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The Alien Influence on Humanity, Part 2

Introductory remarks & Part 1

by Franz Erdl <>
October 30, 2008

The Alien Influence on Humanity, Part 2 by Franz Erdl (Oct. 30, 2008) German flag

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The Matrix / Manipulation of Perception / Deception of Optical Perception / Deception of Acoustic Perception / Manipulation of Extrasensory Perception

The Matrix

Some say that we are in a spiritual war. That is not a bad concept, but strictly speaking, the war took place in the form of an astral invasion a long time ago, and now we are in a condition of captivity. What is still missing is our liberation. Maybe our way of liberation has already began, but I am on guard against being pleased with myself too early.

We got used to the conditions of our captivity. We believe our present type of live is normal, but we actually live in a type of matrix as represented in the same-named movie (Caution! Every comparison has its problems). This matrix serves the purpose of enabling a parasitic existence for foreign beings, without us noticing them. This world-wide control and manipulation system of the reptilians consists of an astral energy-net that also contains components that are in our visible reality. For example, there are subterranean supervision stations which include human personnel (and possibly stations on the moon, as a friendly clairvoyant once informed me, however, I could not check until now).

I was once able to jump with my astral body into a supervision station. I saw screens that probably showed the energy level of an area of the earth. If a human being or a group in that area could free themselves sufficiently so that their positive energy would rise, this registered on the screen like a mountain peak. Counter measures are introduced as a result. The astral energies of the matrix constantly affect our everyday life, hold our energy level low, prevent us from finding our way to liberation, procure us new traumas, and even new karma! This deception has worked for many millennia, but I assess it as a positive sign that the actions of the reptilians more and more, are now reaching the public. How could our life be without the strangers? Divine, really divine.

I have the solid conviction that God / Goddess is in us. Divine potential is in us without restriction. That means clairvoyance and wisdom, the abilities to cause miracles, to change matter and climate. We would sense connection to all; intensive contact with other people. Love, happiness, physical thriving, sexuality, and zest for life would be standard. To express the opposite means fear, compunction, pain, lack, and impotence. On the internet, descriptions of the Lemurians can be found that demonstrate similar conditions.

But that is "much too beautiful, therefore, it cannot be true" someone answered me. Therefore,. why should you believe me? There are people who could experience these conditions partially and briefly (like I did). There is another group of people that have a reminiscence of this condition; they simply know that it is so. And there are people that can experience similar conditions through past life regressions. There is not much more evidence.

If one takes a little time and feels into this type of the existence, then, one begins to foresee the matrix that represents our prison. And one can determine that each human being is in the trap - without exception. The foreseeing of the matrix was an occasion for Karin and me to move to the countryside and live in a place where the matrix looks different and feels different.

If somebody who doesn't yet know the "fish in the water-story", I'll repeat it here: I say to a fish "hello fish, how are you doing there in the water?" The fish answers: "Water? What water?" Then I snap the fish and hold him one meter over the water, making him look down. As a result, the fish says "Ahhhh, Ohhh! That is water?!" I had to bring up this story because I'd like to hold you a while over the water, so that you can have more time to look at the matrix from above. I relay two of my experiences.

I think it was about 15 years ago. I took the daring step to give notice, as a well-paid electronics engineer, to move into a completely uncertain career as a psychic healer. My company had given me a couple of technical translations to do that allowed me some income for the next 3 months. Finally I was out of the office atmosphere and I sat in my big apartment at the edge of a forest. I participated in a good seminar at that time where one met many positive people. Maybe it was these factors that suddenly, something popped up inside me. Something happened to my heart. Something opened up that had never happened before.

Three seminar-participants stayed the night with me at my apartment. As I faced the first visitor who got up that morning, I broke out in tears of joy. And it was not even embarrassing for me. I was so overjoyed. It probably was the first time in this life that I could completely perceive a human being and his soul. This contact was so intensive that it overpowered me. After I was able to calm myself down again, I could explain to my opposite what was going on. But I had only five minutes, because then, the next happiness attack came with many tears. As the others got up, the same thing happened from the beginning. Later, I had to drive our small group to the seminar and I remember the trip very well because my tears broke out at least ten times during the half-hour trip. My heart probably got used to this condition in the next few days. I could then meet people and actually keep my eyes dry. But a constant lucky feeling was in me, which increased when I met people.

I could sense a second feeling that was contentment, indescribable contentment. I had no more interest at all to go to Schwabing in the evening, where a part of Munich’s nightlife happens and to unsuccessfully continue to look for a relationship. I sat down in the evening and constructed a small radio with patience and contentment like I never felt before. The second evening, something beautiful happened. A girl friend of mine called. It was the person who I was most interested in to have a relationship with. But she had a boyfriend and I heard nothing from her for probably 2 years. I never took her into consideration. Now, she called, told me that she lived alone for a while already and asked literally: “Are you still available?” After this telephone call, I had to catch my heart that jumped around wildly in the apartment.

