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  You Are a Spiritual Being ~
Feed Your Soul with Activity That Empowers You

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From Chantal Corminboeuf  (Chantal on Facebook)
July 20, 2020

You Are a Spiritual Being ~ Feed Your Soul with Activity That Empowers You (July 20, 2020)

The Mind-Body Connection by Ken Adachi (Oct, 17, 2002)

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You are a spiritual being. Feed your soul with activity that empowers you.


Because the elderly are so vulnerable right now and so many are isolated, I have dedicated my life to help bring comfort and joy to elders in my community. I wasn’t prepared for how much I would grow in getting to know these men and women who have lived so long. One of my new friends told me that she regretted living her life in fear of dying. This made me think about my own life and about how faith and love can keep us from making that same mistake.

Chantal and Faith over Fear signHow can we live every day in faith and with the POWER of God’s love not fear? Take faith in the knowledge that we are first and foremost spiritual beings having a human experience. We are already spiritual and we existed as such before being born. Take steps to be a spiritual being and find your soul where lives your faith, curiosity, unconditional love, peace, unending forgiveness,

and the dedication to helping others. Feed your soul with activity that awakens and nourishes the spiritual being within you.

Every day, in every situation, you can do better. You can take every action and interaction with love for others and love for yourself. Love is the language of being unbreakable.

Listen to my short radio show to hear examples every week of how you can change your life and your outlook and be unbreakable!

Chantal Corminboeuf: Be Unbreakable (and Serve Others to be truly happy) July 20, 2020

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