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Defense Contractor Leaks Details of a U.S. antigravitic
space fighter-bomber, the Advanced TAW-50

[Editor's Note: There's no such thing as a defense contractor 'leaking' information of this nature. Doing such a thing against the wishes of the US intelligence agencies would immediatley land you and your family in an early grave. No, this is an intentional 'leak' for your edification The treasonous slime plotting this nation's destruction want you to have this information for some reason, possibly connected with the upcoming Aliens Are Coming UFO show or some related psyops manuever. ..Ken]

By Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
April 19, 2005

My friends,

I hope you aren't still thinking that our military technology stopped at the level of the end of World War II. This message should shatter that mindset completely. A plane that can travel at 33,000 mph??? And how did we get all of this? Why by taking some of the crashed EXTRA TERRESTRIAL AIRCRAFT and Back Engineering them! Read this and get up to date in your thinking. BUT ALSO recognize that other nations have done the same thing. Now you know where all of your tax money has gone --- into the giant sinkhole called military Research and Development for NEW Super DUPER AIRCRAFT and weaponry. Just think how much good could have been accomplished if this money had gone into the prevention of diseases like mine.

Now is the time to wake up and smell the roses! Tell your Congressmen what you think of all this. They MAY NOT know about it either. The military is real good about keeping secrets!


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Defense Contractor Leaks Details of a U.S. antigravitic
space fighter-bomber, the Advanced TAW-50

by Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

4.18.5 rev.

A defense contractor with whom I have been in communication leaked to me details of a U.S. antigravitic space fighter-bomber, the Advanced TAW-50. Developed during the early 1990s, the capabilities of this war-bird are jaw-dropping. And the technology shows that the Defense Department did not fail to utilize what it learned combing through the wreckage of various UFO crashes.

The TAW-50 has speed capabilities well in excess of Mach 50, a number the contractor calls "a very conservative estimate." Its actual speed "is classified." Mach 1 is 1,225 kilometers per hour, (approximately 748 mph). That means that the TAW-50 is capable of moving way faster than 38,000 mph. In comparison, the velocity required to escape Earth's gravity is 25,000 mph. And yes, the TAW-50 does go into space.

The TAW-50 has a SCRAM (supersonic ramjet) propulsion system for passing through the outer atmosphere.

The TAW-50 has a crew of four. Nevertheless, the TAW-50 flies so fast that it requires computers to fly it. These were developed by American Computer Company, who derived them from its Valkyrie XB/9000 AI [artificial intelligence] Guidance series. They utilize a RISC Milspec Superchip. "There are 180 of them in the flight control system, and 64 more in the weapons guidance system," the contractor reported.

It can carry a combined payload of glide bombs and a package of MIRV (Multiple Independently-targeted Reentry Vehicles), mil-speak for a group of intercontinental ballistic missiles, each of which can seek out and strike a different target. The MIRV pack also contains reentry-capable balloon countermeasures to make it very difficult for laser and other defense weapons to track down where the real MIRVs are and intercept them.

The TAW-50 is armed with its own Kill Laser system, which can track and immolate SAM (Surface-to-Air missiles), STTA (Surface-To-Trans-Atmosphere missiles), ATA (Air-To-Air missiles), and ATTA (Air-To-Trans-Air missiles). The TAW-50's killer lasers can also knock down high-performance fighter interceptors. The TAW's Kill Laser is much smaller than the earlier 1980s-era SDI (Star Wars program) models, and has a miniaturized cooling core and 500 times the wattage. The contractor said it "uses a spontaneous nucleonic burst to trigger the lasing [laser] effect."

In addition, the TAW-50 is armed with microsuperexplosive HyperDart missiles. These are just a little larger than ordinary aircraft cannon ammunition, but travel at hypersonic speed for up to three minutes, and have enormous explosive capability. One HyperDart can blow apart a MiG fighter anywhere within 20 feet of the HyperDart. The TAW-50 carries several hundred HyperDarts.

Because the TAW-50 is designed to operate in space, it has on board a two-day air supply. This air supply can be extended by using its scoop system and traveling into the upper atmosphere.

The TAW-50's power supply is provided by a small nuclear power generator that the contractor said is "Normal-Inert". The contractor said that the spaceplane uses electromagnetoferrometric power generation by the immersion of pellets in heavy water (deuterium) and specially-designed coil superconductive magnets, which yield enormous amounts of free electrons when placed in an immersion which has been triggered into an oscillating field state flux.

The TAW-50 utilizes electrogravitics to maintain its own artificial gravity while in weightless space, as well as to nullify the vehicle's mass during operations.

The contractor did not reveal the size of the space fighter-bomber except to say, "It's a pretty big thing."

The performance of the TAW-50 makes it virtually impossible to defend against. It can hide in orbit many hundreds of miles into space, orbiting at times at 22,000 mph. Then, without warning, it can dive straight down through the atmosphere at over 38,000 miles per hour on an 80-degree attack vector, reverse direction within 150 feet of the ground with very little loss of motion and without a glide turn, and almost instantly go vertically straight up at over
38,000 mph until long after it leaves the atmosphere and resumes orbiting in space.

