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The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on Californians
("An Infographic is worth a thousand words")

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April 18, 2017

The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on Californians ("An Infographic is worth a thousand words") April 18, 2017

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Source: http://www.fairus.org/toolkit/state_infographics
[FAIR, Federation for American Immigration Reform]

CAlifornia Illegals fuscal burnden1

CAlifornia Illegals fiscal burden2

Cost of Illegal Immigration Infographics [State by State]

Cost of Illegal Immigration Infographics

Wondering how illegal immigration is affecting your pocket book? In 2013, taxpayers shouldered $113 billion in state spending on illegal aliens! See below for state infographics on how much the burden is in your state. You can also see FAIR's State Cost Studies and Immigration Facts for more information. 

Alabama       Kentucky       North Dakota
Alaska       Louisiana       Ohio
Arizona       Maine       Oklahoma
Arkansas       Maryland       Oregon
California       Massachusetts       Pennsylvania
Colorado       Michigan       Rhode Island
Connecticut       Minnesota       South Carolina
Delaware       Mississippi       South Dakota
District of Columbia       Missouri       Tennessee
Florida       Montana       Texas
Georgia       Nebraska       Utah
Hawaii       Nevada       Vermont
Idaho       New Hampshire       Virginia
Illinois       New Jersey       Washington
Indiana       New Mexico       West Virginia
Iowa       New York       Wisconsin
Kansas       North Carolina       Wyoming

Gee, I wonder how we could pay for that wall?

Hat tip: BadBlue Uncensored News.


Anonymous said...

Those numbers are insanely low ball estimates, everyone knows that 30% oth the state is illegal so the other numbers should triple

Eskyman said...

Fakebook won't allow me to post this article. Have tried three times, in two different ways, but it says "Problem with URL." All BS, of course. It's just that the commies there don't want this information to get out!




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