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The Alien Influence on Humanity, Part 3

Introductory remarks & Part 1

by Franz Erdl <>
October 30, 2008

The Alien Influence on Humanity, Part 3 by Franz Erdl (Oct. 30, 2008) GErman flag

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The Virtual Heart Chakra / A Place to Escape ~The Head / Protection / Sexual Energy ~ Reptilians Favorite Meal / The Reverse Resonance Law / Energy Pools

The Virtual Heart Chakra

I already knew that my barber had an interest in spiritual topics, therefore, while she was cutting my hair yesterday, I told her a little of my work. While discussing the topic with her of resolving traumas from former lives, she said: "I have no trauma from former lives." The other person present said the same thing. I noticed again how much most people believe that their current condition is completely normal.

As far as I can see, no being wanders around on this planet without trauma, myself included. The trauma-free condition probably would correspond to how I imagine Jesus. If somebody is in such a condition, please report to me. But this is not about a levitated, spiritualized condition striving toward enlightentment. I'm talking about people that are able to sense you fully and completely - all your feelings, your pasts, and your possible future. And they can develop so much compassion that you can sense how your loads drop from your shoulders, if this person looks at you for a while.

(I tend to believe that trauma fulfils the function of separating souls from their origin and from each other, in order to create individuality. It is likely that individual beingness can only arise in a form of isolation. The separation of a soul from the soul collective is always a painful process, more painful than separating a person from his family, for example. These traumas are used over many lives for holding the person within the borders of their respective "I", so it can’t vanish again into the soul-group; what an “I” would very much prefer to do and would even sense as a relief. I believe, however, that this is not the sense of our design. In this sense, one could classify the reptilians and company as necessary soul-separators. The question poses itself here: Are they overdue long ago maybe?)

A trauma, provided it never was dissolved, is dragged along energetically from one life into the next. They sometimes remain in the background and sometimes make a strong appearance, and can also manifest physical symptoms. By every avenue, traumas affect the heart-chakra and they lock it and insulate it. And that is the sad condition in which we consider ourselves. We find much pain and fear in our hearts. Most people avoid contact with it by occupying themselves with other things.

A Place to Escape ~The Head

The brain is callous. This is also valid in the energetic sense. In the head, we cannot perceive any emotions. We can admittedly think of something dangerous, but the fear we feel then comes from the stomach, for example, not from the head. We can also think of something nice and the body responds to it with good feelings.

The capacity of the brain is so big that virtual worlds can be built there. Into these worlds, we can escape if we are afraid, for example. For our own advantage, we design good worlds in our head. The head becomes filled up with religious, moral, and spiritual teachings for example. Why not?

Thoughts and behaviour are guided by these programs. That means, we usually find people that behave morally perfect, help others, like to advise others, and speak a lot about love. Always much love, love, love. One has the impression that this person is a human being with a good heart, but it is a human being with a virtual heart-chakra in the head and a traumatized heart in the breast. A traumatized heart can have a few beautiful hours sometimes, but most of the time it doesn't feel good and the consciousness hangs around in the head.

A virtual heart-chakra looks for confirmation. It would like to help many people (noble knights) or it constantly looks for admiration for its intelligent advice. It can degenerate also into fanaticism. Contentment rarely appears and contact with others, only at the surface.

More or less we all belong to this category, therefore don’t push this subject away from you. And we, with a virtual heart-chakra, can inflict (but we don’t have to) big damage to others. If we meet a woman, for example, that bravely defends her female energy and she isn’t doing well therefore, we gladly give her advice; normally the newest of our spiritual knowledge. Simultaneously, the reptilians can attack the woman on the astral-level. They can use the ousted fear in our heart as a channel and can find the woman in an open, undefended condition, since she expects only our help.

Often, we also push our own fears onto her without anyone noticing it. To make this possible, the man must assume a superior position (advisor, healer, clairvoyant, priest, boss), that the help-seeking person acknowledges.

This principle is not limited to man over woman. It’s only a typical example, but it happens so frequently. With sufficient time, I could fill a whole book with examples of how head-oriented human beings are used to suck female energy. The basic principle is that people are separated from their feelings, from themselves and, of course, from each rother. It can already be enough if you sit in front of your computer a few hours that they (the reptilians) can steal your wife’s energy.


Actually we all are agents for the reptilians and we all represent a potential danger to female energy, and therefore to all of mankind. And as long as we can still be used as a channel by the reptilians in this unhealed condition, that we consider 'normal', we can never really protect ourselves. Protection-technologies cannot work long-term; otherwise you would never be forced to heal yourself. The existence of the reptilians forces you to heal yourself completely (at least, there's something useful about the reptilians).

(Try to find out, what role, what kind of show you have invented, in order to demonstrate to yourself and the rest of the world, that you’ve got your life under control. Behind these roles, you find insecurity, fear and pain. If you are in a sad condition, you are much nearer to your soul (and safer from the reptilians) than in apparent happiness. There is much mourning in the soul. If all human beings would cry for one week, humanity would have taken a giant step in development.)

