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The Aliens Are Here! The Aliens Are Here!

From Ken Adachi. Editor
July 7, 2005

I've posted articles over the past few years explaining that the Illuminati had a scripted plan to have us witness large fleets of UFOs over major populated areas and that these sightings were a prelude to the the government's announcement that "Yes Virginia, there are aliens and we've been keeping the information from you all these years for your own protection and welfare, blah, blah... " . Well, the 'reeeealeee Big Shewww' (Ed Sullivan for those of you too young to know) has apparently started in Mexico. It will soon move to a city near you, here in the USA.

Scene #1: After they go through the aliens admission charade, they will tell us about their negotiations and treaties with the aliens and how we're all going to all get along in the newly emerging Galactic Brotherhood, etc., "working together for world peace among all nations", blah, blah, ....

Scene #2: At a later point, they will tell us of the 'betrayal' by our alien brothers and how we need to come together under one world government in order to fight this terrible alien menace. If you can find a video copy of the 1980's TV series called "V", you'll get a fair idea how the two act drama will play out.

3. It's also possible that they will present Scene #2 first, and then go to Scene #1 or there might be other variations that I'm not privy to, but you get the general idea.

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Ken Adachi


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