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Arnie Gundersen, Fraudulent Fabricator of Fukushima Radiation Hysteria

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July 13, 2012

Arnie Gundersen, Fraudulent Fabricator of Fukushima Radiation Hysteria (Jan. 14, 2014)

[Note from Ken Adachi: No one is given more Internet media attention (and adoration) than former school teacher, and pretend nuclear energy industry "whistle blower," Arnie Gundersen. Millionaire Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, co-owners of the Illuminati-funded Democracy Now! leftist propaganda machine, give this guy the sort of reverential treatment normally reserved for the Pope. There's apparently nothing that passes from his lips that can be questioned as anything less than Annointed Truth when the guy does nothing but engage in falsehoods, gross exaggeration, and misrepresentation of fact. According to Leftists Goodman, Gundersen, and Gonzalez, we should all be wringing our hands with the gravest of concern for a non existent Fukushima radiation "peril" which they say we now must deal with here in North America (indeed, the world) thanks to the collusive machinations of mainstream media and the governments of Japan and America to intentionally conceal these dreadful and deadly radiation dangers from the public. The fact is there never was a health-threatening radiation danger from Fukushima Japan to cover up!

The articles posted here are from Rod Adams, who thankfully began to debunk Gundersen's outrageous prevarications early in 2011.

Gundersen takes credit for my Dec. 31, 2013 debunking expose:
On Dec. 31, 2013, I posted an article in which I revealed that a Fukushima radiation hysteria video posted by "Dave" at Youtube and showcased at of the assumed elevation in radiation at San Mateo's Surfer's Beach being caused by Fukushima radiation when in fact it was just the normal background radioactivity of that beach sand. Between January 1 and January 5, of 2014, I received more than 925,000 hits at my web site. On January 8, 2014, Arnie Gundersen comes out with a video in which HE, along with his Leftist Fukushima radiation promotion pals at safecast. org, TOOK CREDIT for my discovery, duly reporting to their brained washed readers just how diligent and careful they are in getting out the "truth" about Fukushima. (Bless their plagiarizing souls). ]

Rod Adams critiques Robert Alvarez, Arnie Gundersen, Kevin Kamps and Paul Gunter as spinners of tall tales with regard to their predictions of "catastrophe" due to imaginary problems at the Fukushima Daiichi unit 4 spent fuel pool.

Published on May 11, 2012 (views 2213 on Jan 20, 2014 at 5 PM PST)


[I've inserted two reader comments from Rod's article at the top, before the article, as they accurately reflect the same sort of anger I also feel at Gundersen's criminal fabrication of Fukushima related falsehoods, misleading millions of people around the world with bald faced lies...Ken Adachi.]

James Greenidge
July 13, 2012 at 7:21 AM

"This was one nail-it-in article! I’d like to see nuclear organizations such as ANS and NEI prominently take up your mantel to debunk Arnie before he incurs any more unchallenged damage. It’s hard to believe he has more media-pull and access and regard than such professional organizations who’d dutifully correct his harmful accusations! It’s bad enough he and others of his ilk and most green groups take zero responsibility for exacerbating evacuation response panic and misery with their blatant falsehoods. There’s usually a penalty for shouting fire in a theater. I also believe there should be some kind of urgency prompting via international humane groups to get Fukushima residents back home and to kill these persistent malicious news reports that regions of Fukushima will be "forever" as untouchable as the radioactive “Forbidden Zone” from Planet of the Apes."

James Greenidge
Queens NY

November 7, 2013 at 4:29 AM

"The OMS and the UNSCEAR are stating “very few close to no CANCERS” in their resports about the state in Fukushima, here’s their report in the major scientific publication “Nature” :

“Experts agree that there is unlikely to be a detectable rise in thyroid cancer or leukaemia, the two cancers most likely to result from the accident”
“The risk to the roughly 140,000 civilians who had been living within a few tens of kilometres of the plant seems even lower”

This article also reports that only 0.1% of the most exposed 110,000 Chernobyl workers developed leukaemia."

