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 USA 2020 ~ Looks Like a Coup, Smells Like a Coup

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[Ken Adachi Note, Nov. 11 2020: You will find the commentary in this blog and the questions it raises, closely matches the election theft narrative of Cyber Security expert Russell Ramsland in his Nov. 5, 2020 video interview with L. Todd Wood and a more careful analysis of the actual Electoral Vote projections so badly skewed by the MSM to favor 'their Boy, Biden.' My guess is that the Australian author of this blog was not aware of the Ramsland information at the time she posted this blog, but rather had paid close attention to the internet reports of hundreds of thousands of Biden-only votes which magically appeared in the vote tally results AFTER 5 Democrat-controlled 'swing' states had mysteriously gone offline from 3AM - 6AM on the morning of  Nov. 4, 2020, as reported in the Ramsland Nov. 5 interview with Wood. Never before in American history have we had such a brazen attempt to steal a Presidential election in front of our eyes, with so much evidence of the thievery, and yet have to contend with the JWO Deep State propaganda apparatus called 'Main Stream Media" who simply declare 'it isn't so' by editorial decree as witnessed on the front page of today's New York Times:

New York Times, Nov 11, 2020 Front page


To answer the title of this article: It IS a coup. And we're not going to allow the coup-enablers like the lying NY Times or elite TV mouthpieces or Leftist Hollywood celebrities tell us who won the election. The People, the Electors, and the Courts will make that decision. Don't forget Yogi Berra: "It ain't over til the Fat Lady sings."..Ken Adachi]

From Joanne Nova (Australia)
Posted Nov. 5, 2020

USA 2020 ~ Looks Like a Coup, Smells Like a Coup (Nov. 5, 2020)

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With 200,000 and 138,000 Votes For Biden suddenly appearing at 4am in Michigan and Wisconsin, they are not even trying to hide that something very wrong is going on. But since the media collective were able to suppress the biggest political scandal since Watergate in the last two weeks, presumably they will try to do it again. The best thing anyone can do right now, is share the message asap.

UPDATE: See below for the two explanations that have been sent in or found about MI and WI.*

The way elections are normally called, Trump has already won (listen to Rudy Guliani), but the media are working hard to keep the Biden case looking as though it is on top.

 The strange appearance of 200,000 votes 4am in the morning:

As Rudy Guiliani says, in many states it was impossible for Biden to win by the usual methods the Television networks have used for all past elections. But whoever it is that decides these things held off announcing states that Trump had won. The Trump states were delayed or not declared, Biden states (like Arizona) were called with many votes yet to be counted. In key states at critical moments the counting of votes were stopped. In the dark of night suddenly 200,000 pure Biden votes appeared. What are the odds? 200,000 people in a row did not pick any other candidate?

China will be very happy

 Gateway Pundit and  @Trollasaurus

MI votes jump 200,000 for Biden overnight.

Michigan votes jump 200,000 for Biden overnight. (Click to enlarge)

Same thing happened in Michigan, 138,000 votes appeared: 96% of them were for Joe Biden. Steve Bannon talks to an expert who says this has never happened on this scale ever before. He also said, unlike previous elections they didn’t have data on absentee numbers, or the usual metadata in advance. They didn’t expect votes to be added at 4am. They were told it would be the “next day”.

@ScottAdamsSays:   The Michigan legislature refused to allow counting mailed ballots ahead of Election Day like other states do. What reason other than planned fraud would explain that?

Michigan, Votes leap by 138,000


Perhaps this is why Biden could stay quiet and not campaign in the last few weeks?

Vote counting with step jumps:

How many voters do instant group-voting — However many are needed to get the blue line over the red line.

Michigan Wisconsin voting

….Click to enlarge.   Source: Fivethirtyeight


Throughout the evening last night, Big Tech prevented President Trump’s tweets to be shared and the media all night never allowed VP Biden to ever be behind. Florida and Texas were in the Trump corner very early on but the media would not call these big states for Trump. This prevented President Trump from being seen as the clear leader in the race. The media did however, call Arizona and Virginia for Biden even though in Arizona the Republican leadership says they still have a lot of votes to count. Wisconsin was another story.

One county, Brown County, where the President is ahead by 14,000 votes only 50% of the votes are counted.  Why was this stopped?  The other three remaining counties to count are all counties where President Trump is in the lead.

