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The Hidden Role of Modern Diet in the Development of Male Homosexuality

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[Editor's Note: This explanation of the role of diet in the development of male homosexuality is part of a much longer paper from Jenny Miner called The Healing of a Nation, Part A which I first posted to this web site in January of 2004, nearly 15 years ago. The explanations she puts forward in this paper are perfectly logical and reasonable, especially if you are already familiar with the indigenous population studies of Dr. Weston Price in his important 1939 book titled, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. (You'll also want to read an online 2017 Ebook by Rita Strakosha which largely parallels the diet/testosterone imbalance thesis explained here by Jenny Miner.)

While we usually attribute the tendency towards male homosexuality development to be the result of a psychological deficiency created by raising a child without his father, for example, or the early victimization of a young boy by an adult homosexual, we never consider the bio-chemical imbalances created by inadequate testosterone production engendered by the many pollutants, additives, and deficiencies found in the standard American diet. As you will learn from the animal studies cited below, humans are just as vulnerable to misdirection in normal sexual maturation, as are animals, when the normal bio-chemical pathways of hormone production are interfered with through pollutants and deficiencies in the diet. The disastrous role of Glyphosate pesticide (Roundup) and GMO foods, along with estrogen-mimicking foods (soy) and pharmaceutical residues now found in most tap water, has further exasperated an escalation of endocrine disruption and imbalances in male sex hormone production pathways.

Jenny Miner's writings are influenced and guided by a being named Delamer Duverus who previously made his thoughts known through the editorial voice of Earl Aloysius Roberts, also known as "Bab," Editor of The American Sunbeam newspaper (Seligman, Missouri) until his death in 1986. I'll let Jenny Miner pick up the thread from there...Ken Adachi]

From Jenny Miner (and Delamer Duverus)
September 3, 2018

The Hidden Role of Modern Diet in the Development of Male Homosexuality (Sep. 3, 2018)

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After Bab died, the Family of families broke up gradually. We had another son by that time and took off and have moved a hundred times since. We returned to live in the Atlanta area, but the satanists knew I had come back, and again God whisked us away to Arkansas where we have stayed. I no longer have a knowing of good guy/bad guy; I know they are there and probably in our governments and high places, but their time will come and I leave them to God.

So, we were on our own and felt the loss of Bab for a while, but Delamer Duverus was still there and from time to time we felt His hands in the events of our lives. My prayer was still to help bring us closer to our Destination and so unbeknownst to me at first He began to feed me information regarding male homosexuality. I had had two male homosexual friends that I enjoyed the company of at different times. They were tortured souls and desperately wanted to be like everyone else. Their confidence and self worth were nil and there did not seem to be an answer to their problem. I felt for them and wondered at their situation, why it came to be, and how.

Looking back, I realized that Bab knew what was going to happen because before he died, he pulled me aside and had me look up one word in the dictionary – cholesterol. And I remember it said it was a solid cyclic alcohol used to produce testosterone. Since then, the information has come in every form imaginable: from friends, books, chance encounters, direct impressions, dreams, and some real research and looking on my part, but not much. Raising children, taking care of a home and working, just about fills up a day. But I was inspired to go look for some bit of information from time to time.

The Angel Duverus says there is a cure for homosexuality, but that He will not give it until we clean up our act. In the next chapter we present the information He gave us which shows the path we need to take.

A Treatise on Male Homosexuality

We present this chapter with the intention of sharing the understanding that was given in regard to male homosexuality, how it is created, and how to prevent it. But also to prevent further separation of peoples, a pattern that has emerged across America whenever the subject is brought up for discussion. We need to prevent division amongst ourselves and this information can get us part way there. As we were told, “With all thy getting, get understanding.”

Lesbianism or female homosexuality is not the same as male homosexuality and it is not considered a disease as is male homosexuality. There is nothing two women making love can do to their bodies that alters the health of a future child from those bodies.

Male homosexuality, for the most part, is created through diet. This is not to say that all homosexuality is created this way, because there are processes of mind, from coercion to an overpowering present mindset, but that diet is the greater picture.

It is created by factors in the declining American diet, both through deficiencies and through additives. Like Dr. Weston Price in his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, we see that a “modern” diet has created all kinds of ills and that homosexuality is just another that we can add to the list.

Dr. Weston Price in his journey to uncover the reason why indigenous peoples living as their ancestors had for generations had few cavities and little if any degenerative diseases, found that when members of these groups went into the ‘modern’ societies and ate white flour and sugar, that their health would decline, shown first in dental caries, delinquency, degenerative diseases and eventually as loss of genetic character in offspring. He sites example after example. We would suggest that you secure a copy of this book from the Price-Pottenger Nutritional Foundation 1-800-366-3748. You will never look at food the same way again - nor genetics.

