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Suggestions on Removing Negative Supernatural Influences

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[Editor's Note: I became acquainted with the author a number of years ago and always found his ability to be exceptional and his information both insightful and inspiring. I'm sure many people will greatly benefit from the information being presented here.]

By S. Seleman
August 12, 2015

Suggestions on Removing Negative Supernatural Influences (August 12, 2015)

Hi Ken,

I have written this article in the hopes that it can help people who are dealing with the supernatural and negative, unseen influences that may be acting upon their lives unbeknownst to them.

I am a clairvoyant and clairaudient person engaged in the healing arts who has been working with people over the past 8 years both in person and at a distance to help alleviate them of the negative supernatural influences that from time to time affect unsuspecting, well meaning people, typically against their will. People usually find me after they have realized that something is way off and no rational explanation accounts for it. I have successfully worked with people who have had spirit attachments in the forms of deceased spirits that never left, or demonic entities, or extraterrestrials, as well as those afflicted by black magic, curses, thought forms, voodoo, etheric ET implants, and those in need of soul retrieval.

I no longer do this work as it is not exactly 'safe' for me or my loved ones, but when people ask for help, I send them some guidelines I have learned from the school of hard knocks and sometimes from the higher realms on how to 'self-clean'. The effects are frequently immediate and dramatic in nature, i.e. all the negativity seems to rapidly dissipate around their life and the heavy feeling of oppression is completely gone.

First off, let me say that all of the above is very real and can play a major role in the dramas and negative occurrences that happen in life, especially if those negative occurrences seem to happen with uncommon frequency to you or a loved one. I've learned this work from the standpoint of a developed clairvoyant. When I need to, I can tune in and see what is actually taking place with people energetically, higher dimensionally or at a non-physical level. As any out of body explorer can tell you, our universe and human experience is infinitely more vast, complicated and beautiful than we can ever imagine. We are beings of spirit first and foremost. As such, the world that our spirit resides in is much greater that our limited forays with our physical bodies would have us believe. Sadly, our gifts of spirit have been systematically shut down by a system which seeks to control and manipulate the masses by keeping us in fear, locked in materialism, and asleep to our inherent power as self-aware, immortal God beings.

When I was gently pushed in front of the moving bus that is this field of healing work by one of my spiritual teachers several years ago, I started off approaching it from the wrong place initially, which got me into trouble from time to time. This was the me vs them approach. I saw myself as being in combat against this force of negative polarity and while this approach worked, it left me in a vulnerable position of being attacked by the forces I was opposing, especially if there were aspects to the healing process which were not immediately visible - which was often the case. Those who live by the sword, die by the sword as the saying goes.

It is critically important to realize that everyone and everything is a part of God. If you can accept the truth of this statement, that we are all in fact 'one relation' and release your ego's need to see itself as separate, than I see no reason why anyone should have trouble releasing any outside influence and sending it back to Source.

There are planes and dimensions wherein duality and polarity is a very real force (such as this physical realm) and there are higher spiritual dimensions where duality does not exist. Within these realms of the soul, there is simply a deeper frequency of love that is all pervasive. It is from these realms outside of duality where we can find effective relief from outside negative influence without going into a 'battle' because there is no opposition really, rather an acknowledging of the God spark that exists within all aspects of creation. This is where we find redemption.

Outside influence and attachment has a lesson to teach us. Frequently, people that experience these phenomenon are those that give away their power and authority in some way, shape or form. This giving away of power can manifest from: addiction, drug use, not sticking up for oneself, external channeling (as opposed to internal channeling, within the space of one's heart where we commune with God and our Higher Self), not healing ones inner wounds (the wounded child, aka our psychological shadow self), spouts of anger, people engaged with the occult arts who act without protection, those with a victim mentality, not letting go of the past, openly inviting possession, etc.

