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Truck Driver's Astute Response to the NWO

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By Brian, (
September 10, 2017

Truck Driver's Astute Response to the NWO (Sep. 10, 2017)

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(left, not Brian) 

Brian, age 45: "I was honored that you took the time to read my email. Even more so when you asked me to expand on my ideas. I am not a scholar; I do not even work in an office. I'm just a Public Worker, that basically picks up trash and drives a truck. I tried to write something that expresses how I cope with the evil in the world like you suggested. So I did try to do that.  It is rough because I worked on it during breaks and it was on my I Phone."

Latest! (Monday) :   I find the responses to be fantastic. I am educated with an associates degree. Not much to brag about. The 500+books I have read on my kindle and traditional print  In the past 10 years has been a much greater education than any school can provide. It took me a long time to come to terms with our government and world officials conspiring against our nations. I used to laugh at conspiracy talk like it was all a joke. Until one day I started reading alternative books from wise scholars, such as yourself and could not stop.  Knowledge is power and I have found great peace in learning more each day. I have a wife and two children, and if it was not for my children, I would not concern myself with worry about the future of our corrupt society. Selfish as it seems. It took a love of family and with that followed my search for god, then I could truly care about the welfare of humanity.
Expanding on my email, here is how I cope with our current state of perceived darkness and despair. The main stream media, which is our gateway to thinking, for the masses, has become nothing more than NWO propaganda. 

Hearings from the 70s, I watched on YouTube, confirmed that the news is shaped and even delivered by CIA actors. It is not even a hidden secret! Today's barrage of news shows and articles are meant to erode the traditional family and American values on a daily basis while normalizing everything that is contrary to what most perceive to be normal. 

Attacks on Christian values by degenerate comedians and news anchors are just pathetic and do not deserve our attention. Ignore them, they will go away. Do not give them your attention because they deserve none. I make it a rule to only listen to people who are smarter than myself. Those people who preach their nonsensical scripted news commentary are merely horrible actors.

I have heard that Satan's greatest deception is to make us believe he does not exist, and I fear that most people are oblivious to the spiritual warfare that attacks us and our way of life. 


News agencies and Hollywood are deceptions that work to hide true reality. I believe that through them it is the one-world government that manipulates the masses of people who have no clue as to who pulls the strings in our world. I have read Christ's words in the Bible and of the great things he did. The one that stood out to me the most was his aversion to the money changers in the Temples. He set off a firestorm, all because he was threatening the bankers. Today, we face the exact same thing. Who and what the bankers are is hidden from us although really it's in plain sight for all those to see. You just have to look, not hard.

It's all about the Federal Reserve. We can debate with each other, or on news programs, politics day after day. There's abortion, race, immigration, gun control. You can keep going all day with the nonsense the puppet masters (Central Banks) keep us arguing over. While they rob our countries blind and steal our resources. That's all around the world, not just America. 

My friend asked me what will we do about the rising debt. I say, look at us, when did we spend trillions of dollars or benefit in any way from this mythical American debt. The responsible culprits are the politicians who sold us out a long time ago. Call me ignorant, but I read, in an obsolete document (the Constitution) that congress has the ability to print and coin money. So, let's do it. Start up the presses and print out 20 one trillion dollar bills, and pay back our debt in the same way it was created. Right out of thin air! It's that simple.

Until we wake up, Americans and others starve while politicians are worth millions and more after they retire. They sold us out. All of us, and they did so to every race in existence. So wake up people, we are all equal no matter the race. Equally scammed and robbed by your Representatives that you support every election. I laugh when people say Democrats or Republicans are who I vote for. Well, when the fog lifts, take a long look. These are all the exact same people. They deceived us all. They pay with their souls and they are trying to take ours along with them. Do not fall for it any longer.

How can we, and I mean, all of us, defeat this evil network of "money changers"? I do have my own answer that serves me well. I'm not a church going religious fanatic. I work for a small town Public Works Dept., and I am 45 years old. The one thing that keeps me optimistic is reading, and listening to the few people in this world that are wise to the deceptions that we face.