The first factor in creating male homosexuality is a deficiency in choline, a B Vitamin, which leads to a deficiency in lecithin which results in decreased intake of cholesterol from the blood into the body where it can be used to make testosterone in the adrenals and in the Leydig cells in the testes. Research on choline has been minimal to this point and it is only recently that the Food and Nutrition Board is considering establishing a Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for choline and making it known as essential for good health.

Besides requiring choline in the production of testosterone, choline by itself and in conjunction as being a constituent of lecithin, is found to be essential to the health of the body. It aids in fat and cholesterol metabolism and prevents liver diseases such as cirrhosis and fatty degeneration. Choline supports normal cell membrane structure and the transport of fats into the cell. Choline is necessary for the nervous system and has shown beneficial in helping Parkinson patients, which is primarily caused by a lack of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter. Choline is also important to reproductive health and in the development of secondary sexual characteristics. Lack of choline is also implicated in high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries and hemorrhaging kidneys.

Sources of choline are high-fat, high-cholesterol foods such as egg yolks, lecithin, organ meats, meats, milk and peanuts. Whole grains are a poorer source, but important with the amount of carbohydrates we as Americans ingest. However, white flour products where the germ has been removed are not re-enriched with choline thus leaving it out of our breadstuffs. Taking an egg a day out of the diet reduces choline intake by a third. Organ meats are not usual items on the American table and milk, pasteurized and homogenized, is devoid of choline.

The need for choline rises with the increased consumption of sugar, coffee, alcohol, and tobacco as it is needed to metabolize these substances in the body. Sugar is the biggest culprit and our sugar consumption as a nation is incredibly high and out of proportion. These refined carbohydrates, sugar and white flour, are, in essence, non-foods, taking much more out of the body in the term of nutrients, than what they give the body.

Not necessarily pertaining to homosexuality, but important to bearing witness to the necessity of choline, the lack of choline creates a craving in the body for the alcohol it is and the body will substitute its needs with desires. This leads to alcoholism and drug addiction which the body thinks is supplying the alcohol it needs to jump the gap in the nerve cells as acetylcholine. Choline and its relationship to testosterone also helps us maintain our immunities.

Choline is a vital part of lecithin, a wax-like substance which brings cholesterol from the blood into the body. Lecithin is mainly composed of choline and inositol (another B vitamin), fat, essential unsaturated fatty acids and a co-enzyme containing B6 and magnesium. Lecithin is found in every cell of the body and especially in the kidneys, brain and endocrine glands. It makes up 28% of our brain matter. The body manufactures lecithin in the liver when all of the above are available, but lecithin occurs naturally in egg yolk, soybeans, liver and corn. Dr. Francis Pottenger used lecithin in a paste form to help patients having problems in sexual development.

It has been found that lecithin restores normal structure and movement to abnormal sperm cells and nearly doubled the ability of sperm to enter and fertilize eggs. There has been many an article on the declining sperm count. Lecithin also has the ability to break up cholesterol inside arteries, thus preventing atheroscleroses.

Essential fatty acids are also a necessary ingredient in lecithin and these are named essential because they cannot be made in the body and must be acquired through natural lard and meat fat, fish and fish oils, natural and unrefined vegetable oils. Fatty acids are chains with open links that combine with other substances to be transported throughout the body. The lack of essential fatty acids cause the body to hold excess water, and the hair and skin to become dry. Sterility, growth problems and even death can occur from deficiencies. EFA’s are destroyed by hydrogenation.

Margarine, vegetable and pork lards sold in the grocery store have been hydrogenated to extend their shelf life. Hydrogenation is a process whereby hydrogen is added to the open essential fatty acid chains, thus filling up the chain, saturating it, even more so than saturated fats of meats.

The body cannot use the hydrogenated fats and just stores them. Neither can the body use oils that have been expressed at high heat for the same reason. Cold-pressed or expeller expressed at low levels of heat are best. Hydrogenated oils are in almost all processed foods. I can remember in an old movie where one child asked another where he got his oil. The other child shrugged his shoulders. How do you keep your health without it? asked the first again. Have we lost the knowledge of the importance of oil in the diet? Fresh oil? Which oils are best for the body? What fats are important? It has been shown that refined vegetable oils, the polyunsaturates, cause more health problems than the saturated fats we eat.

