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Three-Herb Mold Toxin Binder Can Be a Daily Necessity to Counter Environmental Mold Growth Due to Ubiquitous WiFi Energy Fields

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
February 28, 2017, Updated Oct 26, 2020

Three-Herb Mold Toxin Binder Can Be a Daily Necessity to Counter Environmental Mold Growth Due to Ubiquitous WiFi Energy Fields (Feb. 28, 2017)

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Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt pointed out many years ago in his lectures that WiFi radiation energy fields cause molds to proliferate and produce mold toxins at a highly accelerated rate. He explained that molds are disturbed and irritated by microwave energy fields and they excrete mold toxins as a defense mechanism to sustain their existence.

Dr. Klinghardt on the proliferation of mold and mold toxins due to presence of microwave energy fields

MP3 audio

With the proliferation of cell phone towers, 5G Antennas, WiFi routers, Smart phones and Smart meters, we are now immersed in an invisible sea of microwave energy fields that are causing molds to grow and release 600 times more mold toxins into the environment than was the case before WiFi. If you have mold growing inside your body, then your body is also on the receiving end of a 600 fold increase in mold toxins which Dr. Hulda Clark points out in all of her books are very debilitating, toxic and immune suppressive.

We've had a lot of much needed rain here in southern California for the past 2.5 months, but the daily rain, warm temperatures and microwave energy fields add up to an explosion of unseen environmental mold toxins in the air (from decaying vegetation of grass, trees, shrubs, etc), and possibly in the house if you aren't careful about moisture in the bathroom or kitchen or use wall to wall carpeting, etc.

I was given a mold toxin herbal formula about 6 years ago after I found out first hand just how severe the outside environmental mold toxins can be when I tried to so some work on my car in front of our condo garage. This was just a couple of months after Smart meters had replaced the conventional analog electric meters located on the sides of the garages throughout the condo complex where we live. I had no idea why I was having so much trouble with aches and pains and feelings of delirium while merely trying to take the wheels off the car and change the brake pads!

 I couldn't get over how dizzy and weak I was - out of the blue for no apparent reason! I called a medical intuitive friend who told me immediately that my nerves were reacting to mold toxins. When I asked where the mold toxin was coming from, she said it was in the air in the immediate vicinity of where I was working on the car, which was located about 5 feet away from a stack of 3 high intensity, microwave-emitting Smart meters which were attached to the outside our garage wall.

In addition to taking the three-herb mold toxin binder, she also recommended reciting specific sentences - which I've dubbed Neutralizing Statements - before I go outside the house (each day) to reduce and mitigate the effects on the body of both ambient environmental radiation (ionizing and non-ionizing EMF) and mold toxins in the air. Reciting Neutralizing Statements may seem odd to some people who don't understand that humans have the ability to create and affect reality by focused intent which is sometimes called prayer, and sometimes called positive affirmations. If you are suffering from mold toxins, you will likely gain relief with the three-herb toxin binder by itself, but reciting the Neutralizing Statements in addition to the mold toxin binder seems to bring greater results. It's up to you. If you are convinced that such things cannot work, then for you, they probably won't work (but you never know). However, if you are open minded and sincere of heart, you may be surprised to discover that such things do work. I've found out the hard way that forgetting to follow these regimens before going outside the house usually resulted in feeling shaky and not that great after walking around the mall for 15 minutes or just going to the post office where you will today encounter high-intensity microwave energy fields everywhere due to the ubiquitous presence of people carrying around Smart phones, which puts out microwave energy (35,000+ micro-watts) that's equivalent to what I've measured at the base of a cell phone tower.   

The Three Herb Mold Toxin Binder

The three herbs I use in my Mold Toxin Binder are Yellow Dock, Schizandra, and Valerian Root in a proprietary tincture blend (send me an email if you want more information on how to obtain the Three Herb Mold Toxin Binder. Write "3-Herb Binder" in the subject line)

To ingest the Mold Toxin Binder, you can count out 10 or 15 drops into a small glass of water or juice and drink. If I want extra protection, I'll take 2 or even 3 droppers full, but I usually just add 1/2 dropper full of the blend to a small glass of water and drink. If you already have symptoms of mold toxins in your body, you can take the mold toxin binder in the morning, afternoon and evening for a week or two and see what you notice. You should see a big change in symptoms and start to feel "normal" again. To avoid being affected by airborne mold toxins, I'll take the three-herb binder and recite the Neutralizing Statements before leaving the house. If you find that you feel OK when inside your home, but are having symptoms of shakiness or feel light headed or other woozy neurological symptoms when outside the home, you are most likely reacting to environmental mold toxins and microwave (WiFi) energy fields. Taking the mold toxin binder daily and reciting the Neutralizing Statements may help you to feel much better and allow you to get around with less distress when outside the house.

