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UFO Sky Shows Increasing
Project Blue Beam Unfolding -as Planned

By Ken Adachi <Editor>
January 26, 2008

UFO Sky Shows Increasing; Project Blue Beam Unfolding -as Planned (Jan. 26, 2008)

I wrote the comments seen below earlier this morning as part of my response to a lady who had written to be about the Henry Paulson hologram story. I used the example of the Stephenville, Texas UFO sighting on January illustrate how the media is 'playing us' to buy into the Aliens Are Coming! scenario which I've written about in the past on a number of occasions. Tonight, I took a look at and saw the Youtube video clip seen at the bottom of the page of an armada of UFOs flying high over Peru. Those ships may have been real or they may have been a hologram. If you study the video clip embedded with the Paulson story mentioned above, you will see just how convincing a hologram can appear.

Even more interesting were these remarks posted under the Peru video from one party who identified himself as "Ashtar Command Radio" :

( )

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2008 has already begun as massive UFO sightings will increase now throughout the year into 2009. This is to prepare Humnity for the great changes that are coming now. Those in the Ships are benevolent spiritual beings.

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The events to come now in 2008 are that their will be increased Spaceship Sightings through 2009 and onward into 2011-12.
The Great Transformation is upon us now. The Government cannot stop these events from happening. "

You can see how these comments fit perfectly with the script of Project Blue Beam..  As I explain below (and have explained for the past 3 or 4 years on this website), that after numerous close up sightings of all kinds and shapes of UFOs, the day will come when these "benevolent spiritual beings" will land at some Air Force base -with TV video cameras galore- and meet with representatives of the military and government-just like in the TV series "V" of the mid 1980s. This is the unfolding of Project Blue Beam, a play written at least 50 years ago.

As the months roll by and the UFO encounters become more frequent and up close, please tell your friends that we are being treated to a DECEPTION of the greatest magnitude by our home grown NWO traitors. Every bit of this scenario has been planned. What we are seeing (and will see) is all being STAGED for our benefit in order to deceive us and set us up for the One World government takeover. Please help spread the truth of this deception.

(comments which I posted earlier in the Paulson hologram story..Ken Adachi)

Everyday, we are presented with a seamless wall of deception from mainstream television and radio. Most people succumb to this deception and will regurgitate the 'explanations' which are inculcated from Tavistock propaganda. Beyond that, many deception campaigns are woven by Tavistock planners in a very slick and sophisticated way-over a long stretch of time. For example, this morning (Jan. 25, 2008) I heard a segment on NPR which touched on the recently reported "Wal-Mart " sized UFO spotted over Stephenville, Texas on January 8.

I saw a short segment about this UFO sighting on TV news a few days ago. I'm sure most TV news programs ran this story. .The man and woman on NPR were reading e-mail feedback from listeners chiding NPR for treating the story lightly and essentially making fun of the report. One listener said that this story was "serious business" and that NPR ought to treat it more seriously. Well, they read the letter on the air, but continued treating the story with slightly veiled ridicule by playing the sort of weird music you heard in 1950s flying saucer movies when closing out the segment. So what's really going on?

NPR is following a script which originated out of Tavistock. It's all part of a deception campaign planned many decades ago called Project Blue Beam. As part of the Illuminati's strategy to destroy the United States and establish an excuse to dissolve national borders around the world (in the interest of uniting all nations under a single world government), we have to be presented with a "threat" of sufficient magnitude to justify such an amalgamation. The "threat" will be postured as a 'takeover' of planet earth by very cunning extraterrestrials- who will first present themselves on the White House lawn as friendly helpers to humanity- but later will be revealed to be plotting our enslavement and demise, thus the "need" for world unification against this new 'menace'. Illuminati puppet Ronny Reagan used these very words in the 1980s when referring to joining forces with the Soviet Union (at the time) to fight such a 'potential' extraterrestrial "threat."

We will steadily see more and more reports on TV and radio in the coming months of huge UFO sightings seen up close and personal.  There was no video shown with the Stephenville, Texas sighting on January 8, but trust me, you'll soon be seeing plenty of video clips of huge ships seen up close, low and slow. This is the softening up phase of Project Blue Beam.

NPR is playing their role by first feigning disbelief and incredulity about these sightings. Later, they will treat the topic more seriously, but at this stage, the campaign calls for amused tolerance.

Ken Adachi

© Copyright 2008  All Rights Reserved.

UFO armada video taped over Peru and posted to YouTube on January 25, 2008


Subject: History Channel "UFO Hunters"
From: Shirley
Date: Wed, January 30, 2008
To: Editor

Hey Ken,

I don't know if you've heard about it or not but today a show on the history channel called "UFO Hunters" is premiering. The website for it has a
chronicle of UFO work done in the past that i was aware of already. The website actually reveals quite alot which is the weird part, it even directly addresses government cover-ups. To me this WREAKS of Blue Beam and I wanted to know what you thought about it.

I would also ask you to comment on the possibility of a benign first contact scenario (such as what Sheldon Niddle is talking about) and the likelihood of such an event.

Thanks alot!



Hi Shirley,

Oh yes, it's definitely Project Blue Beam. My guess is that we'll be seeing a LOT more promo and "exposes" on TV about the alien presence in the coming months. I'd love to start a lottery to bet on the exact location they will use for the first televised public meeting between the aliens and the government. I'm thinking an Air Force base would be the most likely setting. And also what YEAR they will stage the coming-out party. Surely, not this year; they're only beginning the softening up process, but 2010 or 2011 seem like a good possibility. We'll find out soon enough. Be sure to have plenty of popcorn on hand. It's gonna be a spell-binding show.

Yes, I assume the benign first encounter is still on. It's the only setup that makes sense. You first suck in the pilgrims with the "Aliens are going to save us" theme and then, after a period, you spring the "Aliens have betrayed us!" panic button and you use that to launch the "need' for a one world government. That's the essence of Blue Beam.

Sheldon Niddle is one of those many individuals who are being USED to sell the Project Blue Beam script. He's a tool for the other side, in my humble opinion.

Regards, Ken

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