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Take a Moment to Say a Prayer for Charlotte King's Husband
to Recover Fully from a Heart Attack

[Editor's Note: Charlotte has the ability to predict earthquake locations and intensity based on her bodily sensations of pain or discomfort. She was interviewed on 60 Minutes many years ago. I subscribe to her newsletter. She's a very caring person. Prayers work. Take a moment to help her and hubby. Ken]

From Charlotte King
February 8, 2019

Take a Moment to Say a Prayer for Charlotte King's Husband to Recover Fully from His Heart Attack(Feb. 8, 2019)

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This is a open email to my group.. please say a prayer or send healing thoughts or energy to my husband Glen.

Monday morning he had a tooth ache and his shoulder hurt. I thought of Santa Barbara Channel..later in the day he was fine.
Tuesday he was ok, Wednesday he did not feel well but thought it was lack of sleep. Then early this morning my he woke me and did not feel well it was about 4 AM.
Since I have been picking up quake symptoms for 2 days I was not overly concerned. He had slept too much

On Wednesday so he was not sleepy… etc.. etc.. I had been craving carbs all night and sugar. So something was up.

So I took his BP which was a bit high but not alarmingly so, short term, his heart rate was fast.  I gave him his early meds, his first dose

Of meds about a hour later and finally fixed him something to eat.. with his diabetes he has to eat.

So I was going to call 911 but he did not want me to do that, so I waited, woke his mom, up, fed her, fixed a lunch showed

Her where it was, had the fire going, made her meds and we took off for the hospital arriving about 8:30 AM
He was having trouble getting air in, like the commercials for COPD.

We arrived and checked in, they did the basic triage and moved him to a room, the diagnosed it was Atrial Fibrillation. They could not get a normal sinus rhythm.  They thought they would have to shock him but finally the heart medication they had given him kicked in.
So they came back and confirmed Atrial Fibrillation but then said but the main problem is you had a heart attack. He is in a lot of pain.
They have him on a nitro drip and morphine drip and he is still in pain. This is when he tries to take a breath. His BP and his heart rate are both within normal limits now.. but the pain continues.

So please say a prayer for my husband Glen for whatever is his best good.  He said if this is his time, he is not afraid… I hope this is not his time.  But it’s not in my hands.  Please Say A Prayer that the angiogram will show little to no heart damage and a stent will not be necessary and he will be coming home soon.   Also pray we do not get snow as I can’t drive in the snow and I want to be with him at the hospital when they do the procedure.

* what was scary was how similar the symptoms were to  (solar flu) and Santa Barbara Channel with the dental pains *
So remember if you are sensitive, be sure, even if you think you know, be sure you are not having a heart episode. As they say, the life you save may be your own. 

Thank you.  Charlotte King and Ann * Glen’s mom *



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