The next weeks were unique. There was nothing particular. I had my translation work, built my new girlfriend a pair of big speakers with much dedication, and she visited me now and then. She had a lot of work to do and could not come sometimes, even though we had arranged to get together. But I could not sense any feeling of disappointment. Contentment and happiness were there constantly. The condition remained amazingly long. I think six weeks. Then, the Dark Side beings worked powerfully to stop that. With the help of some inebriated people, that the reptilians could use as medium, they pulled me down again to a normal (matrix) level.

The second story, that I would like to tell, involves an episode from one of my former lives in Atlantis. The experience was short, but intensive: I wandered around in a beautiful building, obviously in a laboratory area. My condition of consciousness was so, as in the above history, full of solidarity and love and it seemed to be the normal condition of all people. A younger fellow then approached me. He didn't look at me and had an appliance in his hand that he had assembled and immediately wanted to explain it to me, a process that would be quite normal nowadays. But I was aghast. The young man had no contact with me. He was completely into his research and with all of his consciousness confined to his head.

In the laboratory, I found that most people were in this condition. They worked on appliances in order to reinforce and control energies. In my opinion, something like this was not necessary at all. One could guide energies with the heart. I sensed that they had lost contact with each other and with themselves. I was aghast that these young people were so similar to how we bahave and think today.

When I recall this experience, I get the idea that this is absolutely sick -- what we consider normal human consciousness. There should be an urgent need to put us into the intensive care unit of a psychiatric clinic. Maybe you can agree with me. Life on this planet can’t work this way. Our current condition is the result of the matrix.

The matrix has many thousand details and is different for everyone. It seems to me, however, that the absence of intensive contact with oneself and with others, as I described, is one of the conditions that allows the matrix to work. Intensive contact only works by feeling and many people from the industrialized countries have their consciousness caught in their heads. ( more on this topic later.)

Manipulation of Perception

Karla Turner (deceased) belonged to the people. She worked together with Barbara Bartolic and James Bartley. She wrote several books, all referential to alien influences and all can be downloaded from the internet. I published this information on the CB-Forum and someone called the photo of Karla "energy-sucking"

This startled my wife Karin. She was really afraid as she noticed that people are judged by their photo and that one then believes he would have recognized the human being, by looking at the photo. It is possible to emboss negative energies onto photos. Warlocks and reptilians can do this.

That is very likely the case with the photo of Karla Turner. We don't like the photo either, but a photo and a person are two different things. There can be a big difference between the energy of a photo and the energy of the human being.

Karin is so terrified because the same thing happens to her photos. They seem to become bewitched. On almost all of her photos, something foreign and angry overlaps them. However, it is clear to both of us where this influence comes from. We don't understand the importance that it holds for the reptilians to spoil her photos. They can sometimes do this at a later date. They can emboss bad energies on actually good pictures later on. Have others experienced something similar?

The bad thing is not the embossing of energies. The bad thing is that the observer of the photo judge these people based on the overlay of negative energies.

This deception is one of the most important manipulative arms of the parasites. Part of it are lies that are spread by reptilian hosts and other key-persons. But a more direct damage is caused by the manipulation of our perceptions - optically, acoustically and above all extrasensory.

Deception of Optical Perception

The manipulation of our optical perception happens through the embossing of astral energies on photos, objects, or people. The reptilians can give positive people a negative radiation (and reverse). They do this, for example, if somebody wants to hold a lecture that doesn't fit into their agenda. Due to their optical perception, the listeners will distrust the auditor and lock down the heart chakra. Then, the poor fellow has no chance of convincing people. The listeners might believe that their heart had picked up the negative radiation of the speaker, but they had been deceived. What truly happens is as follows: To the optical perception (maybe the person looks quite normal), the astral perception of the third eye adds up and here is where the negative energy comes in. Here the thought arises, this person is not ok. The brain perceives negativity and makes a rejecting decision. As a result, the heart reacts in a negative way. The auditor feels unwell.

In order to come right to the point: I believe that the only perception that cannot be falsified by the reptilians is the direct perception with the heart chakra and that means contact from soul to soul. The above example is not such a case.

What would happen if you perceived the speaker with your heart?

You would close your eyes, intensively sense your breast area, your respiration, and then get into contact with him. You would perceive the negative energy because it is there. But what is also there, is the person's good intention and a lot of energy that this person has already put into his lecture-topic. This perception needs some time because to receive feelings take time. You will notice, perhaps half a minute later, that the negative energy was embossed over this freedom fighter. This might cause a knot in your breast with a simultaneous surging of compassion. If this happens with intensity, you will notice that the embossed energy vanishes, perceptibly for you, for him, and for the other participants. This means that you healed him (oh, sh... now, I have betrayed the secret of spiritual healing).

This real healing process should be distinguished from that which many call “sending love”. I am not against “sending love”, but this doesn't work without real contact. In that case, without contact, “sending love” is rather a type of self-gratification.

Another detail to consider here: Perception needs time. In many seminars about clairvoyance, for example, it was taught that one should take the first impression that comes into your mind. These teachings come from the top parasites of the White Brotherhood. The fastest perception comes through the third eye and this perception can be manipulated. This is exactly what those White Brothers want. The perception with the heart needs time, because feelings cannot unfold in milliseconds. And I must feel the other person's emotional world, piece by piece, in order to really be able to understand the other person.