It is also beneficial to look at cholesterol, this “demon” of the food world. We see “no fat” and “no cholesterol” on just about every packaged, processed food. We must ask ourselves - why? Since cholesterol/fats are found in every cell of the body.

From basic research one can easily see that cholesterol is a solid cyclic alcohol needed to form the raw materials, the steroids, from which the sex, adrenal and other hormones are made. Cholesterol is needed to produce bile salts which are needed for the digestion of fats, and likewise cholesterol in adrenal hormones also breakdown and mobilize fatty acids. Cholesterol is found in most body tissues, especially in the brain, nerves, liver and blood. Cholesterol is needed as a receptor for serotonin in the brain. It is also an anti-oxidant and heals tissues. Cholesterol can be made in the liver, but we get the majority through meats. Cholesterol is unusable until lecithin brings it through the blood vessel walls, into the body, where it can be utilized.

Cholesterol levels in prepuberty males and females are basically the same. However, at puberty cholesterol levels in males drop substantially. Cholesterol is needed in the production of testosterone and this is made in the adrenals and Leydig cells. A male child not receiving the cholesterol needed could be putting his development in jeopardy as it has been shown that a lack of testosterone will retard development of the sexual organs. But the need does not stop with puberty. All adult males need cholesterol for the production of testosterone.

Dietary practices can limit cholesterol uptake
First, consider the trend to get rid of cholesterol in diets. It is a bandwagon and many people get on it blindly. Even if you do not follow it, the food industry practices it because of its ‘created’ popularity and most people are brought into it by virtue that they have to eat to live. Second, the practice of adding water to meats will leech out the healthful fats and cholesterol during cooking. Third, what does pasteurization and homogenization of milk and the reduction of fats in milk to 2%, 1% and no-fat milk do to the uptake of cholesterol? Is the cholesterol in homogenized milk even usable to the body?

Research shows that pasteurized and homogenized fats in milk are no longer able to make a soap which breaks down the calcium in the milk which makes the calcium more usable to the body. Does this mean the cholesterol is not usable as well? (Is that why they call it ‘homo’ milk?) Dr. Francis Pottenger’s experiment using cats, one group eating raw milk and raw meat and one group eating pasteurized milk and cooked meats, indicated that the group using pasteurized milk had a certain amount of role reversal, ill health and eventually death of that genetic line. Excessive male-to-male coupling was indicated in his observations. Fourth, what does irradiation and pasteurization of our meats do to the fats? Has this been considered in the research being done to safeguard our foods?

What does canning fish such as tuna and salmon at such high temperatures do to the healthful fats and oils in the fish?

The presence of estrogen and synthetic estrogen-like hormones in our meats and in our environment is the most determinant factor. Estrogen implants for cattle are being used and these encourage the animal to gain more weight per food consumed, saving the rancher money. Europe will not accept our meats because of the hormones. What do they know that we do not? The poultry industries are prohibited from using estrogens as growth stimulants though they once did. There is a lawsuit we are attempting to locate which mink ranchers filed against the Department of Agriculture. On the suggestion of the Department, mink ranchers fed their mink the entrails of chickens fed stilbestrol, a synthetic estrogen used as a growth hormone.

The mink did not reproduce that year and the ranchers sued the Department for their losses. It was suggested that the males became homosexual and would not reproduce. One reference stated that the females became sterile. This was all back in the late 1940s and early 1950s. The Delaney Committee was formed, headed by James J. Delaney, a Senator from New York, and they found that stilbestrol was not destroyed by cooking and that marketed poultry had high levels of it. The committee was also concerned about cancer causing factors of stilbestrol and other substances such as pesticides. The end result was that the use of estrogen and synthetic estrogen-like hormones were prohibited by the FDA in poultry meat production.

We live in a large poultry and egg producing area. My husband’s co-worker, a man, was gaining weight rather fast and developing breasts. He went to a local doctor. The doctor asked him if he ate chicken. He said, "yes.: His wife works for a local chicken company and is always bringing it home. The doctor said, eating a local chicken is like taking an estrogen pill! What exactly are we doing with our poultry? Is it totally genetics that allows fryers to get to full weight in just six weeks rather than a normal thirteen weeks? Part of that reduction is selective breeding, but not all.

A man I met stated that it was the marbled beef, fattened with the aid of estrogen-like hormones, that was fed to men in the armed forces during the Korean War which was responsible for the increasing number of homosexuals appearing at that time and after. Could this be achieved with the beef and chicken they sell in the stores today?

