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Advice on Psychotronics/Alien Protection from Willy & Andy

From Willy & Andy
May 31, 2007

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Subject: I am urgently requesting your help I need a connection
From: Kyle
Date: Thu, May 31, 2007
To: Editor

Dear Ken,

My name is Kyle.. I am 36 years old and live in the middle of the Sinai desert. I will be brief as I know you have a lot of mail. I ask you to reply as soon as possible. I am not crazy. I have been under continual psychic attack, possession "reconstruction" and profound damage by grey aliens and other demonic entities for over a year. I would like to ask you if I can contact the two brothers Willy and Andy directly as soon as possible as they sound like they have understanding about these things and they may be able to offer help. I am in a critically difficult psychic/energetic situation and often feel like suicide. I ask you if you cannot give me their email, can you contact them and pass on my email to them and ask them to contact me as soon as possible.

Thankyou so much


Subject: RE: [Fwd: I am urgently requesting your help I need a connection]
From: Willy & Andy
Date: Thu, May 31, 2007
To: Editor

I have some suggestions that cover all the spectrum of the different problems that he is having. 

He should:

1 -Weekly, take the Golden Ascended Master Planetary Initiation Technique A.S.A.P. that is posted on Ken’s page.

2-. Take a bath in the sea as soon as possible. While at the shore, he must bury himself afterwards in the beach for a few hours to ground himself.

3- Connect his energies to those of the trees and to hold his energies connected to them whenever he can. Meaning, be a tree hugger at every opportunity.

4- Get a very powerful magnet and place the north magnetic side on top of the parts of the body where he feels the most the negative energies attacking him. If he can get Earth rare magnets or Neodymium magnets, that would be great. He also can get powerful magnets from old computer hard disk.

5- Take long baths with water and sea salt. I mean put a lot of salt. He can squeeze a few lemons.  I leave them floating in the bath too. Also he can put white flower petals

6- Make offerings everyday. An offering is a powerful tool to ask assistance from the universe. You can offer 5 incense to the mother earth, white candles, candy, etc. With a prayer for protection to whatever God or Gods or high beings he believes in.

7- Protect his bed while going to sleep to avoid or reduce night attacks. To this end, tie a cooper wire around the bed going through each of the beds legs, and at the end under the bed head unite the cooper wire to a dagger or a knife shape pointing downward and touching the ground. What this will do: the cooper wire will collect the negative energy and conduct it to the knife shape that will in turn be grounded. Pray many "Our lords’ prayer" on top of the wire and pray that it will be charged for protection

8- Realize that there is an universal law for Ets that they cannot harm you if you “consciously know” that by that law, they are not allowed to interfere with your Free Will. So if you feel them close to you, just mentally say:

" If you don’t come from the Light and highest good, leave now, by Universal Law, I don’t want to interact with you"

9- If it's possible, bury yourself in black rich soil. Just get a shovel, open a deep hole, get naked and burry yourself up to the neck for a few hours. The Earth will draw from you body a lot of nasty negative energies. When you get out, you may even smell a nasty odor left behind. Aftereards, plant a tree on top of the hole you opened.

10- Place an onion on a plate under the bed at night chopped in halves and even chopped garlic. Negative energies of astral type despise heavy odors like garlic and onions.

11- Sprinkle holy water around the walls and room every night

12- Take sunbaths whenever possible.  Avoid staying inside a building all day long. Take 5 minute sunbaths several times a day while consciously feeling that the sun’s golden energy enter your body. Sun energy is very powerful in removing dark energies

13- Obtain a quartz crystal and place ii in the middle of the room where you are located. Put it on top on a sheet of aluminum foil and put some salt around the crystal . the next day, without touching the salt or crystal, pick them up with the aluminum foil and place into water to be cleansed. This type of procedure sucks tons of negative energies out of negative astral beings.

14- Dion Fortune talks about crossing a bridge on top of running water, like waking on top of a bridge that passes a running river. This will break heavy psychic attacks and black magic being sent to you. You can also use underground currents or any type of running water, even an open hose. Robert Bruce recommends even standing in the middle of the open running hose that goes around you in circles, while imagining white light comes from above to purify you

15- Exercise a lot and sweat. Very important to ground negative energies from your body

16- Prayer and meditation are a must in your life. Do it, even if you feel attacked by doing it.

17- Maintain deep vigilance on your thought process and realize that many of your thoughts are not your own. Dismiss with determination all thought that are against your own self benefit. The rational mind is a big liar and a tool for the dark forces. Do no believe all you think; be more
heart-centered than mind-centered

18- Initiate a series of walks everytime you can while counting how many times you perceive that you are thinking negative thoughts. Stop every time you think a negative thought even if minimum. Dismiss that thought, no matter what. Then walk again and do the same thing. The goal is to be able to have long walks without stopping

19- Water is magical. Drink a gallon of “distilled water” everyday and when you pee, put out the thought that negative energy is coming out of your body. Program your drinking water by praying on top of the water with great feeling and then drink it. If you are not religious, say " beautiful water" over the water before drinking.

20- Only act upon feelings of love, and peace, never in rage or anger. Observe your feelings and be aware that they are not your enemies, rather, they are guidelines that show you your state of mind.

That's all for now, I wish you the best. May God shower deep blessings upon you today



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