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The Importance and Value of Childhood Diseases

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
October 20, 2016

The Importance and Value of Childhood Diseases (Oct. 20, 2016)

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On 10/19/2016, Jim wrote:

Re: Childhood Vaccines vs. Childhood Diseases - The Ultimate Slavery

Hello Ken.

I have been a fan of your site, "educate-yourself.org", for quite some years. I have found many fascinating things that I would have probably never learned from anywhere else (EVEN, on the "web").

I have yet to see ANYONE really cover the importance of certain childhood diseases (that many of us "older" folks grew up with, without any problems), and their stimulation of certain, physiological development in young children. I also have come to understand that these "diseases" are very rarely lethal for young children, but ARE very lethal to those who have NOT been exposed to them by the ages of puberty!

These childhood vaccines, that are used to PREVENT our beloved children from ever getting the "experience" of these "diseases" at so young an age, are SHORT-CIRCUITING a very critically-needed, natural, biological function that our young childrens' later development are going to require.

This big push for "eliminating" ALL of these childhood "diseases" through vaccination, is setting up future generations of our People for a massive die-off, if these "booster-vaccines" are ever cut-off from them. I KNOW these natural childhood diseases are CRITICAL for the proper development of our children in so many ways. However, natural exposure to these childhood diseases (and similar pathogens), confers LIFE-LONG IMMUNITY TO THEM.


Those who were vaccinated against these childhood diseases, to keep them from ever getting the "experience", will be dependent on the "boosters", every seven-to-ten years, for the rest of their lives - if they plan on continuing to live. I fear that we already have a generation or two, who now have deliberately-compromized immune systems, that will see the day when they will curse their parents for falling for the schmuck tactics of the medical establishment CRIMINALS!

There is a huge human tragedy in the wake-shadows of this "world system"! Dr. Andrew Wakefield already experienced one test-case, politically-charged scenario of this: All those deaths of the young, British adolescents, were conveniently blamed on Dr. Wakefield, and upon those who resisted forced-vaccination! These adolescents WERE vaccinated against these childhood diseases at very young ages, which kept them from receiving the beneficial LIFETIME IMMUNITY that would have been, had they NOT been vaccinated!

My mind may be a bit slow to come to conclusions these days (from over-fluoridation, perhaps?), but this issue has bothered me to sleeplessness for several nights now!

ANY consideration of discussion, or even a good exchange of informative ideas would be greatly appreciated! THIS ISSUE really must be shouted from the highest mountains, our specie's future survival really depends on it.

- Jim


Hi Jim,

Good letter.

Yes, the subject of natural immunity has been discussed in many books on vaccine dangers. Dr. Hulda Clark also mentions the benefits of naturally acquired immunity in many of her books.

For earlier generations, measles or chicken pox and other common childhood diseases were almost never fatal, but merely inconvenient for a few days. The hysteria has been created out of whole cloth by Big Pharma and its media whores in order to justify the compulsory administration of vaccines, first of children and then of adults.

The arguments put forward by the government, media whores, and Big Pharma politicians are utterly contrived, lacking in both logic and scientific validation. As medical records clearly demonstrate, many more babies, or young and teenage children, DIE or are neurologically crippled for life from the vaccine, rather than from the disease they were supposedly immunized against.

If more people realized just how dark and evil the New World Order vaccination agenda truly is, you would NEVER allow your kids or yourself to be vaccinated for ANYTHING regardless of the threats or coercion.

Modern 'smart dust' technology allows satellite tracking, nano weapons, and lifelong MIND CONTROL technologies to be injected right into your veins, along with the poisonous vaccine materials listed on the insert-- and you wouldn't have a clue about how your destiny and your life's fate had just been sealed ~ permanently. .

Chemtrail aerosol poisoning of land, air, and water, along with GMO foods, are slow and take many years to have an accumulative effect, while vaccines work much quicker to poison the body and chip people.

No one in their right mind should be thinking about "booster" vaccines because EVERY vaccination is a new gamble and a NEW threat to your longevity and survival.

The only thought or meme that every intelligent parent should inculcate and burn into their consciousness is to NEVER, EVER allow anyone to vaccinate them or their kids - if they want to live a normal life and have a normal lifespan.

Best Regards, Ken


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