What other substances have estrogenic effects?

Xenoestrogens which are introduced from pesticides, drugs, fuels and plastics are as widespread now as DDT was 35 years ago and DDT was known to be estrogenic to man and animals in 1968. One man developed breasts after breathing plastic dust, a xenoestrogenic compound. Estrogens are also linked to falling sperm count which makes sense as an isomer of DDT has been shown to inhibit production of testosterone in the Leydig cells.

Stilbestrol is being used today for feminization of males who want to change genders by developing breasts. Estrone and stilbestrol have been used successfully to create role reversal in fish. Soy isoflavones, another estrogenic compound, are endocrine disrupters and have been shown to affect fertility. Even bisphenol [found in all plastic bottles] which is leached from can linings has an estrogenic effect. Feminization of male animals has been discovered near areas where the water supply contains high concentrations of xenoestrogens. This is exhibited in fish, amphibians, reptiles and even birds who live off these animals. Even mercury, lead and cadmium, all heavy metals, have estrogenic effect on the body.

The list of chemicals having estrogenic effects are staggering: pesticides, herbicides, ordinary household chemicals. It has also been shown that when xenoestrogens combine their potency increases. There is even research that indicates these estrogen-like compounds, endocrine disrupters, cause cancer and may alter the replication of the DNA in cells.

DES, which is diethylstilbestrol, and estradiol have been shown to inhibit mitosis or cell division. When estrogens supercede normal testosterone levels in males and females, immunity is also impaired.
This is a serious pollution problem.

We chanced to meet an older gentleman, a retired biochemist who worked for a pet food company in New York. He knew all about the effects of stilbestrol on mink but unfortunately could not recall the court case we want to find. He acknowledged the possibility of homosexuality happening to humans as it did to the mink if we got enough of the hormones, he had just never thought about it that way.

The presence of fluoride in our water systems is also being shown to lower birth rates, sperm and testosterone levels. In tests with animals fluoride toxicity decreased fertility, increased abnormalities in young and decreased testosterone concentrations in males.

In rabbits, spermatogenic cells were “disrupted, degenerated and devoid of spermatozoa.”

Fluoride affects the central nervous system and can lead to hyperactivity, learning disabilities, skeletal fluorosis, mottled teeth, even impairment of memory. What exact path the fluoride takes to achieve all this is not yet known. Fluoride is a halogen like chlorine, bromine and iodine. Fluoride will displace chlorine, bromine and iodine in a compound, chlorine will do the same to bromine and iodine and bromine will do this to iodine. That is why fluoride will displace hydrochloric acid and become hydrofluoric acid in our stomach and mouth. Hydrofluoric acid is used to etch glass. Guess what it could do to your teeth?

The process of creating male homosexualism is this:
The body is inhibited from producing testosterone through the lack of choline, lecithin, essential fatty acids, and cholesterol. By whatever vehicle, which has not been discovered as yet, fluoride also decreases testosterone levels. Estrogen, estrogenic compounds appear and overwhelm the testosterone which is already at low levels and the male now has a change in sexual preference. His preference is for other males.

All these above mentioned factors are secondary to the creation of male homosexuality, however, in the fact that the body can be replenished, nourished with the proper nutrients and returned to maleness if the male does not engage in any same-sex couplings. After that it is more difficult.

Here's why:

When a male and female come together in heterosexual union, the male’s positive charged orgasm is grounded in the female. When two males come together, one male’s positive charged orgasm has nowhere to go. It travels back up the spine and fries or alters the memory in the brain, perhaps the areas mentioned in Simon LeVay’s research, though many discount it. He noticed that an area in the hypothalamus was different in homosexual men than in a heterosexual men. The area in homosexual men was very similar to women. This also sets up a lymph infection which is what gives homosexual men a distinctive smell. At this time, it locks men into a homosexual preference. Their testosterone levels may again rise because of diet, but their preference has been set. This is why all attempts by psychologists and their therapies to turn homosexuals back to heterosexuals do not work.

We feel, but have no proof as yet, of a relationship between the pineal gland, hypothalamus and the memory of which the sperm carries when ejaculated. The pineal gland is the “seat of the soul” or the “I am” or basic consciousness and carries the memory of being human. With each orgasm, part of that memory is given to the sperm upon ejaculation. The impulse or bioelectric activity must come through the hypothalamus and if this area is altered and it cannot find another pathway, perhaps the memory is distorted and is passed in its distorted state to the sperm, altering the genetics. If so, could this be the cause of Klinefelter’s and Turner’s syndromes which exhibit sterility and the reason homosexuality was punishable by death in the Bible. This would lead to destruction of the race. Homosexualism was considered giving one’s seed to the god Moloch, the god of child sacrifice. The “fire” the Bible speaks about is not an actual fire on an altar, but the orgasm, in which the life of the child is sacrificed, a dead end street.