Sexual Energy ~ Reptilians Favorite Meal

As was said in some commentaries - everyone has male and female energies. This is an aspect I have not written anything about, because I tried to concentrate on the essential for me. Therefore, thank you for your contributions relating to this. The topic "male and female side of the human being" is an important and big topic. If one works on it (for example with spiritual healing sessions), to bring both sides together, giant advances usually occur.

If however, I spoke of female energy (FE) in prior chapters, however, I meant something else. The problem is to give it a name. I propose, however, we stick with the expression FE for the particular energy that I mean here:

The heart-chakra, for example, needs a physical heart/ a breast; a forehead-chakra needs a physical forehead with a brain, to be able to fulfil its task. However, our lower energy-centres find different organs with man and woman and consequently fulfil different energetic functions.

(I imagine a chakra as an energy-converter, which can convert energies from the spiritual level into the astral and the 3D-level and vice versa. Furthermore, it has contact and communication with the other chakras in the body, as well as with the chakras of other people or beings. Probably, it can do much more. The second chakra is often named the sex-chakra. This concept is too one-sided for me because it has many functions outside of sexuality.)

The woman has in the area of the second chakra her uterus and this is crucial for its function. It is the task of the uterus to create a safe area for the new creature where it can grow without worrying. The uterus makes available everything: blood, oxygen, food, heat, etc., all that the child needs. The function of the second chakra of the woman has about the same abilities. If it worked right, it could convert the surroundings, in which we live, in a way that everything would be available according to our need. And the woman would not need to do anything other than “be woman”. Neither man nor woman would need to labor harshly. A lot of sex however would have a profitable effect.

This description of the function of the second chakra is not from any textbook. I cannot bring you any proof of this claim either. I have only reminiscences of my former lives, as well as some clients who could also remember similar experiences during their healing sessions: Memories of lives without lack and without fear. We carried out a common session with a clairvoyant Dominican girlfriend some time ago in order to explore these bygone times. For example, we could perceive a scene with several small cottages, in which one pair (man/woman) lived in each cottage and had intensive sex. Not far away from those cottages, there were many other cottages, so to speak, of a whole village. We could determine that the pairs were the main energy source of that village. As long as they were doing well, the harvests were luxuriant, the climate outstanding, the life of all was agreeable. Of course, these pairs were not the only the ones who were having sex, but there were probably women, who could develop especially powerful energies. This scene was only from one certain epoch at one certain place, but, I think that one recognizes the fundamental principle.

The man is an important catalyst for the FE just like for the production of children. I still don't know enough about the man's exact energetic function. We would need other circumstances for it. Possibly, the man's main task is guaranteeing the connection over his heart-chakra to the soul-level while the woman is mainly responsible for the material realizations. It could therefore be that one pair works together like an energetic team. But these are merely suppositions.

I only know that very often the man represents the leaky part, over which the reptilians can access the FE - if they don't already have the woman under their control. If a woman gets involved in a new relationship, that’s a dangerous energetic situation for her. Many women have had bad experiences with men who have drained them.

So now, it is about sex in 2006 (actually I wanted to call this chapter “head-penis-short-circuit”, but I believe this title would be too one-sided.) Between the individual chakras, there are direct energy-connections and a number of connections all over. For example, there is an energy-connection between head and the second-chakra that is, in my opinion, too strong (because of reptilian influence). This bypass avoids the chakras laying between them, above all the heart-chakra. That causes, for example, the man to desire sex based on an visual attraction, but without the other chakras being able to test the waters, whether this is good for him or for her.

Sexual activity without heart-chakra is a good prerequisite for the reptilians to steal the woman's FE. Physical force and psychic humiliation increase the harvest. Sexual fantasies, imaginations in the head cause desire for man and woman, they say. Experts have determined that sex runs over the head , I have read. Sexual imaginations enliven the marriage blah, blah, blah. A big market has grown, that wants to stimulate our imaginations and that is supposed to stimulate the male visual perception. You notice already on which nasty item I am talking about (obviously, I want to spoil your sexual desire). The evasion of the heart-chakra is the problem, if the sex-impulse comes from the head. We can assume that the reptilians put a great deal of work into this detail. We have sex – they are with us. This is a huge mind control topic.

The principle "I am stimulated - I want sex" is not commendable. A more commendable situation is when you are having a good time with your partner and you understand each other very well; if you perceive acknowledgment for each other. First, deepen the heart-chakra-connection. For example, lie down together, breast to breast and sense yourselves. I mean sense your feelings, not only your bodies.

Try to pull the feelings of your opposite inside of yourself. This connection is salutary, that means blockades can be released in that situation. All chakras now come in connection with your partner. Sex now comes completely by itself. If you can manage it this way, quite new energetic phenomenons can occur with sex.

