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Two Bounty Hunters Get Themselves Killed, Along with the Fugitive in Greenville, Texas Dealership Shootout

[Editor's Note: Three men lost their lives in the matter of a few seconds because two idiot bounty hunters - who should not have the authority to pull guns or to take people into custody, even if they are a bail bond jumper - did everything possible to maximize the danger of the situation, including lethal risks to the customers and staff inside the dealership. It's not 1817 anymore and the Wild West no longer exists. The moronic bounty hunters ended their lives and the life of the bail bond jumper because he didn't show up for a court date, not becuase he was wanted by the police. Anyone with a pistol permit can be a bounty hunter and that has to change. These guys should only have the authority to track and locate the bail bond jumper, and then turn the arpprehension over to the police; not to pull out their own guns and take the guy into custody themselves in a public place. Had they done that, all three of these people would still be alive today. I hope the dealership will sue the bail bond company for millions for endangering his dealership by the two morons they sent out to grab this man. The laws regarding bounty hunters have to be changed to coincide with modern times.]

June 1, 2017

Two Bounty Hunters Get Themselves Killed, Along with the Fugitive in Greenville, Texas Dealership Shootout (June 1, 2017)

Bounty Hunters in Dealership Shootout



H. Lewis1 hour ago
Tyler Durden They broke laws. They will never face! Ramon is my childhood friend. I wonder did they identify who they were? It looked like they just charged in.... Ramon was a good person. This video doesn't portray who he really was. I know he hated Police. Always harassing him. These clowns never notified the local Police they were in town. Lied about who they were.....smh! That's a Federal Offense. Who's the Criminal? They endangered innocent people. To quick to apprehend Ramon after waiting 2,3,4, hours I heard different stories on how long they waited in the parking lot. That's where they should've tried to arrest him. Or wait until his girlfriend completed her purchase. And left the building. They died because of the bad decision. It could've had a different outcome. Especially for my friend Ramon. ��❤ The job of Bounty hunters should be changed. Let them track the person. Locate and have law enforcement arrest. They died over $5,000 each. It wasn't worth it. Rest in Paradise Ramon. You will be missed. I'll never forget you defending me when I was in Jr. high. I hear your infectious laugh.

Bounty Hunters in Texas



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