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The Weaponization of WiFi

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[Editor's Note: This is an important article to read. It adds further evidence that there is a long range covert agenda by our Illuminated friends to electronically enslave the entire human race using microwave and scalar technology. Al Bielek, Preston Nichols and Phil Schneider pointed out in the 1990s that a worldwide electronic mind control agenda (developed under the Montauk Project) was in the works and the explosive growth of cell phone towers (around the world) begun in 2000 was just the first phase of the microwave electronic control structure. The recent no-debate, no-discussion, ram-through, "fast-tracking' of "5G" by the bought-and-paid-for FCC chairman Tom Wheeler, is obviously part of the covert electronic mind control network, disguised as the 'next generation' of convenience. The huge telecommunication microwave megatowers being constructed in every major city around the world are also part of the coming microwave electronic mind control, coersion, and termination network. This is NOT science fiction. It is real and its full implementation is drawing nearer, year by year...Ken Adachi]

By Anthony Sconosciuto
October 9, 2016

The Weaponization of WiFi (Oct. 9, 2016)

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This may sound like a work of science fiction, but, I assure you it is not. Before I begin, I wish to state that I am not a “conspiracy theorist.” The conclusions I make are the result of almost 4 years of investigation into a personal experience in which, I believe, I was the the subject of an experiment by a DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) contractor named SARA Inc., involved in EM weapons R&D. I also believe that there were many more victims of this experiment that we will never know about. Due to my extensive background (40+ years) in computer and related technology, I was able to recognize the threat and defend against it. I will try in this writing to put things into perspective. I must state at this time that I wish to remain anonymous and this information is for informative purposes only.

About Me
First off, I am retired (since 2010), in good health, mentally alert and informed about the technologies I spent 40 years working with. I am a low profile individual and have always been. I have no ego to feed and I require no recognition for my past accomplishments or failures. I do not use social media and I use my smart phone for calling and texting only. Since my retirement, I stay at home as a result of intensive travel during my working life. I refurbish laptops as a hobby and do some specialty work on them by request. I have no reason to fear any sort of surveillance or reprisal from the government. Many years ago, I had some obscure associations with DARPA through some of the project work I was involved with that has long ago slipped away to obsolescence.

ARPA was created in 1958 ("ARPA" until a “D” was added in 1972), by a Defense Department directive, in effort to utilize rapidly emerging technologies to stay ahead of the USSR during the Cold War. They are involved in all things that, even remotely, could contribute to defense research and national security. Many of their projects do contribute to the betterment of humanity, but rest assured these contributions are only the side-effects of the real research objectives. These side-effects help to procure their public funding. While publicly funded projects contribute to the agency's public image, their primary research is in “Black” projects leading to the development of super-secret technology and applications that are always years ahead of any sort of public disclosure. These operations are funded by the Black Budgets of the Pentagon, CIA, NSA and quite possibly other governmental entities that are virtually unknown to the public.

About SARA Inc.
SARA (Scientific Applications and Research Associates) is an employee owned company that provides special applications and product development to the Defense and Homeland Security industries as well as private companies. They specialize in all things electromagnetic. They are a high-level defense applications contractor. Their website: http://sara.com

The Incident

First Week of March 2012 (prior to incident):
I started the Windows update procedure on 4 laptops with fresh operating system installations. I have a very hi-speed internet and work space that limits me to 4 machines at a time. This had never been a problem before, but this time all the machines were hung up. There are many things that can effect the update process, but, I had all the bases covered. I shutdown 3 of the machines, now running 1, to no avail. I then rebooted the single machine to begin the process over and again it was the same situation. I then went to the living room where my cable modem and router are located. The ethernet indicator light on the cable modem was on almost continuously. I thought that possibly the cable modem was hung or the cable company was doing some work on the system. I powered down the cable modem and shutdown the 1 machine I had running. I turned on my “Tech Computer” and logged in to my router to check further. The log file seemed to indicate that I was under a massive DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service) attack. I powered up my cable modem. Now, with only my “Tech Computer” online, the attack continued although it was less intense.