Arnie Gundersen Caught on Video Lying About Risk of Radiation Released During Fukushima Event

by · July 13, 2012 · 104 Comments

Arnie Gundersen, the sole engineer of Fairewinds Associates, continues to tell lies about the radiation released from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plants. He also continues to lie about the potential effects and seeks to spread fear and uncertainty where neither one are justified. He is a dangerous man on a mission to make money by harming the industry that once employed him – until he was fired for poor performance of his assigned duties.

He recently appeared on Democracy Now, a liberal news program that recognizes the ills of unfettered capitalism and an economy that is dependent on using the atmosphere as a waste dump for massive quantities of fossil fuel waste. Unfortunately, the presenters and producers at Democracy Now also have a huge blind spot regarding the use of atomic energy. They think of it as something to fear and attack instead of recognizing it as the most powerful tool in the tool box for reducing that dependence on burning fossil fuel and dumping the waste into our shared atmosphere.

Democracy Now video with Juan Gonzalez

I know enough about the rules of journalism and libel to recognize that calling someone a liar produces a risk of legal action, but, by definition, a liar is someone who tells lies. I also recognize that Gundersen has apparently attracted some major backers; his publicity machine and the continuing improvements on his organization’s web site and his video productions do not come cheap. That adds to the risk of writing an article that directly accuses him of lying.

However, when talking about the radiation released from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plants Arnie has stepped into territory where his words can be fact-checked; his statements can be compared to measurements and shown to be false.

For example, in the above video, Mr. Gundersen makes the following claim:

"The amount of radiation released was clearly as much as Chernobyl, but most of it headed out to sea."

(Emphasis added.)

Here is a direct comparison of the amount of radiation released by the two separate accidents from the science blog of Nature. Nature is one of the most respected sources of accurate information on the planet.

Indeed, the total estimate delivered to the International Atomic Energy Agency in June states that Fukushima has released 1.5×1016 becquerels (Bq) of Cs-137—about a fifth of the Cs-137 from Chernobyl. The total radioactive release from Fukushima is currently estimated at about 5.5% of Chernobyl, which spewed an incredible 1.4×1019Bq.

[Fukushima and Chernobyl: Myth versus Reality :]

The Fukushima fallout is notable for what it doesn’t contain. Some very nasty contaminants like strontium-90, americium-241, and various plutonium isotopes are all absent in any significant quantity because the concrete vessels around the reactors appear to be largely intact. In Chernobyl, the explosion and subsequent fire spewed these extremely dangerous isotopes far and wide.

(Emphasis added.)

Mr. Gundersen also makes the following bold prediction that puts him way outside of the realm of the accepted science of radiation health effects.

"My estimate is that over the next 30 years we’re going to see about a million cancers as a result of this" (Emphasis added.)

[Full quote here:

ARNIE GUNDERSEN: If there’s any luck here, it’s that the wind was blowing offshore, and about 80 percent of the radiation wound up in the Pacific. The amount of radiation released was clearly as much as Chernobyl, but most of it headed out to sea. That, by the way, wouldn’t be the case in Illinois, for instance, where these reactors are surrounded, no matter which way. My estimate is that over the next 30 years we’re going to see about a million cancers as a result of this. And, of course, it could have been worse had the wind not been blowing out to sea."]

Quoting from a Nature article titled Japan’s post-Fukushima earthquake health woes go beyond radiation effects

A year out, public health experts agree that the radiation fears were overblown. Compared with the effects of the radiation exposure from Fukushima, “the number of expected fatalities are never going to be that large,” says Thomas McKone, of the University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health.

And some, including Richard Garfield, a professor of Clinical and International Nursing at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, go a step further. “In terms of the health impact, the radiation is negligible,” he says. “The radiation will cause very few, close to no deaths.” But that does not mean that the accident has not already caused wide-reaching health issues. “The indirect effects are great,” Garfield says.

There is a vast gap between a prediction of “very few, close to no deaths” and “we’re going to see about a million cancers.”