 Some would laugh when I say we face not mere men, but dark spiritual forces set on destroying our nations from the inside out. They control our leaders and rely on greed to buy and sell out each and every one of us without compassion. I say, shut off the news programs, and Hollywood garbage we are bombarded with. Protect your children by teaching them values that have kept us together for thousands of years, not the perverted nonsense that is starting to be normalized by schools and governments today.

In the end, make the choice to educate yourselves about what is really going on. You will find the truth if you look for it. I did, and I know that God will protect his followers who were good and unselfish, the people that shared their knowledge with others to open their eyes and let them see that light is always going to defeat darkness. I believe it, without question.

First Comment from Ken Adachi-

Brian's idea is perfectly legit, but it's not going to happen as long as the government is controlled by traitors and fifth columnists. However, thinking outside the box; as he has illustrated here, is the key to success. As seen with some of the reader comments here, far too many people adopt a knee-jerk cynical and pessimistic posture. Nothing kills creativity and the infinite bounty that can flow from creative thinking than being cynical - E.g., "It can't be done!" "You can't beat city hall" etc.

Real value is in labor and the goods or services that labor produces and not in paper Federal Reserve Notes from the Rothschild family. Real value is property and objects of value, such as fine antique furniture or a fine musical instrument. The physical things which people cherish, such as an exceptional violin, never lose value. The greatest feeling in the world is to be debt free. Everyone can choose to live their life without debt if they have the intelligence to follow that dictum. Instead of buying a new car that you have to secure a loan for, buy a used car that you have the cash to afford and buy it outright. You don't need to borrow 100K in student loans to get a degree that isn't going to do you a damn bit of good when it comes to getting a decent job. You can skip the college routine. You don't need it in today's world. You can acquire any sort of education you want - for free online - with a computer and access to the internet. You just need brains, ingenuity and a creative mind.  There's a 28-year old Japanese guy named "Hikakin," with only a high school diploma,  who earned ONE MILLION dollars last year in revenue from Youtube videos that he uploads from his apartment in Tokyo.

He has a HUGE following, especially among young children and their mothers. He's a Youtube Celebrity that is recognized wherever he goes in Japan - and everyone loves him. He has a bubbly personality and thinks up novel things to do and puts it on video, such as buying three strawberries that cost $500 EACH and video records himself eating and enjoying them.         
I stopped using a bank account and a credit card 26 years ago and I've never been happier. I buy everything with cash. If I need to use a card, I give the cash to someone I know with a card and that person's orders it for me. Instead of going to a mortgage broker or a bank to obtain a mortgage ("mort" means DEATH in French), extended family members should pool their assets and form their own PRIVATE family asset resource and loan money to the children and close associates of YOUR extended family and cut out the banker completely.      

Bitcoin and similar crypto exchange methods is a good idea and worth signing up for. The JWO Sellouts are trying to push for a cashless society, so you should be ready with alternative means of exchange or barter. I don't expect the US dollar to collapse as so many internet "experts" continue to breathlessly predict -  year in, year out. The US dollar remains the strongest representative of currency in the world. It's going to take a LONG time before China, or Russia, or India, or Brazil knock it out of the winner box - if ever. We can still use Federal Reserve Notes as a means of exchange without giving our business or our labor output to banks who are just making up fiat "money" out of thin air by creating columns of numbers in a computer database.   

Get rid of credit cards, pay off loans, and get out of debt. There's nothing like it. There is no end to creative possibilities. Just THINK and thrive.

Comments for "Truck Driver's Astute Response to the NWO"

Glenn said (September 12, 2017):


Just a few words to Brian. First of all hello and a pleasure to talk to a fellow blue collar "brother in arms". I am a recently retired lead mechanic from a medium sized city solid waste department.

I would like to say your testimony is proof that the people who keep this country running are slowly but surely waking up to what is going on around them. If you are like me, I'm sure you have tried to spread your wisdom with your fellow employee's, and in many cases have been met with scorn and laughter. Do not despair and do shrink from trying to get the message out, for as you know the very lives of our families, friends, and countryman hang in the balance.

America is under the very same forces of Satanic evil that gave birth to the Bolshevik Revolution in Czarist Russia. The push for a one world communist government is now "pedal to the metal". Every kind of filth and debauchery imaginable (and in many cases unimaginable) is being thrown not only in our faces and shoved down our throats, but totally immersing our children or grandchildren as young as five years old as well. It is hard to know how and where to fight, but fight we must.