DDOS attacks are generally directed toward businesses, organization, media and government, not home networks. I decided to look at the log more closely. I then noticed a definite repeat pattern which was not the trademark of a DDOS attack. I then looked up the IP numbers of all addresses involved. To my amazement they were all government addresses. The look up showed; DoD, NSA, SSA and IRS. Not going into the technical details of how a DDOS attack is initiated, I found it hard to imagine that 4 government systems would have been compromised to install the necessary malware to be used in such an attack. During the following two days, this continued at a lesser intensity. I was able to capture the communication with one of my network monitoring utilities and found out that there was 2-way communication with my machine responding to unique queries. It was a data mining operation of some sort. As I said earlier in this writing I have no fear of surveillance, however, I resent the interruption in the performance of my network. I then emailed each site's abuse contact. The attacks stopped on the 4th day and I finished the work I was doing on the 4 reconditioned laptops.

Last week of March 2012 (prelude and incident):
My wife is an avid user of Facebook which has a tendency to clog up a computer with extraneous junk files after a period of time without maintenance. She was on her computer fairly early that Tuesday morning [March 27, 2012] and remarked to me that her machine was extremely slow. I asked if she had used any of the maintenance utilities lately. The answer was of course, "no." I ran the utilities and cleaned out a lot of junk and all seemed to be okay until she got on to YouTube and videos were difficult to play without interruption. Later in the day, I noticed the internet was very slow which had never happened before the beginning of the month. I blew it off, not wanting to deal with it.

The following day, my wife left early to go to work. I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down in my chair in the living room, turned on my laptop and the television. Approximately 30 minutes after I had sat down, I began feeling very strange. I became soaked with a cold sweat, my heart was racing and I was slightly dizzy with an excruciating headache. I sat there a few more minutes taking my pulse (over 150 bpm when I lost count) and feeling worse by the minute. I decided I was having a heart attack. I was probably being stupid by deciding to drive myself to the hospital even though it is less than a half mile from our condo. I got up, grabbed my car key, my coat and took off toward the building exit. By the time I exited the building, I was feeling better. I continued to walk to my car, thinking I would still go to the hospital. I reached the car, got in, sat there and took my pulse again. My pulse was in the normal range at 65 bpm, I felt fine, no cold sweat and no more headache. I then drove to the ER parking lot and sat there with the car running and thinking it might come back. I sat there for about 40 minutes and still felt fine. I decided that I would not go in to the ER, as they would think I'm crazy old man, since nothing is wrong and it would also be a big expense. I then went home, still feeling great.

When I got home, I went into the living room and sat down to contemplate what happened to me and see if I could get some idea from the Mayo Clinic website. I picked up the laptop and ran the web browser which took over 10 seconds to come upon my home page. I went to the Mayo site and looked up all the possible symptoms of a heart attack. I continued reading the related information on heart attacks. Moving around on the website was very slow. I had been sitting there for about a half hour and was starting to feel strange again, with the same things happening inside my body. I decided that maybe I should go to the ER after all. I put my coat on, walked out the door, got outside the building exit and I was feeling better. I walked to my car and stood beside it for a few minutes thinking about what is happening to me. I felt fine again. I thought for a moment that maybe something in the house is making this happen.

I knew it could not be a gas leak as everything in the building is electric. I noticed no odors that would indicate some sort of toxic chemical in the building While I was standing there, my neighbor, who shares the same living room wall with my condo, walked up by me on the way to his car. We greeted each other, and I asked him if he noticed anything inside that was making him feel ill. He told me he has had no problems. I decided I would stay out of the house for a while and see if the symptoms I was experiencing would return. I went to a local restaurant, had something to eat and kill a little time. I was gone about 3 hours before returning home. I still felt fine.

Upon returning home, I went to the living room and picked up my laptop to see if I could diagnose why my internet connection was so slow the last couple of days. I started running 3 of my network monitoring utilities as well as watching the news on TV. After 20 minutes or so, I decided to look at my router logs. I discovered that I was under attack from a single IP (DOS not DDOS). I looked up the IP registration and discovered it was a company named SARA Inc.. I then searched for the company website. I was home now for close to a half an hour and I felt the cold sweat starting. I found the SARA Inc website.

Now I was starting to feel really bad. I read SARA's home page that stated the types of research that they were pursuing for the DoD and that they were involved with DARPA. Having briefly read the types of research they were involved with, my instinct said they were performing some sort of a test using the wireless RF [radio frequencies[. I was not thinking clearly enough to analyze all the implications of what that test may be for. I was now almost ready to run out the door again when I turned the power off to my cable modem. Within a couple of minutes I notice my heart rate going down and the pounding headache dissipating.