Here is a description of some of the indirect effects that worry Richard Garfield and many other caring people who understand science, engineering, modern industrial society, and medicine.

Of course, no matter how prepared a country is a massive disaster is devastating for individuals. People who lost their homes, villages and family members, and even just those who survived the quake, will likely continue to face mental health challenges and the physical ailments that come with stress, such as heart disease. “Much of the damage was really psychological—the stress of not knowing, of being relocated,” U.C. Berkeley’s McKone says.

Experts on the ground in Japan agree. “Mental health is the most significant issue,” notes Seiji Yasumura, a gerontologist at Fukushima Medical University’s Department of Public Health. Stress, such as that caused by dislocation, uncertainty and concern about unseen toxicants, has been linked to increased risk for physical ailments, such as heart disease. So even if radiation risks are low, “people are still worried,” he says. And that can also lead to unhealthy behavioral changes, “including dietary choices, lack of exercise and sleep deprivation”—all of which can have long-term negative health consequences. Many of the survivors are elderly, whom either lost a partner or even an entire family. As after the Kobe earthquake of 1995, the Japanese government has created housing for these disconnected older adults. But, as Garfield notes, “the government can’t buy you a new family.”

There are also what Garfield calls, “the immeasureable, imponderable” effects of the disaster. Those who relocated from the prefecture report having experienced discrimination and, especially immediately following the accident, were considered somehow “contaminated.” Traditional Japanese values also prize stoicism, which means that people who are suffering mental or even physical distress might be less likely to seek the care they need.

Those negative health effects are, to a large degree, produced by purposeful acts of spreading lies aimed at increasing fear so that people will be motivated to march against the restoration of power production from the 48 undamaged reactors that remain shut down.

Japan should not be experiencing another summer of severe power shortages and Japanese people should not be forced to make drastic cuts in their consumption and lifestyle. They should not be paying fossil fuel companies more than $100 million per day in extra fuel costs to supply less power than the nuclear plants could provide. The extra demand on fossil fuel in Japan is helping to keep prices up in world oil markets, so all of us are being affected. For everyone who does not sell oil or natural gas, those effects are negative.

Arnie Gundersen’s selfishly motivated campaign to build a career for himself by damaging the industry that decided to stop employing him more than 20 years ago is causing real harm to people around the world. He has been engaging in an international press push to get his worried face on as many news programs as possible. I suspect that he is seeking to increase his visibility and marketability for his one man consultancy – Fairewinds Associates. That consultancy produces antinuclear reports for hire in areas well outside of his trained expertise – like the one that the Friends of the Earth commissioned from him to determine the cause of the steam generator failures at San Onofre.

For people who do not understand the intricacies of the nuclear energy industry, it seems kind of logical to hire a man with a Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering to produce such a report. However, there is nothing in the nuclear engineering curricula at most schools that would provide someone with the technical skills required to analyze the material and mechanical performance of steam generators.

The plant owner has hired dozens to hundreds of specifically trained experts to be able to understand what happened; how can anyone believe that a single consultant with a degree in nuclear engineering, no professional engineering certification, and experience as a “nuclear industry executive” that ended more than 20 years ago, is capable of providing a reasonably accurate cause determination?

I do not mind helping Arnie Gundersen get his name into the press and into the conversation. I think it is important to share as much truth about his knowledge level and motivation as possible. If he wants tell lies and spread fear, uncertainty and doubt in public, he deserves whatever publicity he can capture. I just hope he realizes that pure celebrity comes with a price; it cannot be a reliable source of income and influence when some of know that is what he is seeking.

Rod Adams


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Fukushima Nuclear Disaster News - Debunking Arnie Gundersen by Mike Rogers (Jully 9, 2011)
The terrible toll from Japan's tsunami came from the wave, not radiation. It's really getting tiring debunking everything that clowns like Arnie Gundersen say about Fukushima. It doesn't matter how many facts or data that I link to or how much I try to fact check what this guy says, people still write really stupid (and childishly rude) stuff to me and challenge me on it.

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