Many people know of the story of Christ and the "money changers", but few know there are three separate occasions where a nonviolent Christ physically ejected these evil doers from the temple. The lesson here is the fight against evil is on going and never ending. Our fight must be the same.

So Brian, keep the shiny side up and the greasy side down, and never be afraid to try and educate your fellow man.

Jason said (September 11, 2017):
It may sound like the answer.
However, the 20trkllion dollar (bill) would still be worth 20 trillion dollars in true NEW currency value.

And the real debt for America is far more than 20 trillion when everything is included.
The only way that any government with a private central bank could get out of debt is to tell the debt holder to bugger off. And this would be the trigger to WW3.

Sadly, the sell outs have put humanity in a deadly position that there is no easy way out.

William said (September 10, 2017):
I'm not sure where the commenter Wade [below] gets the notion that the vast majority of your readership has "no clue what debt free money is". I've been aware of the international banking scam since long before discovering

The vast majority of the general population is willingly ignorant about this matter, but I doubt too many of the regular readers of this site are asleep about it.

G said (September 10, 2017):
Kudos to Brian - Morality drives a truck!

I especially like this:

"Protect your children by teaching them values that have kept us together for thousands of years, not the perverted nonsense that is starting to be normalized by schools and governments today."

Those "values" are like bread itself, maintaining and sustaining, and in them lives the leavening of humanity.

Thanks, Henry, for encouraging this honest and accurate writer.:)

John E said (September 10, 2017):
Brian is right !

The following is a few things you can do to make for a better world

Pay off all credit cards, one at a time starting with Chase, Citi, WF

Quit eating fast food

Read books,,,,
Turn off the TV
Quit going to the movies
Quit buying crappie music
Turn on the radio to TALK shows and call in your opinions

Do fun stuff with your wife
Take your kids for a walk

Say a prayer and try to be the best person you can be.
Ex Navy

Tony B said (September 10, 2017):
This Brian sounds a lot like myself. Some corrections or additions:

1. The federal reserve is just a franchise of the Rothschild cabal in the City of London.

2. There is no need to "pay back" a fraudulent debt at all. Simply ignore it and/or repudiate it. Besides, these criminals would find a way to make profit from the "trillion dollar bills."

3. Although the Kennedy legend is just that, it is true that money is the real issue as the criminals who now own the money created as debt scam can and do finance every other civilization destroying issue going on while those who oppose this satanic insanity are forever deprived of the monetary means to properly counter them.

Mike M said (September 10, 2017):
This post was a breath of fresh air. Lots of good insight. I wish we had people like Brian running our government.

Wade said (September 10, 2017):
Your truck driver hit the nail on the head. There is an old saying "Follow the money".

He makes the salient point that all the "stuff' we argue about are all just distractions while the Illuminati bankers rob the world.

In June of 1963 John F Kennedy issued an Executive Order. This order stopped The Federal Reserve from printing and controlling our money. Kennedy then used the Treasury to print "Kennedy Dollars" backed by silver. This was debt free money.
This Executive Order upset a hundred years of scheming by the Illuminati.
No way the NWO crowd were going to stand for this unacceptable set back.

Kennedy was shot in the head in November 1963 by his own Secret Service. The hit was ordered by Illuminati bankers and carried out by Lyndon B, Johnson (Kennedy's Vice President) and the deep state Intelligence community (CIA / FBI) etc. Oswald was a pawn, and never shot Kennedy.

The Executive Order that Kennedy signed has never to this day been rescinded and yet the moment V.P. Johnson got the word "he is dead" the order has never been enforced.

THIS, AND ONLY THIS, IS WHAT GOT JFK MURDERED!!! Unfortunately Henry I don't believe the American sheeple will ever wake up, but here we have an uneducated truck driver who has figured this out. College education is nothing more than brainwashing. The vast majority of even your readers have no clue what debt free money is. Or how the world financial system really works, and they are very content to remain ignorant. A great past President once said "When you educate a person intellectually and leave out spiritual education, you create a monster"

Your author is correct...forget all the distractions and concentrate on The Federal Reserve...print debt free money and pay off the debt in the same way it was created.

This is the ONLY path to freedom for the American people and the world. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.



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