These forms of dysgenesis do not paint a happy future for these children affected by them. Turner Syndrome affects girls; a missing X chromosome manifests in symptoms such as short stature, webbed neck, absence of menstruation and retarded development of secondary sexual characteristics. There can be various abnormalities in facial features, size of arms, low posterior hairline, the list goes on. Klinefelter Syndrome affects male children, giving them XXY chromosomes. Symptoms can be breast enlargement, language impairment, lack of facial hair, infertility caused by undersized testes and inability to produce sperm. How sad this happens.

Besides the light research discussed above, there were many chance encounters and a dream which gave food for thought about the creation of homosexuality. About eleven years ago, I was baby-sitting other children and one of the mothers came in to talk; she was in great distress. Her husband had gone into weight lifting. He had decided to cut out all the fats and cholesterol [testosterone] from his diet. He ate lean beef but mostly skinned chicken. She said it was not long before he seemed to lose his thinking ability. They never made love anymore and he just was not half the man she had married. What really bothered her was he had a new set of friends and she did not like the looks of them, she thought they were homosexuals.

I was given a dream which I call “Chicken Cacheology.” In the dream I visited this new building and an excited man came up to tell me about “chicken cacheology.” He handed me a paper titled the same and under a long column of figures it totaled to $23.75 an egg! My first impression was that I was not going to be eating eggs in the near future and then I felt horror. This man and the others at the table had no idea what they were doing. Another man stepped into the room. I knew he knew and the feeling was that of genetic engineering and not for the constructive use toward humanity. Upon rising, I looked up cacheology and though I did not find it, I did find these, mostly on the same page!

Cachectic - affected by cachexia

Cachexia - general physical wasting and malnutrition usually associated with chronic disease.

Cacodyl - an arsenical radical whose compounds have a vile smell and are usually poisonous. (Poultry farmers use arsenic. A dentist found that whatever arsenic the chicken cannot get rid of is stored in the less used portion of the chicken’s body, the wing. He came down with arsenic poisoning after eating a mess of them. Does arsenic have an estrogenic effect on the body?)

Cacodylic acid - a toxic crystalline compound of arsenic used especially as an herbicide.

Cacoethes - an insatiable desire - mania

Cacogenesis - racial deterioration especially when due to the retention of inferior breeding stock

Cacogenics - dysgenics, cacogenics

Dysgenics - the study of racial degeneration

Dysgenic - detrimental to the hereditary qualities of a stock, biologically defective or deficient

Dysgenesis - defective development especially of the gonads as in Klinefelter’s syndrome or Turner’s syndrome

What kind of research could they be doing that would affect our genetic character? I have been a little frightened to find out. Is someone trying to intentionally undermine us through the food they feed us, in this case the eggs? Just about everyone eats eggs. What is the nutritional difference between battery laid eggs versus those that get to scratch around for bugs and a normal diet for a chicken? What are they doing with genetic manipulation of chicken egg embryos? Several sites noted a lowering of cholesterol content besides using them for therapeutic reasons.

While in Atlanta on vacation in the summer of 1998, I chanced upon an open talk show called “Talk Back” at CNN’s offices where I was invited to join, there being two seats left. I was just a tourist. The topic was “Homosexuality, Sin or Not?” It was an emotional show and issue and I could see clearly that there was no coming together in compromise and all attempts to interject with my information failed. I came to realize later that it was not important at that time to expose any truth about the matter, but rather to see and understand how they could divide us using homosexuality as an irresolvable issue. We cannot let that happen. We need to heal this nation by healing our people.

There has to be answers regarding homosexuality because God would not allow us a problem if there were not a solution to solve it. The trick is that we just have to be willing to come together in love, overcome our prejudices and fears and ignore those who choose to separate us through our differences. This does not mean to give in to homosexuality and homosexual unions and homosexuals in scouting and other organizations where young men gather, but to enlighten others that it is a created situation. We need to research, change our diets, change our subservience to big business which destroys our foods for profit and most of all refuse to let anyone divide us amongst ourselves. Then perhaps God will grant us a cure.

Homosexuals are victims of a conspiracy to destroy us as a nation. If you can destroy the men who head the family, you destroy the family unit and with that you can destroy a people and a nation.

