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Global Warming - Natural or Artificial?

[Editor's Note: I've had mixed emotions about Amitakh writings on certain topics, but I'm willing to read what she has to say. What she has to say may, or may not, be true. I just put up a short response to a letter the other day expressing my suspicions that Global Warming is a fabricated 'problem' using secret technology and voila, I'm sent this this 2004 essay by Amitakh which contends that the problem is caused by aliens, which would acocunt for the secret technology. However, I tend to disagree with her presumption that we can't do anything about it. If we can focus on the cause and the implementers of the problem, we can do something about it. Her doom and gloom mindset, along with her pessimism, is also problematic. It's this sense of defeatism and surrender to our "doomed fate" that has always bothered me about her writing and that of Dr. Joseph Chiappolone. As far as this essay goes, read it, weigh it, and consider it, but you aren't oblidged to capitulate to it. I was wondering where Amitakh got her info from and I was told that she's connected with Sai Baba. If that's the case, then caution and discernment are very much in order

Update, Feb. 25, 2007: I took the time to read the essay below carefully today and I can say, without reservation, that it's loaded with garbage from beginning to end. This woman is so far off base, she should be getting her landing instructions from Venus Control. She's a fear monger, plain and simple. She makes one untrue statement after another in this essay. Amitakh Stanford is totally unreliable in my opinion and could only be trusted by an ignoramus or a fool. ..Ken Adachi]

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Global Warming

By Amitakh Stanford
June 1, 2004

There has been extensive and often controversial debate about global warming, with some scientists still arguing that it is a myth. However, the evidence of increased air and water temperatures is undeniable - global warming is happening.

The theories that have been brought forward to explain global warming are sometimes in contradiction to one another. Some scientists claim that warming temperatures will bring on a new ice age, while others claim it will bring on a considerably hotter planet. There are some that think the effects of the warming will be minimal and others that think they will be catastrophic. It is quite a spectrum.

The theories for the causes of global warming range from calling it a natural cycling phenomenon to assigning the responsibility of global warming to pollution created by industrialization and population explosion. Again, there is a wide range of speculation on the subject.

Regardless of the causes for global warming, it is a very critical issue at this time. Many people are now starting to take it seriously as they witness the climatic changes around the world and the effects of these changes.

To rationally determine why the Earth is warming, one should first consider whether global warming is natural or artificial. The vast majority of the scientific research starts from the premise that warming is a natural process brought upon by various explainable natural causes. They hypothesize that the Earth's climate goes through cyclical changes just as seasons change, and they seek to explain climatic changes with a theory similar to the one about the orbit and tilt of the Earth being the cause of the seasonal changes. Those who would go outside the conventional paradigm and seek to explain climatic changes for non-physically explainable reasons are scorned for lacking rationality and being airy-fairy.

The majority of scientists considering the issue assume there is a natural cycle of climate for the Earth. They argue that the industrial revolution has contributed greatly to pollution of the land, water and air, which have brought about, among other things, a greenhouse effect from increases in carbon dioxide. This group would argue that global warming could be reversed if people took steps to correct the problem.

However, even if people attempt to mitigate the effects of pollution on the planet, global warming will continue. In fact, if all the humans were taken off the planet tomorrow, global warming would still continue because humans are only partially responsible for it.

The real problem of global warming is artificial and beyond human solutions. It cannot be solved by human efforts in mitigating the effects of pollution because it is an artificial imposition upon the Earth by aliens.

To explain, we must digress back to the days of Lemuria and Atlantis. Both civilizations were highly advanced because they were settled and governed by the Anunnaki. The people of Lemuria and Atlantis were in a constant state of conflict because they were trying to outdo each other technologically, and they were vying for superiority. Both were populated by conquering, cruel Anunnaki beings, and both had earthling slaves.

As the conflict continued, the Atlanteans received great support from off- planet allies, and a blockade was imposed that impeded support traffic for the Lemurians. When the interference of the supply lines became obvious, the Lemurians realized that they would succumb to the more powerful Atlanteans. Hence, they secretly constructed a huge underwater "city" which phonetically sounds like "At-wo-querhe" and many of the elite of Lemuria quietly migrated there with their human slaves.

