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Undeniable Photographic Evidence That Martin Nesbitt and Dr. Anita Blanchard Nesbitt Are the True Parents of Sasha and Malia Obama

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
November 28, 2016

Undeniable Photographic Evidence That Martin Nesbitt and Dr. Anita Blanchard Nesbitt Are the True Parents of Sasha and Malia Obama (Nov. 28, 2016)

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Archived: https://archive.is/131SS

I always make it a point to say from whom and from where I obtained an important story that I may re-publish, or expand upon, or write a commentary about. It's the only fair and decent way to behave on the internet, where thievery and pirating of original material from the originator is the norm rather than the exception. The orginal discoverer deserves the credit and the public recognition of his discovery and those who steal in order to place undeserved laurels upon their own shoulders deserve the strongest public condemnation and rebuke.

Marty and Anita NesbittAnd so it was that I came upon a Youtube video yesterday, Nov. 27, 2016, showing the photo of a Chicago couple, Marty and Dr. Anita Blanchard Nesbitt (right), close friends of Barack and Michelle, placed above a photo of Sasha and Malia Obama in which the physical resemblance between Sasha and Malia to the Nesbitts is striking, convincing and indisputable. The video got 672,516 views in the space of a single day because the Youtuber (FisherOfMen2) titled his video: "Obamas Kids Are Adopted!! I Found The Real Parents!! 2016"

Actually, it was Dr. Eowyn of Fellowship of the Mind who apparently was the first to suggest that the Nesbitts were the real parents of Sasha and Malia Obama in an article he posted at his web site on November 29, 2013, 3 years ago, titled:

"Where are Obama’s daughters’ baby pics and birth records?"
Posted on November 29, 2013 by Dr. Eowyn | 541 Comments \

Where Are Obama’s 'Daughters’ Baby Pics and Birth Records? (Nov. 29, 2013)

What the self congratulatory Youtuber did was a simple Google image search of the Nesbitts, having acquired their names from the Eowyn article, and then compared their photo to those of Sasha and Malia. That's hardly the same thing as "discovering" the Nesbitts were the real parents.

I did my own search of Google images and captured images from a few Youtube videos and found many photos showing the remarkable similarity in physical features between the Nesbitts and the "Obama" kids. How will historians treat this absurd farce in 20 or 40 years from now? You have a homosexual, non American citizen posing as President with his homosexual transvestite "wife" posing as the biological parents of two girls who are the natural children of Marty and Anita Nesbitt.

Who could do something like this with their own kids? The Obamas are not human beings, but rather cloned, human-alien hybrids. so I don't expect too much, but what about the Nesbitts? What sort of payoff do they get for farming out their own kids as the pretend 'offspring' of Barack and Michelle?

Or is it possible that the kids are test tube babies, grown in a surrogate mother, using DNA from the Nesbitts?

That's also a possibility

Take a look

Marty and Anita NesbittSasha and Malia

Marty Besbitt and Malia Obama

Anita Blanchard Nesbitt and Sasha Obama

Read the Dr Eowyn article to learn more details of the relationship between the Obamas and the Nesbitts:

Where Are Obama’s 'Daughters’ Baby Pics and Birth Records? (Nov. 29, 2013)

Original url no longer online:

Ken Adachi

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Documents Surface Proving That Michelle Obama Never Gave Birth To Malia And Sasha

(Original url no longer online) http://www.americasfreedomfighters.com/2015/06/14/bombshell-documents-surface-proving-that-michelle-obama-never-gave-birth-to-malia-and-sasha/

UNE 14, 2015 BY 

BOMBSHELL: Documents Surface Proving That Michelle Obama Never Gave Birth To Malia And Sasha

Original Source:




Have you ever seen a picture of Michelle Obama pregnant? I haven’t! And that’s probably because she never was.

Barack Obama and the First Lady, Michelle Obama, have kept a tight lid on photos of their precious daughters being released by the press. Still, we have seen a startling lack of pictures from the early years of Malia and Sasha.

Now we have evidence that this may not be due to the fact that Michelle has ordered the press not to release them, but that they do not exist.

Malia and Sasha show little to no resemblance to their “parents.

As FOTM points out, this could very well be because the two girls were adopted, possibly from Morocco. Just as we have seen with their Barry, there isn’t much evidence of their background.

Online searches for Malia and Sasha’s birth records come up dry.

We have seen pictures of Barack and Michelle dating back far BEFORE they had children, like shots from their wedding, but when it comes to what would have been Michelle’s child-bearing years, there is absolutely nothing.

Not one picture of her pregnant or with a newborn baby. ZERO!


Ancestry.com and GenealogyBank.com have no records of Malia or Sasha being born, which is too unlikely to be a mere coincidence if they are in the fact the biological children of Barack and Michelle, considering the fact that they are widely-known public figures.



Adding to suspicions, is the fact that Malia and Sasha were allegedly delivered by a close family friend of the Obama’s, Dr. Anita Blanchard, though no public record of those deliveries exists.

Wikipedia entry states that Malia and Natasha Obama were both delivered by their parents’ friend Dr. Anita Blanchard at University of Chicago Medical Center.”

Wikipedia’s source for that assertion regarding the birth of the Obama’s daughters is referenced by an article of Jodi Kantor titled “Obama’s Friends Form Strategy to Stay Close,” in The New York Times of December 13, 2008.

The article is about a group of Obama’s closest friends in Chicago, among whom are Valerie Jarrett (now Obama’s senior White House adviser) and a black man named Martin Nesbitt who is now, according to NYT, a “real estate executive”. Nesbitt’s wife is Dr. Anita Blanchard.


What do you think?

Do you think Malia and Sasha are the biological children of Barack and Michelle Obama? 

For more evidence, go here.

Source- A Sheep No More 

WATCH: Obama Refers to His Wife as “Michael” LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No matter what, you have to admit that this is suspicious. We understand high profile figures taking measures to secure their privacy but pregnancy pics really don’t exactly fall into the category of National Security lol. And college records that have been under lock and key are also suspicious. Perhaps the Kenyan didn’t want us to see the crappy grades he got. Or his shabby attendance records. But whatever the reason he has, I believe the American public has the right to see these records as well as being provided a legitimate birth certificate.

As Obama’s disaster of a presidency enters the final stage I suppose one could say that this is all water under the bridge- after all ‘what difference does it make?’ Well, to me it still means a lot. Pass this on and show everyone what a POS Obama is. Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS


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