The contractor noted, "Those [electro-]gravitics allow it to change its mass to almost nothing in a moment, and reverse direction in a second, increase its acceleration to so many times G [Earth's gravity] it's not funny, yet they are able to nearly nullify the G force on the pilots. They [the electrogravitics] are fourth generation, with the ability to bring it to a complete standstill in under 2 milliseconds, if need be, without crushing the pilots, and keep it there for quite some time."

The contractor notes, "It's far too fast for tracking radars. " And, he adds, what military aims its radars straight up?

The TAW-50 can be refueled and rearmed in orbit by docking with the secret undeclared Military Space Station that is in orbit. (See: ) The entire refueling and rearming procedure takes under 10 minutes. Who mans the gas pumps? Military astronauts trained at the Secret Air Force Academy, located in the hills west of the official Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, CO. These military astronauts rotate duty by traveling to and from Vandenburg Air Force Base on other military antigravity vehicles. (See: ttp:// ) The Space Shuttles have carried the arming platforms ("classified Defense Dept. payloads") up to the secret Military Space Station. The contractor reported that with a few extra tanks of LOX (liquid oxygen), the TAW-50 could fly to the Moon and back.

As of 2002, the U.S. has 20 TAW-50s in its arsenal. But, as the contractor commented, "you could take out an entire nation in under 10 days with only 10 of these, doing three attacks a day. One can wipe out an entire city the size of suburban Cleveland in a single attack without having to use any nukes at all."

The TAW-50 was jointly developed by the Lockheed-Martin Skunk Works (Palmdale-Helendale, CA) and Northrop (undoubtedly at their undeclared "Anthill" facility within the Tehachapi Mountains, northwest of Lancaster, CA.) Both companies have a history of development of secret anti-gravity craft at these Mojave Desert facilities.

The electrogravitics for the TAW-50 was produced by GE Radionics. Pratt & Whitney designed the SCRAM atmospheric penetrator technology. American Computing Company created the artificial intelligence supercomputers.

The contractor said he could not tell me anything else. And it was clear he did not want his name used. So, there you have it.

America has used its enormous wealth to become the global super-power. The TAW-50 is but one example of its exotic, unnecessarily proliferative arsenal. The world awaits the day when America finds its soul, and pays more attention to matters of spirit, mind and metaphysical reality, and
withdraws from its addiction to war toys.


Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC

Behavioral scientist, anthropologist, hypnotherapist, educator

President, Star Kids Project, Ltd., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

P.O. Box 22310
Sacramento, CA 95822 , USA
(916) 422-7400


Reader Comment

----- Original Message -----
From: David
To: ;
Sent: Sunday, May 01, 2005 6:31 AM
Subject: electrogravitics, big Pharma, and related observations

Dr. Boylan,

I've know about this research for quite awhile. They've been conducting it since the '40s, start with the Brown-Biefield effect (commonly used in "lifter" experiments. The show that NASA puts on is pathetic--obsolete, antiquated rocket "technology" which so many people still erroneously believe is "state of the art". Visit JLN labs and have a look at what Mssr. Naudin has accomplished. I make regular donations to his work, as he has been exposing the true progress of electrogravitics and energy technology to the best of his ability for a long time.

I don't need to even mention the global quality of life issues that could have been accomplished if this had not been kept secret in the interest of developing new and improved methods of murdering people more efficiently and keeping the status quo of the multi-trillion dollar energy "industry" intact. Now we have people like Mike Ruppert (who I had a measure of respect for at one time for exposing the lunacy of the "drug-war" with his "peak-oil" scam. I believe there is plenty of oil in Alaska and off the coast of North Carolina, but this is irrelevant as the planet is already in it's death throes and more hydrocarbons merely hasten the process.

These technologies were providing remarkable cures for disease (reference Antoine Priore) which were stopped as they could have lead to the improved global quality of life with energy as well as stopping big Pharma in it's tracks. The miracle medicine cannabis cannot be patented, is extremely safe with a multi thousand year track record, and would replace a vast number of expensive medications thereby cutting into big Pharma's profits (which are make at the suffering of millions of people). I live in New Mexico which is currently undergoing some of the most extreme chemtrail spraying I've ever seen (I have many photos).

Now big Pharma is creating analogs of glycoproteins (which are available in a product called Ambrotose) so they can market them for treating autoimmune disorders (diabetes, lupus, asthma, etc.) among other things--and whenever an analog or isomer is created in allopathic medicine it alters it to go where it isn't supposed to and become a toxic and expensive alternative to what is provided in nature. I have wondered for a long time just where these greedy, murderous people are going to go when the Earth dies. Perhaps that question is already resolved with craft that can achieve interplanetary travel.

David Brandt




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