionist Party Line butt boys Stefan Molyneux and Paul Joseph Watson (both videos titled "The Truth About London Bridge") who lie through their teeth about the Mossad/British Intel/British police staged hoax attack on the London Bridge.

Criticizing the Zionist Party Line water pail boys, such as Alex Jones and the sheep dogs at InfoWars and exposing the MOUNTAIN of evidence seen with EVERY false flag seen on dozens of videos posted to Youtube following every single false flag should be the focus.

London Bridge Hoax

London Bridge Attack False Flag Hoax - THE NWO AGENDA LAID OUT IN PLAIN SIGHT


The London Bridge Terror Attack Was Staged (Proof)

Spread the truth. It's time for humanity to wake up.

No Victims Taken To Nearest Hospital During London Bridge Terror Hoax
Published on Jun 6, 2017

Top 10 fails of Jun 3 London false flag.


Manchester Hoax

Manchester Ariana Grande Bomb Hoax, BEST CLIPS by Captain Obvious
Published on Jun 5, 2017
Manchester bombing hoax to NASA fakery. The video above breaks down Ariana Grande Manchester Bomb hoax in less than 8 minutes.

"Alan! Alan! Alan!"
Worst Crisis Actor Scene In History, Not Just Manchester!
Published on Jun 1, 2017

Manchester Arena Terror Hoax Crisis Actors Sell Us Out For GOFRAUDME Money
Published on May 28, 2017

The Manchester Bombing is a Staged Government Event

Regards, Ken Adachi

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