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Bill Cooper's Rejection of the Alien Presence & the Billy Meier Case
October 22, 2014

Bill Cooper's Rejection of the Alien Presence & the Billy Meier Case (Oct. 22, 2014)

Subject: Re: UFO Billy Meier?

On 10/22/2014, John wrote:

Hi Ken,

It's been a few years since we spoke. I was curious if you have any info perhaps on Bill Cooper's revelations on the manipulations of the public thru UFO deception/articles. I reviewed them and was curious if you are aware of the Billy Meier case from the 1970s? We have a study group up here in Toronto (FIGU) I tried to get an explanation from them as to why they are preaching ALL this Global Warming B.S. from their alledged "Alien Contact" notes from the 1970s to the present and well they have not responded. I believe that as real as this case file suggests, that this story, although not mentioned, belonged in Cooper's book.

John R


Hi John,

The alien thing is a mixed bag. Yes, there is and was a great deal of deception orchestrated by the government in order to install the Project Blue Beam theme, which is yet to be unfurled. The military has been practicing for the Aliens Are Here! scenario for a long time and they're not going to drop it just because some people are aware of Project Blue Beam. All the people Bill Cooper mentions in his talk, like Stanton Friedman, are indeed government sponsored shills whose job it is to spread the concern for the alien "menace" etc. However, that is not to say that there are no aliens whatsoever, contrary to Bill Cooper's position. There are a number of alien groups in contact with human beings, including the group that contacted Billy Meier. Those aliens are real, as are the ships that they allowed Billy to photograph.

If that group in Canada is pushing Global warming, which I hope everyone knows by now is totally contrived and fabricated, then they are either liberal dupes or they are working for the Globalists (more likely Leftists dupes who believe the propaganda). The government has the ability to talk to people in their heads and they can say they are Master So & So from Sirius, or something, and a certain percentage of dopes are going to believe it. A sure sign that the channeled info is really a CIA satellite talking to the receiver guru, is when the message includes the themes and scripts which the Illuminated Ones want you to buy into. After posting the Mathew Messages for a couple of years, I finally had to drop them entirely because it was painfully obvious that the channeled info matched the Illuminati script too closely and I realized I was being suckered by the operators (not the mother who thinks it's on the level).

Keith Ranch brought a lot of Area 51 UFO activity info to Bill's attention. I'm sure Bill assumed that was all government made craft, which it probably was. I guess he felt it inconvenient to mention the Meier's case, which is difficult to debunk.

Regards, Ken


On 10/23/2014, John wrote:

Hi Ken:

Thanks for your reply. I am aware of the chanelling thru satelites,etc. I was told this by a fellow a few years back who claimed to be a Montauk survivor. He also told me that he was able to speak with Meier in the early 1990s and all he said to me was that Meier was OK, but his camp was being infiltrated. It's interesting Ken because again going back to the printed material (1970s), the material claims that man is responsible for the so called enviromental problems that were arising and also its mentioned that the earths population must be reduced to 500 million;
more of the Club of Rome propaganda. Depopulation, something we know about all too well!

Parallels with Agenda 21.

There is another guy, Michael Horn, who I believe is the new spokesperson for the Pleadian/Meier stuff. Well, he never seems to speak of the persistent chemtail spraying that of course is THE REAL enviromental issue on the Planet. I had the privilage of speaking with Guido Musbruger in the early 1990s who brought the Meier stuff to Canada. It's very interesting Ken when you think about it. If you have decent neighbours, they will most likely lend a hand to you. Our Alien neighbours will not lend a hand so to speak. Yes, they were lending Meier a hand so to speak with info and guidance, but things have progressed further to the dark side and again they are spraying the hell out of

I also stopped reading the Matthew material. I agree with you. Anyhow thanks for listening and I hope you continue to update your web site, it's great.



Hi John,


I can't disagree with anything you've said here. I can't vouch for the goodness or altruistic intentions of the alien group that Meier was in contact with. I was merely affirming that the Meier alien visits were real and not government fakes. Meier himself had quite a background as a younger man. He had a sort of Indiana Jones personality and was involved in a lot of clandestine intrigues. Those type of people tend to get "recruited."

The infiltration of Meier's group was obvious. Of course, there were many sincere people who wanted to be near him and wanted to help, but the government never leaves someone like him alone. They will always send in ringers.

Keep in touch.

Regards, Ken


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