While the above list is significant, there are other causes that can lead to encounters with negative, supernatural influences. In the case of curses, black magic, voodoo and powerful thought forms, these can be the directed result of aimed hostility towards a person. In my book, I classify all of them as varying degrees of powerful thought forms meant to harm or injure somebody by encouraging them to act in such a way that is foreign to their own personal preservation. These negative thought forms, likewise, draw situations and events towards us that bring misfortune. Depending on the skill, ability and intention of whomever created them, they can sometimes carry over between lifetimes or affect generations of family members until they are removed. I have witnessed these hexes placed on people for leaving their covens, certain religions, or simply ending relationships with significant others who were a part of groups which work with occult rituals.

When it comes to the matter of extraterrestrial interference, they seem to bother people who are affiliated with, near, or close to military bases where there may be a strong ET presence or interactions. Often, interference occurs because the victim may have inherent gifts that they were endowed with from an early age and the ETs simply look to block their progress and shut them down so they pose less of a threat in the future. I am not sure how they find people with these developed, natural gifts. People with an innate fascination with this subject matter also open themselves up to interference by some of these groups as well.

Certain healing modalities and books have an appearance of being benevolent in nature, but are in fact, backend portals (literally sometimes) which allow access into the person and their energy fields. I would be exceptionally wary of any technique books that claim to be of alien origins and teach you higher powers. It's a trap that baits peoples egos. These backend portals can also come from certain TV shows and movies as well. I've been in movies with dark themes and right smack in the middle of the movie theater is a large portal 'scanning' people. Scanning them for what? I have no idea, and I didn't want to see what was on the other side of the portal.

Gifts of the spirit come naturally when we clean up our psyche and deepen our connection to God. As a person does shadow work and gradually heals their psychological wounds, it's natural to begin to develop extra sensory perception and heightened intuition. Likewise, learning to connect with your Higher Self is one of the quickest ways to deepen your spiritual identity because then you can begin courting a relationship within yourself that can give you pinpoint, accurate guidance on a moment's notice to assist you in life and help guide you on a path of truth. This is not you communicating your spirit guides or some great woo-woo being that you have surrendered your power to. It is you communicating with big You, the Higher Self. The observer consciousness that knows the interconnectedness of all things.

Alright, so what are some of the symptoms that you may have of external influences affecting you?

- Sense of impending doom
-Continuous stream of dark or negative thoughts which are foreign to your normal every day self
-Hearing voices that are different than your normal inner monologue
-Strange and uncanny synchronicities that end badly
-Poltergeist activity
-Suddenly finding yourself behaving as a completely different person
-Suddenly finding yourself doing self destructive and risky behavior
-Consistent stream of dreams that make you feel disturbed or self conscious
-Feeling a heavy weight over you, as if there is a blanket covering you
-Other people get a bad sense when around you
-The eyes have become dimmer, as if someone has lost their spark
-You know the exact moment when everything started going really wrong in your life - most people know exactly when things turned South for them.
-You have strong compulsions to do bad things
-Your mind is sent into a spiral of negativity that seems to be unrelenting
-You see things around you at night as you are falling asleep and feel powerless to do anything about it
-Unexplainable aches and pains that affect your body for no reason

Some activities that make you more susceptible:

-Hanging around grave yards
-Being in and around hospitals and mental wards
-Ouija boards
-Practicing black magic
-Studying demonology
-Reading unknown mantras
-Giving away your power to others
-Getting black-out drunk or heavily inebriated in crowded venues
-Use of heavy hallucinogens (in particular Ayahuasca) and other disassociative drugs (pharmaceutical and recreational)
-Associating with others who dabble in the dark occult
-Heavy trauma as a child
-Inviting something else to come take over your life for you or to come share your body
-Not healing your wounds

How can I clear myself?

One of the most powerful methods I have come across that anyone should be able to utilize is the following prayer process:

(Plain and simple, it seems to work where many others fall short.)

1. Take in a deep breath into your abdomen and slowly exhale. As you do so, see, feel, and imagine (or experience) that any stress and tension you are holding onto at that moment is drifting away, allowing you to relax.

