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Wanted: A Man Who Will Stand

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By Senator Frank Carlson, U.S. News and World Report, June 8, 1968
October 14, 2017

Wanted: A Man Who Will Stand (Oct. 14, 2017)

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We have had men in both ancient and modern history who have had the courage to take a stand and stand firm. In Ezekiel 22:30, the prophet says: "And I sought a man among them who would build up a wall, and stand in the breach before me for the land, that I should not destroy it."

God is searching for men who are unique, thoroughly saved, and filled to running over with His spirit. God and the world need men who will stand in the gap. Modern Americans have accepted and are tolerating conditions never before permitted by any generation of our ancestors. Never have so many hated on such flimsy cause. Never have so many denounced so many with so little knowledge. Never has the dollar been as important as it is today. Never has wild pleasure or physical abandonment been considered fitting human behavior as it is today.

Never have public officials been so brazen and open in seeking the vote of the people through promises of things that are morally and spiritually wrong. Never have ministers of the gospel turned their pulpits and their pastoral duties towards direction of the social order as abounds in our time.

Evidence is rampant that this kind of meddling and interference with God's natural law brings fearful conflict, death, destruction, riots, crime, and disregard for decency and principle among our people.

Doctrine of Universal Change
Today, there is widespread devotion to the idea that nothing, absolutely nothing, can be allowed to remain the same. All things must change, and there is practically no consideration given as to whether the change is good or bad - right or wrong - easy or difficult - necessary or unnecessary. The doctrine of change stands on just the precise idea that change is inevitable. That is absolutely true. Changes of various types and sorts take place every day everywhere. But irresponsible, erratic, violent change only for the sake of making things different is as illogical and as unreasonable as it is unspiritual. No intelligent person argues against the necessity of using question marks after many of our inherited ideas and practices of the past. But when the question mark is turned into a totem pole or a marble altar on which the people are meant to lay their sacrificial offerings, such people have escaped the general limits of common sense and sound judgment, and have launched off into material idolatry and are rushing toward a degree of spiritual insanity. If human reason has so completely lost its respectability, and no one is allowed to go from a major or minor premise to some sort of orderly conclusion, then the welfare of our people is entrusted to the care of strange and weird people. Great changes had to take place during these recent years, and even greater changes will take place in the future. But no safe and proper change seen in recent time - and certainly none of the irrational changes that outnumber the sane ones - can justify the wholesale abandonment of the sure and safe principles of God and this country which have brought us safely this far. In the face of great changes, we Christians have to remember that we have a firm point of view and that we operate from certain unchanging foundations. We believe in a God who does not change - in a human nature which does not change except for its accommodation with and acceptance of God - in standards of right and wrong that do not change - in death and judgment that are inescapable - and we believe in a truth that is absolute, not relative, and which is forever settled in heaven and can never pass away.

The Christian today - even in the midst of the erratic and erotic commitments of irreligious leaders - does not follow the failing steps of the priests of Israel. Christians make a clear distinction between the holy and the common. They teach the difference between the clean and the unclean. They observe and keep the Sabbath, and they do not profane either the name, the spirit, nor the power of God.

Doctrine of Universal Criticism
The third cause of uncertainties in this time is the doctrine of universal criticism. Today, man is taught not to accept anything until he has first put it under strong and critical examination. Trust nobody - believe nobody - have faith in nothing - and accept no truth until it has been proved to you with mathematical exactness and material demonstration. That is the agony of the hour when the doctrine of criticism has taken over our people. You cannot pick up a paper, a magazine, or a book that is not in and of itself critical of something or somebody, even including among its victims Almighty God Himself! In truth, the criticisms of God rank well above all other criticisms. Most people - in more ways and on more occasions - cast doubt, hurl darts, and throw charges against God such as this country has never seen in all of its history. To accept the doctrine of universal criticism leaves us with almost nothing that is sacred - almost nothing that is absolute - and nothing that is eternal. So real has our acceptance of the doctrine of criticism become that even the word "indoctrination" has been turned into an evil word that must be shunned like "discipline," "disciple," or "patriotism."

These three doctrines - universal conformity, universal change, and universal criticism - have left our nation without moorings and anchors. We are being tossed about in a sea of doubt and uncertainty that is about to sink the ship of God before our very eyes.

The world today is looking for:

Men who are not for sale;
Men who are honest, sound from center to circumference, true to the heart's core;
Men with consciences as steady as the needle to the pole;
Men who will stand for the right if the heavens totter and the earth reels;
Men who tell the truth and look the world right in the eye;
Men who will neither brag nor run;
Men who neither flag nor flinch;
Men who have courage without shouting it;
Men in whom the courage of everlasting life runs deep, still and strong;
Men who know their message and tell it;
Men who know their place and fill it;
Men who know their business and attend to it;
Men who will not lie, shirk or dodge;
Men who are not too lazy to work, or too proud to be poor;
Men who are not ashamed to say "No" with emphasis, and who are not ashamed to say, "1 can't afford it."

God is looking for men. He wants those who can unite together around a common faith - who can join hands in a common task - and who can come to the kingdom for such a time as this.

God, give us Men


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