We cannot let this happen.

(Continue reading the full article here)


We are

Delamer Duverus

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Diet possibly altering my sexual orientation

Answered on April 17, 2017
Created December 02, 2012 at 3:43 AM

I heard of paleo diet helping balance sex hormones out. Such as paleo men having more testosterone, paleo women having better estrogen balance, and how soy can cause estrogen dominance in men. If paleo can physically make a man more of a "man" and a woman more of a "woman", then why not mentally?

I am bisexual, but have realized that progressively my preferences have been leaning more on the 'straight' side, even though I still like both sexes. I've been paleo for about a year. I don't know of any personality changes, except I am more "aware" of things around me and less autistic. Hopefully no one sees diet as a potential ex-gay therapy alternative, because I believe you still need to be naturally predisposed to becoming gay.

Sounds ridiculous, but possible? After all we are what we eat, and our minds are influenced by the chemical compositions in our brains, which control our sexual preference.

18 Answers

on December 02, 2012
at 12:30 PM

Most traditional societies including Native Americans had homosexuals and transgendered people. Paleo may affect your sex drive but it is highly unlikely it affects your orientation. Sexuality can be fluid and tends to be on a spectrum.

on December 02, 2012
at 12:54 PM

I am bisexual but have been with a man for 3 years. I have noticed that my libido is very much increased with paleo, which is making me actually lean towards the gayer side lately. I guess in my case it is mostly because I have been with the same person for so long. I am still very attracted to him, just noticing lots of girls I guess lately.

For me, I kind of go in phases of being more attracted to one than the other so this isn't really abnormal for me. I would not e surprised at all if your diet altered hormones a bit though and altered your preferences.

on December 02, 2012
at 12:06 PM

I had sexual changes after going Paleo, so I can confirm that it can happen. I was always straight and I'm still straight as a pole, but some of my sexual likes/dislikes changed suddenly after going Paleo, while they hadn't changed in many years before. I attribute this to Paleo, and to various mental changes it did to me (not just sexual). Sorry I can't get into more detail. :-)

on December 02, 2012
at 04:15 AM

I doubt your recent preference toward the opposite sex is due to your diet change. I have met several nonpaleo individuals who, although still bisexual, have phases where they prefer one or the other or end up in a long term relationship with an opposite sex partner.

I could be totally wrong and there is a possibility you are right, but I'd have to see some more evidence to move my opinion. I would also strongly discourage marking paleo as a diet to "straighten people up" (not saying thats what youre doing! Just warning that it would be ridiculous.)

Anyway, regardless if paleo is making you more "manly/womanly", if you're healthy and happy, just go with it!

on December 02, 2012
at 10:02 AM

Paleomofo, I definitely relate. Actually, before I started paleo, my chiropractor found I had low testosterone. In an attempt rather, to correct my poor digestive problems I had eliminated my need for antidepressants and seemingly, I am now leaning toward being straight. Maybe perhaps to the point where I no longer consider myself bi. Being gay or bi could certainly be a low testosterone issue.

HOWEVER, this is not the case in ALL people, and everyone needs to realize it. There isn't one particular reason why someone might be gay or bi.

on September 07, 2013
at 12:44 AM

I am gay as all hell and I eat A LOT of LARD.

I'd never sleep with a guy, but I can still find them attractive.

Diet and sexual orientation? Please. I knew I liked girls when I was four years old; I was a good little Polish kid eating BREAD and NOODLES in Mama's chicken soup!

on December 02, 2012
at 04:10 PM

I actually don't see why it wouldn't, especially in the case of a bisexual. Environmental factors such as diet triggering the inherent breed response in times of plenty seems quite within the realm of possibility to me.

on December 02, 2012
at 02:16 PM

WOO HOO I Found the link,_Jr.

I've read elsewhere that in the third generation the males began homosexual tendencies. although it doesn't say it here I'm sure I could find it.But I think in 600 species of animals out including humans they have seen 8% of those animals having homosexual acts. that fact that I found out while watching QI but the Pottinger study is quite interesting. it's one of the reasons why back in the day they gave kids fish oil because it has a complete amino acid profile.

on December 02, 2012
at 02:28 PM

The biggest change for most people surely is if you feel healthy and particularly if you get to a healthy weight you tend to feel sexier in general. If you're sitting there on a chair all day main lining donuts with 50 pounds of extra weight you aren't as likely to feel sexy.

on December 02, 2012
at 07:23 AM

I know (almost) nothing about this subject, but I always suspected something...