The reptilians can emboss a positive radiation and charisma on a person, which serves them and therefore can help them spread lies, consciously or unconsciously. This type of deception is sometimes more difficult to uncover. The astral manipulation is picked up by the third eye, the brain reports "all clear" and the heart relaxes. Whoever tries to establish contact over the heart will notice that it doesn't go. Most people can’t do this anyway, and those who could, might believe it is their own failure (as most people do).

Whoever is cleared up enough, notices the incongruity of the statements and becomes suspicious, but this happens over the head - but it does happens after all!

There are a few people, for example my wife Karin, who can’t be deceived, even with the very best deception of this type. If she went into such a lecture, she would be attacked immediately. Her energy will be sucked out; she gets twitches in the eyes, she can hardly speak, and starts to stutter. She wouldn't t have any chance to say something against this top-charismatic speaker. In such a case, she simply would have to leave.

Deception of Acoustic Perception

The most recent acoustic manipulation, that I experienced, was as follows: Karin and I argued. After so many years, I don’t know any more about what, but she suddenly became really sour and bitchy about something that she claimed that I said.

I said: "I did not say that!"

She said: "yes, you did",

I saod: "no" .....

She said : "But I heard it very clearly" ....

I said: "However, I didn’t say it" ....

She paused a moment. Then, she said: "You are right, it admittedly was your voice, but it came one meter from your right”.

Hard to believe, that Karin perceived the talking of a spirit, that was obviously standing one meter beside me. It tried to separate us, but fortunately, this tossed a new light on our dispute and in the end, it brought us closer together.

Normally, it doesn't happen in such extreme terms. But what gets into the ear and what arrives in the brain, can be different things. Everyone has a channel for astral hearing (a "third ear", if one prefers), through which the actual words spoken can be changed. Or one understands them badly, or one simply doesn't understand anything at all (a brain block).

Manipulation of Extrasensory Perception

In the years 1992 - 96 approximately, I had an office for spiritual healing in the centre of Munich city. The office also had a seminar room that I used for myself and also rented for other people's seminars. This way, I came to know many clairvoyant people and healers from many countries. Some were very good and brought astonishing results. There was only one problem: if they wanted to help Karin, nothing helpful came up. I even noticed a tendency, to make Karin small, stupid, and spiritually speaking, weakly developed. "My energies are too strong for her, “they often said. However, this flattered my ego, and it removed energy from Karin.

Clairvoyant people, healers, and therapists of all the type, usually suck energy from Karin, mostly unconsciously. They could not help her and then they would blame her in an open or subtle way. "Find out why you want to suffer!" or "why do you want to hold on to the negativity?" were some of the highly intelligent comments made. Here, I would like to demonstrate, especially for women, that some people are more dangerous than others for the reptilians, and those have a lot of problems in their lives. Don't allow yourself to be impressed with remarks like "resonance" and "self-causation."

For most spiritual people at that time, there was a primarily positive Heaven and, of course, there were also some negative things, but "we will get rid of those soon". Some time ago, I had the same opinion, but through my partnership with Karin and through intensive sessions, we slowly found out a very different truth. We collected information from these sessions for a possible book, "The Mafia of the Spirits". At the time, we didn't yet know anything about the reptilians. We didn't meet even one clairvoyant, healer or other spiritual people, at the time, who had noticed anything of this spirit Mafia. We could, however, determine very well, just how thoroughly the reptilians had manipulated the individuals we had dealth with.

But our present-day knowledge about the reptilians and their way of operation doesn't protect us from the manipulation of our extrasensory perception. Maybe we can look somewhat more critically at our perceptions. I try to produce an intensive soul contact in my healing sessions- or blasting sessions. I believe that I've discovered levels that are outside of the reach of the reptilians. However, even though I've had good experiences, I have no proof or counter evidence.

There are methods of extrasensory perception using aids, which according to my experience, can easily impress, but they don't deliver secure results. Sometimes, they deliver a row of excellent results, partially, over a long period of time, so that one bites at the hook (of the reptilians).

Once, I had printed out papers with the numbers from 1 to 49 and I immediately succeeded in dowsing four correct numbers at the lottery (which is to choose 6 numbers out of 49). I told this experience to a client. Thereafter, I could never again dowse even one single correct lottery-number, and I later recognized how the envy of this client had lured spirits that disturbed my pendulum. I know people that try to dowse themselves through their life, and I am sorry for them. Make verifiable tests to judge the quality of your dowsing. Find the aces in a card game. Yes, sometimes you succeed, but much too rarely.

Another example is Kinesiology. We had the luck to get to know many kinesiologists and could determine that each kinesiologist likes to diagnose his favorite allergies. Then, they also love to find the newest matters, over which they had read something recently. However, the muscle-test proves it, or does it? Unfortunately, everyone proved something different. Many kinesiologists are an example of people who are more strongly connected with their therapy-method, than with their patient. But they are not the only ones of this type.

(End of Part 2)

Franz Erdl

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