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Ken Adachi's Radio Interview with Don Nicoloff, May 28, 2009

From Ken Adachi
May 28, 2009

Ken Adachi's May 28, 2009 Radio Interview with Don Nicoloff (May 30, 2009)

I've been racking up a number of weekly Internet radio interviews in 2008 and 2009 with Don Nicoloff, host of his own radio show on BBS Radio called Evident Footprints. I plan to make all of my radio interviews with Don available for easy downloading or for on-line listening as mp3 files.

I'll start with our most recent chat together on May 28, 2009 and work backwards from there. MP3 files can be played with most video/audio player programs such as QuickTime or Windows Media Players, or Real Audio, for example. If you own an MP3 player, you can download this file into your mp3 player (or hard drive) and listen to it at your leisure, as you're walking around with your MP3 player doing whatever you like to do.

I'll try to put up a brief description of the contents of each interview, but for now I'll just post the link below to download the mp3 file, so you can listen to it. All of these shows are conversational in nature. I didn't put together a planned lecture for any of these presentations, but rather preferred to engage in free conversation with Don about the topics of the moment or expound on principles of Nature or metaphysics or human nature, etc.

Forgive the occasional stuttering, or hesitation, or searching for words to express the idea that I had in mind while presenting my thoughts. I'm far more interested in relaying my feelings about the critical issues we now face for the survival of this republic and therefore, I'm less concerned about "looking good" or sounding erudite or polished. I'm just an ordinary human being, just like you, and I'm going to express myself in an ordinary way, just like you do. We are all one.

Ken Adachi Interview with Don Nicoloff on BBS Radio May 28, 2009 28 2009 Evident_Footprints_2009-05-28.mp3

Ken Adachi Interview with Don Nicoloff on BBS Radio May 20, 2009 20 2009 Evident_Footprints_2009-05-20.mp3

Ken Adachi Interview with Don Nicoloff on BBS Radio May 14, 2009 14 2009 Evident_Footprints_2009-05-14.mp3

Ken Adachi Interview with Don Nicoloff on BBS Radio May 8, 2009 8 2009 Evident_Footprints_2009-05-08.mp3

Ken Adachi Interview with Don Nicoloff on BBS Radio May 6, 2009 6 2009 Evident_Footprints_2009-05-06.mp3

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