Last night President Trump was ahead all night in Wisconsin but the vote counters slowly continued counting and then stopped once VP Biden took the lead.  Currently FOX News shows VP Biden up by 11,085 votes with 5% of the votes remaining.

 Exit polls show Trump won over the undecideds (54% DJT to 40% JB). This was a much bigger win in Exit polls than in 2016 (45% DJT to 42% Hillary).

Twitter are shutting down these messages and in the last 30 minutes @trollasaurus has been suspended. Trumps Twitter account is littered with deleted posts with “security messages”. Is he the leader of the free world or is Twitter?

Trump wrote this, but Twitter censored it. Why is this message so dangerous?

Last night I was leading, often solidly, in many key States, in almost all instances Democrat run & controlled. Then, one by one, they started to magically disappear as surprise ballot dumps were counted. VERY STRANGE, and the “pollsters” got it completely & historically wrong!

It’s all about managing expectations, and as long as Democrat voters think they have won there will be riots in the streets if they get anything less. Joe Biden has apparently said he will announce he won “by 5pm” and start to set up a Cabinet and assume the title President Elect. They told us the election would look like a Trump win on the day, but a Biden win later. Twitter and Facebook warned us yesterday that they would be tagging and deleting any posts that claimed a victory before it was justified. Nancy Pelosi warned us the House will decide the winner if no President is decided by January 2. The polls have been saying “Biden” relentlessly for months.

Many honest people are going to believe Biden won legitimately, and once “gripped” they may never let that go…

Steve Bannon interviews Rudy Guliani (and others)

UPDATE: Found the interview here: This is from today, after the 4am vote dump, and was the most detailed description of what was going on in depth in the counties of Wisconsin and Michigan. Listen to Rudy Guliani at 13 minutes and onwards. It’s the best commentary I’ve heard on the election. Make sure you listen to it.

If you can’t see it below, follow the link above. It really is extraordinary. (Can someone copy it?)


Richard Baris LIVE

— Jack Posobiec

If you copy anything from Twitter or youtube, do your best to screenshot it or download it. Keep the back up.

Read how fishy it sounds when Fox even calls Arizona when Republicans only need 61% to swing the state and the ballots coming in are from Republican friendly areas. ht/ Bill C

Did Fox think 98% were counted?

“New York Times editor Patrick LaForge tweeted, “An error was found in the data feed from Edison Research (used by @nytimes and other news organizations) for Arizona results – 86 percent of ballots have ben counted, not 98%. NYT has not called the state for Biden, though he still leads.””


UPDATE: More information

The sudden appearance of 200,000 votes in Michigan is claimed to be a "typo." Perhaps it was? It could have been a decimal point error, and was apparently corrected, which sounds plausible. President Trump has apparently launched lawsuits against the incident (and no doubt a thousand others). Perhaps there’s more going on, perhaps not. That doesn’t explain why tweets asking about this were censored (the answer could have been resolved so much faster, surely?).

But no one has any specific answer for the Wisconsin dump which also happened in the early hours before dawn.  Politifact and USA today just say generically that more votes came in from Pro-Biden city seats. It still needs explaining.  John Hinderaker also points out that there has been an 88% turnout. The turnout for Trump in 2016 was only 67% and the highest turnout in the last 18 years was about 75%. No state in the US recorded a turnout over 80% since 2002. Gateway Pundit has seven wards where they claim there are more votes than registered voters.

Perhaps the Michigan error was a decimal point typo. (h./t Gee Aye)

Caroline Wilson, county clerk for the central Michigan county of Shiawassee, told AFP by phone, “I added an extra zero accidentally,” thereby reporting 153,710 votes for Biden instead of 15,371. 

 The central Michigan county only has 55,612 registered voters.

When Biden’s 153,710 votes were lowered to 15,371 votes in a correction, 138,339 votes were removed from the Democrat’s total tally without any changes to Trump’s numbers.

Though graphs posted on the Detroit Free Press prove nothing at all:

An hour-by-hour update from Associated Press data shows that there was no point in time when Trump did not post an increase in votes.

Note that they provide an “hour by hour” graph (clever wording isn’t it?). That just spreads the leap at 5:04 across the whole hour. Naturally other votes would have been counted from other places in that hour, which adds in Trump votes and dilutes the effect. The sharp upturn in that graph from 5:18 – 6:18am is the largest rise in the graph.

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