WiFi, the Unseen Killer
Acoustimeter AM-10I've taken an Acoustimeter AM-10 RF meter (measures frequencies from 200 MHz - 8 GHz) to measure the microwave wattage readings in supermarket parking lots, supermarkets, shopping malls, strip malls, post office, etc., etc., and the average reading is typically in the 5,000-25,000 microwatts range.

One microwatt or lower is considered safe for daily human exposure by Swiss and Austrian environmental health organizations. Dr. Klinghardt puts the upper limit at a maximum of 5 microwatts inside the home. Our health is being decimated by WiFi microwave energy fields that now exists at very high energy level wherever you go in the urban environment. When they install 5G on every lamp post and telephone pole in America, the microwave damage to our bodies will be a thousand times greater than what it is today.

The issue of WiFi microwave energy fields in our living environment is the top priority issue devastating the health and longevity of every human being on this planet. I've been posting articles on this topic for TEN YEARS now and I receive zero email from people telling me that the light bulb went on and they no longer use WiFi or a Smart phone. I get up to 150,000 hits per month on an article I wrote years ago on building pyramids, yet only 2,000 or 3,000 hits per month on articles dealing with WiFi dangers. Why is the public so utterly dense on this subject?

The public at large simply has to wake up to the urgency and dangers of this critical issue.

Other Mold Toxin Remedies
There are other herbal formulas for killing off mold and mold toxins (called mycotoxins) besides the one given here, but this one is easy to make yourself at home and seems to produce good results. You can also address molds and mold toxins using a frequency generator as explained in the books of Dr Hulda Clark, but herbs can do the job, are inexpensive, and easy to obtain.

Neutralizing Statements
The neutralizing statements given here apply to environmental mold toxinsand environmental ionizing radiation in the atmosphere and in the body. After reciting the basic neutralizing statement, words are added at the end of the statement to amplify and magnify the effectiveness of the statements. You can say the words out loud or say them silently in your mind. It works both ways.

Words added to amplify effectiveness
I repeat the phrase "times a centillion centillion" at least five times before saying "now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now" in ten word repetitive groups for a minimum of five groups (a total of 50 repetitions of the word "now") before ending the statement with the words: "repeat 'now' permanently".

Statement For Mold Toxins in the Environment
"To each mold toxin in the atmosphere, add each frequency from one Hertz to 4 Quadrillion Hertz times a centillion centillion, (repeat 5 times); now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, (repeat 'now' group 5 times); repeat 'now' permanently"

To effectively apply the Neutralizing Statements for environmental ionizing radiation in the atmosphere and in the body, you have to touch a point on the back of your Left hand called the Hamate radiation test point. To find the correct location, you follow the bone on the Ring finger of your Left hand down to where it meets the wrist. You touch both the Index and Middle finger of your Right hand on top of the Left Ring finger hamate bone just in front of where it meets the wrist and press down on those test points as you recite the words: "...that resonates at each configuration of these test points" contained in the Neutralizing Statements seen below.

Neutralizing Statement for Ionizing Radiation in the Atmosphere
"From each cubic pico meter of each molecule that exists, completely remove each radioactive substance, or each radioactive imprint, or each radioactive residue which resonates at each configuration of these test points (hamate bone) times a centillion centillion, (repeat 5 times); now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, (repeat 'now' group 5 times); repeat 'now' permanently"

Neutralizing Statement for Ionizing Radiation in the Body
"From each cubic pico meter of the entire structure of each human presence or each non-human presence in the body identified as (say your full name), completely remove each non-self substance that resonates at each configurations of these test points (hamate bone) times a centillion centillion, (repeat 5 times); now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, (repeat 'now' group 5 times); repeat 'now' permanently"

Neutralizing Statements can also be used for other purposes beyond those mentioned here. For instance, we can mitigate and neutralize the damaging effects of GMO foods and the ubiquitous chemtrail- contaminated foods found in every supermarket in North America today by reciting Neutralizing Statements for all food and drink brought into the home while still in the grocery bags. I'll cover that topic in another article on the application of Neutralizing Statements.

Ken Adachi


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