So... it would be interesting to make an experiment. To take 1,000 healthy people who want to conceive and feed them 100% Weston Price for expected mothers (and autoimmune Paleo for fathers). And then see how many bisexual/gay children will develop (you can pretty much figure out someone's sexual orientation by grade 7 so it would be a long-term study).

Then compare that number with the number of children born in 1,000 severe SAD pregnancies. If the numbers match - a diet does not play a role in determining sexual orientation. If they are different... this is something to ponder about.

By nature, I love to find out the ROOT CAUSE of everything. What is the ROOT CAUSE of our gay genes? I disagree with Robert Sapolsky that gay people are essential to our society because they make excellent parents and are helping hands. I believe gay behavior rooted in our evolution and completely natural. However, one's sexual orientation is a completely different subject and needs to be researched.

on December 02, 2012
at 04:37 AM

Doubtful. You're predisposed to be attracted to both genders, so it's possible for you to even consider the opposite gender. I on the otherhand, have no interest in males and to be quite frank, regulating my hormones better has contributed to a graeter physical attraction to my wife than I did before. And my instinct to beat potential male suitors over the head with a club and grunt approvingly at his unconscious form has increased as well.

Questions like these forget the very masculine men who are attracted to other very masculine men? Or feminine women who will only look twice at other feminine women? We can't discount that by suggesting their hrmones are swinging toward the other gender when they're obviously not.

on December 03, 2012
at 01:09 AM

Maybe it just depends on where you are shopping?

on December 02, 2012
at 11:39 PM

I asked a similar question in a less diplomatic way and it got pulled by the moderators. I took Greg Cochran's theory on the origin of homosexuality and combined it with Jaminet's belief in pervasive infectious disease and suggested that homosexual orientation would decrease after following a paleo diet. Before it was pulled, one person provided confirmation of my suggestion.

on December 02, 2012
at 04:47 PM

It's definitely possible. I have found that the more clean I eat, the more level-headed I am and the less interested I am in stupid shenanigans, which pretty much makes relations with women completely out of the question. I just can't deal with them. Maybe if I ate the same stuff they did, I'd be insane too.

I'm not bisexual, though, so I wouldn't say it effects my orientation. More like an effect on mood, preference, and libido.

on April 17, 2017
at 05:39 PM

I think you are right! I also think that diet affects sexual orientation.

My main arguments are below: 
-Sexual behavior goes through six stages: spontaneous sexual arousal, attribution of arousal to an emotional cue, courtship, physical contact, stereotypical movements and orgasm, and that homosexuality arises when the urge for stereotypical movements is lacking or is sex atypical.

-The sexually dimorphic nucleus in the medial preoptic area regulates the thrusting movements during sex and it is on average smaller in homosexuals than heterosexuals. When it is lesioned, in some studies the animals become homosexual. Feminine homosexual males do not have the urge to thrust, while lesbians lack the urge to “engulf”.

-The nucleus is sensitive to testosterone from prenatal period till the end of puberty, and probably somewhat after puberty. In humans it is thought to get smaller in females from age 4. In males, testosterone probably prevents it from getting smaller.

-High-sugar, high-fat diet has been associated with disturbed testosterone levels, either low or high.

-Stress has been associated with high-sugar, high-fat diet and with disturbed testosterone levels.

-Low testosterone levels contribute to feminine male homosexuality by affecting the nucleus, while high testosterone levels contribute to situational homosexuality in males and to homosexuality in females.

-The brain develops during sleep. Testosterone levels increase during sleep. The nucelus probably develops during the nocturnal erections, therefore sleep disturbances would affect its development.

-I propose that masturbation disrupts the work of the sexually dimorphic nucleus, because it circumvents the thrusting movements, thus makes the nucleus redundant and probably affects its development or functioning (especially during puberty when the brain is being sexually differentiated). Masturbation (but not partnered sex) is increased during stress. Psychiatrists of the 19-th century thought that masturbation causes homosexuality and the Native Americans have used it to make the mujerado (passive homosexuals).

Many studies done on testosterone levels in homosexuals show normal levels probably due to three factors: 1. They include in the sample the homosexuals whose homosexuality is rather the result of excessive masturbation. 2. They compare testosterone levels of homosexuals with contemporaneous males. There has been a global decrease in male fertility and probably in testosterone action or levels during the 20-th century. Today’s heterosexuals would be less so than their predecessors. They are closer to the homosexuality threshold 3. The studies probably do not measure testosterone levels during the night. If homosexuals sleep less than heterosexuals (according to a study they sleep less), they have lower testosterone levels during the night, when the brain develops.