2. See, feel, imagine, experience or simply intend that there is a white ball of energy in the center of your chest (surrounding your heart chakra).

3. From the center of the white ball in your chest, see, feel, imagine, experience or simply intend a white line or chord of energy goes up from the center of the ball and connects all the way up into whatever you perceive to be greater than yourself, whether that be God, Source, the Infinite, or your Higher Self. (When I say something higher than yourself, I am not referring to another being; that again is another act of giving away your power)

4. State out loud or in your mind:

'I command the tunnel of Light to fully surround all of me and all parts of me across all space and time, my property and my belongings. Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael please support me in this endeavor'

5. State out loud or in your mind:

'I request God, my higher self, and the protector angels of Light to please collect and remove all the foreign entities, dark shields, dark devices, portals, cords, thought forms and dark connections from my body, aura, soul, cord and all the energy centers and from all my family members, friends and coworkers bodies, auras, souls, cords and energy centers, and from all our homes, workplaces, cars and places of recreation and from everything in them and for miles and miles around them. Collect them in the net of light, lift them out, and help them to the light or bind them in the space. Remove and destroy all the dark shields, dark energies, dark devices, portals, cords, thought forms and dark connections totally and completely.

'Please fill, shield, and illuminate all of us and all our homes, workplaces, cars, and places of recreations and everything in them and for miles and miles around them with the brilliant white light. Plug all the holes and tunnels in all of us and all our surroundings and cars, Please build an impenetrable shield of brilliant, white Light around all of us and around our homes, workplaces, cars, and places of recreation. Cover all the shield with reflective, spiritual mirrors and the rays of brilliant, vibrant, white light.

'Please cleanse, heal, and shield all the foreign entities that cannot be removed and all of our fragmented soul parts that cannot be integrated at this time, with a triple net of Light. Cut any and all dark connections.

'Please cleanse, heal, balance, and open up all of our energy centers and channels of communication with the Light as needed, and cover and protect them when not needed. Please stay on guard around us and our surroundings. You have my permission to take any and all actions on our behalf to protect us as long as our souls should exist. Thank you.'

6. Now visualize, see, feel, imagine, experience or intend a column of brilliant, dazzling, shimmering, vibrant, white, liquid Light coming from above your head from God and going through your head, filling and illuminating your whole body from the top of your head to the tips of your fingers to the tips of your toes, cleansing and healing every part, every organ, and every cell of your body. Now imagine this white light spreading arms length all around you, below your feet, above your head, in front of you, behind you and on both sides of you. A wonderful bubble or shield of brilliant, white light all around you, your family members, friends, and your homes, work places, and places of recreation. Imagine, see, feel or simply intend these shields covered with reflective spiritual mirrors and rays of shimmering, white light.

7. State internally or verbally:

'I command anything and everything that is not me or my energy to immediately leave my body and to be returned to source. I command any and all parts of me across all space and time that are separated to return to me immediately and to reintegrate into my energy field in the proper places and positions.'

(You may want to lay down at this part, close your eyes and just feel whatever is taking place. It can be pretty dramatic and intense)

8. Give thanks to God, the angels, and to yourself.

You and only you have a right to live in your body and that shield you have created. If anybody or anything tries to enter into your shield, you will be aware of it, even at subconscious levels of your mind, and you will have a right to say 'no' to them. Instead of allowing them into your shield, you can call upon the Archangels to come down and take them to the light or where they belong.

Do this whenever you feel the need to do so.

Once this process is complete, taking a shower will remove any residual traces of external energy from your energy field.

God Bless!

S. Seleman

P.S. Remember, this is not a battle and this is not just a prayer that you say, it is something you experience. The power is not in reading the words, the power is in the intention and the connection you have to God. See All is One. and all is one. Also, if this process does not work the first time, do it for a prolonged period of time. Commit to the process.

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