I logged in to my router and blocked SARA's complete IP address range. Within 5 minutes I was feeling great again. I powered-on my cable modem and decided I would get a new router in case they had installed some sort of hook that would enable them to bypass the IP block in the future. This attack never happened again. By my analytical nature I had to find out the possible ways they had accomplished this and what the possible uses might be. I printed the router log and the saved data from my network monitoring utilities.

I started to look over the print offs to see if all the lines were legible, when something seemed to jump off the pages of the router log. I noticed that the attack began 2 minutes before my computer connected to the router. The logs also showed that after 35 minutes the attack stopped for a period of 48 minutes, began again continuing for another 28 minutes, stopped for 2hrs 52min, then resumed for a period 25 minutes when I killed the power on the cable modem. These start and stop times fit with my presence and absence in the proximity of my wireless router.

How was my presence being detected when the attack began 2 minutes before I turned my computer on?

Could the sensing discriminate between individuals or just anyone within proximity? I had many more questions.

Brief Analysis of The Incident and Conclusions
Initial Assessment: (Subjectively based on knowledge of similar projects.)

1. SARA is an R&D company with a commission to develop a covert weapon using existing wireless technology for the purpose of sensing, identifying and killing a targeted individual in such a manner that it would appear to be a natural death (i.e.: Assassination).

The sensing mechanism would, therefore, have the ability to provide positive identification of the targeted individual or it would be useless in a targeted strike. It must be compact enough to be loaded on the ROM in the target router and have only minimal interaction with an external control program. This mechanism would use the the router's wireless radio I/O in much the same way as a combination of radar and MRI technologies. The external control program would use information from the target's profile based on current medical records (example; Height, weight, body mass index, etc.) to identify the individual. This mechanism appeared to be fully developed

2. SARA had developed a viable strike mechanism that has the ability to detect, synchronize and alter the unique heart rhythm of a targeted individual. While this mechanism works, it is very primitive because it requires an external control program to access the analog I/O of of target router's wireless radio. This mechanism was not fully developed and required a constant data stream that looked like a DOS attack on the router log. Though it was not a DOS attack, to the router it accomplished the same effect (tying up communication). If this had been a fully developed mechanism, most of the functions would be loaded on to the router's ROM, which would only require minimal interaction with an external control program and therefore not perceived by the router as a DOS attack.

3. SARA, in all likelihood, was behind schedule and suffering cost overruns in their development of this weapon, which prompted DARPA to to require a statistical milestone to justify further funding. This suggests a test sample of at least 100 subjects. Whatever the failure rate DARPA had established would have to be shown and could not be done with a single test subject. (i.e.: me. Failure rate = 100%)

4. DARPA defined the criteria for test subjects. The NSA then accessed information from various government and private systems to provide a list of viable test subjects. This would be given to SARA as to construct a target's profile to be used in the test. Criteria for test subjects in all likelihood would have been similar to the following:

-Low Visibility;
-Different Localities;
-Age 62 to 67;
-Excellent Health;
-Wireless Internet;
-No Large Ins Policy;
-No large Bank Accounts;
-No Large Investments;
-Not Active politically;
-Not Active on Social Media;

These criteria would limit the potential for investigation of death beyond a natural cause.

5. Information on the success of the target's destruction would be readily available via several sources (i.e.: Obituary, coroner report).

Scientific Research Brief
In my effort verify, in my own mind, that my initial assessment was fairly accurate, I began searching research papers that could have contributed to the development of such a weapon. I found many from various academic institutions and tech companies. Looking at little pieces of many studies I saw how they could be assembled to achieve many technical aspects of my initial assessment. There was also the possibility of developing many other application with the bits and pieces of information from these studies. This was a long process that I worked on from the time of the incident in March 2012 to November 2013.

Since the beginning of 2014 several studies for directly related technologies have hit the scientific and tech journals using the WiFi router to ID an individual, lip read, detect people through walls and monitor life signs of an identified individual. The purpose of these studies was of course, to provide applications with benevolent purposes Yes, these technologies could be used for home security, monitoring the sick or elderly, or integrated into an automated household. They also have many potential weapon and surveillance applications over and above killing a targeted individual.

The use of wireless technologies as a covert weapon system is very real. If this application can monitor, synchronize and alter a heart rhythm, with modification it could be used to alter brain waves or other anatomical functions.

This is now 2016 and I have conclude that DARPA had a fully functional weapon, as well as some derivatives, by 2013. Remember, DARPA is always ahead of any publicly released hints at related technology, which in this case was in late 2013.

Anthony Sconosciuto

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