The rest of the facts, that support the hypothesis, is epidemiological: higher homosexuality rates in cities, in modern societies, in overcrowded animals, in stressed animals, in women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia etc..

I recently published an ebook "Modern Diet and Stress Cause Homosexuality: A Hypothesis and a Potential Therapy" with a more detailed analysis. 

[ Rita Strakosha's blog:]

Author of 'study' claiming unhealthy lifestyle causes homosexuality says she's been misunderstood

Study author tells IBTimes UK her work has been 'misinterpreted' to say chicken nuggets make people gay.

The author of a controversial self-published 'study' linking homosexuality to unhealthy diets, lack of sleep and stress has told IBTimes UK her work is being misunderstood. However, top scientists have told IBTimes UK that there is no scientific rigour behind her claims.

Rita Strakosha, author of the Modern diet and stress cause homosexuality: a hypothesis and a potential therapy, believes eating disorders and diets rich in carbohydrates can affect people's sexual orientation.

Her unofficial study, published on her WordPress blog, reads: "Homosexuals have more eating disorders than heterosexuals, which usually involve eating large amounts of high glycemic index foods and fat, or eating an imbalanced diet, leaning toward carbohydrates.

"Some studies show an increased rate of obesity among homosexuals. Gay men, lesbian and bisexual women report a higher odds of sugar-sweetened beverage consumption than straight men and women."

Strakosha – who has a degree in Clinical Psychology from Albanian University, according to her LinkedIn page – believes that some reports have misinterpreted her work. "I have noticed that the study has been misinterpreted in some articles to mean that fast food, chicken nuggets make one gay. I have not implied that," she said.

"The study stresses the effect of sugar (and similar high glycemic index food), high fat content in the diet, and stress. My study suggests that sugars have more effect on sexuality than fats, although both impact it."

Strakosha started writing her paper while she was researching on "the effect of sleep on mental health" for her masters thesis.

"I noticed some studies that linked dopamine drugs, serotonin deficiency with homosexuality and I knew from previous studies that these are also linked with sleep problems, so I began to investigate to include it in my masters thesis," she explained.

Strakosha's study further claims that conducting a healthier lifestyle can "decrease and... prevent the return of homosexual attractions."

 Rita Strakosha Rita Strakosha, author of the unofficial, self-published 'study' that links homosexuality to unhealthy diets. Rita Strakosha/ Facebook

The study further recommends therapy to solve one's "interpersonal conflicts and other sources of emotional stress through different therapies, including cognitive and behavioral therapy".

Strakosha's work has attracted criticism, with some people calling her work "utter nonsense". Several news websites writing on issues within the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community have deemed the study as "bizzarre" and misleading the public into thinking that homosexuality is a disease that needs to be cured.

Nicole Prause, a neuroscientist researching human sexual behaviour, told IBTimes UK that Strakosha's work is "inaccurate" and could "harm people."

"She is linking to actual, mostly old research, but then makes logical leaps completely unsupported by the data being cited. The logical reasoning is poor and she is recommending therapies known to increase suicidal thoughts in children," Prause explained.

"It has not been published in peer-review and probably would never pass peer-review, because of the gross scientific errors in it. The university supervising this student should seriously consider whether she will perform ethically as a clinician, if that is her goal. I was a clinical supervisor and would not allow a person like this to say they had adequately completed training with me."

Leading LGBT activist Bisi Alimi, Executive Director of Bisi Alimi Foundation, slammed Strakosha's study as a "badly researched paper."

"[The paper] has shown us how low homophobes will go to prove something that doesn't exist, the idea that this is even allowed to be published says a lot about the desperation," he told IBTimes UK.

However, Strakosha stressed that her study does not imply that homosexuality is a disease.

"The word cure is used for diseases and my study does not extend to the question on whether homosexuality is a disease or not. Therapies are used for diseases, but also as tools for personal development and change in the direction one wishes. So, the question on whether homosexuality is a disease or not is irrelevant for the study," she explained.

She then admitted that she had received several "hateful comments" due to her work. However, she said these are "emotional reactions, which I understand."

"The study opens new possibilities for research in sexology. For example it raises the hypothesis that homosexual males and females have a weak/missing thrusting reflex. I do not know of any study with humans which has investigated this," she concluded.

Strakosha posted her work on her WordPress page in April. "I first published this study as an e-book at Given the controversy surrounding the issue, I took it down from Amazon and re-published it here for free, so as there is wider access to it," she wrote on her blog.



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