Unfortunately, I am afraid that the reptilians, in such a case, will introduce counter-measures immediately (usually in the next 2-3 days). But that should be no reason not to stride ahead. You have to go through that. They will definitely work on dividing you. The thousand subtle methods to make a woman look or feel ridiculous they will apply now. Be aware – they will manipulate your perception. It can be that they make you sick. It can also be that they send you other people to bring you strife. Also "good friends" can be turned.

The Reverse Resonance Law

If therefore you want to go on a higher energy level through the approach at the FE, or if you come too near at certain truths, then, you will be attacked. Then, "problems" arise. As a result, the spiritual law of resonance is suspended:

You have 'problems', because you are in the right way and not because you still have another couple of unresolved problems from your past. Right about now is when the spiritual 'experts' usually appear and tell you that you caused everything that happens; that you are the one to blame. Without noticing it, they remove strength from you. In this fight against the reptilians, our freedom from their unseen influence matters. Whoever wants to free the female energy (FE) will have 'problems.' Whoever just wants to dance on a spiritual-inspiration path, can do very well and enjoy demonstrating to himself and others, that he is on the right path, but he is only doing 'well' because he doesn't represent any danger for the reptilians.



About 25 years before, I lived in Caracas and met a young lad with whom I could talk a whole evening over spirituality and weird things. We both talked about some very interesting experiences. Late in the evening, he told me that he had lost his father and that he feels drawn to some men. Uh, uh, not me! I would have preferred to make myself invisible at this moment. Physical relationships to men were rather repulsive for me. At our parting, the lad wanted to embrace me, but I was not able to do it.

As I was alone in my room later, rather strange things happened. I sensed how an unknown energy influenced me. Homosexual ideas were combined in this energy with much sexual desire. I perceived arousal. That kept me connected with this energy in this night. I knew that I didn't have anything to do with it, however I sensed a fight inside myself, that ran out on an unconscious level. Everything was gone after two hours. I had the feeling, if I had embraced the lad in order to do him a favour, this homosexual energy would have become more vehement in this night.

That was the first time that I could perceive such an energy as coming from an energy-pool. The pool is like an energy-concentrate of ideas and feelings that one can hardly resist in case of intensive contact. The sex-pools work especially simple because they are loaded with much desire and greed. Dependence and an addiction-behaviour can easily be created. There are additional sex-pools for sadistic sex, masochistic sex, sex with children, and so on.

Note: I don't claim that all unorthodox sex-methods are tied up to sex-pools. For example, I had a female client who was a man in the her past life. She could simply not feel any desire for men. She felt attracted to women, upon which her heart-chakra also was activated. Homosexuality therefore is not fundamentally to classify as dangerous, but only when, if an addiction-factor adds to it through a sex-pool. Also, nothing is wrong about group-sex in principle. There were times where this was rather usual. And there are groups nowadays, in which things are running more harmoniously, as in many marriages.

Religious and spiritual pools

I discovered another energy-pool with Reiki. It consists of a collection, a concentration of healing-energy. At this pool, one can dock using the corresponding offered technologies and inaugurations. One actually connects to healing-energy, but it is not of “divine origin” however, like they say but it is stolen. It is a collection of energies of many souls that were tapped somehow. Possibly, this theft can happen with help of the initiations into Reiki work. They steal life-energy from the Reiki-inaugurated and a part of it is given back to him as healing-energy. This principle is applied with many healing-technologies and religions. I first noticed it with Reiki. I freed people from their initiations and a big load fell off from them. I would not like to declare everyone who does Reiki as dangerous, but I personally would not like to be treated, even from the nicest Reiki-people.

A typical, but dangerous, statement with Reiki and other technologies is called: "I am only a channel." The healing-energy should flow only through the hands of the healer into the patient. The remaining body of the healer should keep completely out of it. You already notice that this disagrees with all my statements. Firstly, one must be completely in contact with the client in order to avoid foreign-influence. And secondly, the divine origin sits inside oneself and the healing-energy, therefore, should flow through one's own soul and consequently, flows perceptibly through our body.

The most impressive pool for me is an energy-pool of the Vatican that we discovered once in cooperation with our clairvoyant Dominican friend. We discovered many floors underground, I don't know whether real or astral, in which soul-parts are held captive. For example, we could find there soul-parts of so called witches and warlocks who were killed during the Inquisition. There seems to be a big potential of astral energy there. We discovered that appearances of Mary were done using this energy pool. Also the appearances at Fatima were produced from this energy. I have no idea what else can be done with this energy pool (Voodoo in Africa and at my home, close to Haiti, works with captured soul-parts in the same way). The pool is strictly guarded by reptilians. Everywhere we went there, we met lizards who attacked us, and that did hurt. We believe that we could free some soul-parts, but don’t know how many more are there, however. Practically everyone of us can have a soul-part stuck down there.

Horrifying, no?

(End of Part 3)

Franz Erdl

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