Eventually, Atlantis attacked and destroyed Lemuria, but the Anunnaki from Atlantis did not know of the secret underwater "city," so they thought that they had totally annihilated the Lemurians.

As discussed in my earlier writings, the Anunnaki Elite thereafter destroyed Atlantis and fled the Earth with most of the highly sophisticated space crafts and technology. The Anunnaki Remnants who were left for dead but survived the destruction of Atlantis are currently controlling the ruling elite of the world.

Before fleeing to At-wo-querhe, the Lemurians "parked" two mother crafts (huge space crafts) in the hills on the continent of Antarctica, where they believed they would escape detection by the Atlanteans. There was not enough time for them to build a structure underwater that was large enough to house the mother crafts.

The Lemurians did not dare try to use the mother crafts for escape because they lacked sufficient fighter support to protect them from the Atlantean allied blockade. Besides, had their enemies spotted the Lemurians' mother crafts, a search would have been made for the underwater civilization, and it would have been destroyed by the Atlanteans. The mother crafts were not discovered by anyone, however, great sheets of ice have formed over the crafts.

At-wo-querhe is surrounded by a gigantic translucent dome. Outside of the dome is water, inside is a gaseous atmosphere. There is a parameter inside the dome that is unoccupied, much like a buffer zone or a frontier. The people living inside the parameter of the domed city live very much like they would on land. These people are beige coloured, flesh-and-blood beings of the same vibrational dimension as earthlings who still live on the surface of the planet. These Anunnaki should not be confused with aliens who have gone underground or beings that are of different vibrational frequencies.

The Lemurians have secretly influenced many things on Earth from At-wo- querhe. They are always watching what is going on above them, but they are careful not to give themselves away. While remaining inconspicuous, the Lemurians, like other groups of Anunnaki, have influenced all the major religions on the surface of the Earth. They have small crafts that are moored in their underwater community which occasionally travel out of the water and into the air and over land.

The Lemurians know that the time for the Earth is short because nobody has re-started "Time," and it is quickly ticking away. The Lemurians know the date when the Earth will end, but they had expected the Anunnaki Elite to return to Earth and re-start the cycle. They also surmised that they would be safe underwater during the "re-start" of Time. However, because the Attas of Light have kept the Anunnaki Elite at bay, the cycle is counting down with no chance of a re-starting.

The Lemurians sense something has altered the Anunnaki plans to keep the Earth in an endless and pointless cycle of re-starts. Therefore, they are taking desperate measures to free their ice-encased mother crafts on Antarctica. They do not know whether the crafts will still function, but their small crafts are inadequate and impractical for deep space travel. It is so desperate that they will risk running a blockade without any support since there is no other chance of their survival. They want to make a rapid exodus from Earth and hope that their mother crafts will function despite years of "hibernation" in the ice.

The Lemurians have constructed a huge microwave device that heats the water deep under the Antarctic seas. It is a device which pulsates with whitish- purplish light. As it rises and falls it superheats the water, which rises in a bubbling fashion and spreads under the ice shelves, causing them to melt. As the ice breaks away from the shelves, the glaciers will be more exposed to the water and air temperatures, which will cause them to melt rapidly. The heated water eventually causes the rise in air temperature around the globe.

The glaciers are like crusts that are covering the mother crafts. These ice crusts are the main targets of the Lemurians because they need to be peeled away if the Lemurians are to flee the Earth before it ceases to exist. The superheated water is dispersing throughout the world's oceans, which is causing havoc by heating the water, air and land to hotter and hotter levels.

The Lemurians are now furiously running the superheater. They are unconcerned about the damage the heated water is causing because they know time is running out and that they must free their mother crafts or they will die on the Earth when it collapses. If all goes according to Lemurian plans, both mother crafts will be visible by the survivors on land. Additionally, their project is causing the production of poisonous gas on the ocean floor that will ultimately kill much of the sea life.

The Lemurian exodus plan is the main cause of the seemingly inexplicable rapid increases in air, land and water temperatures. However, there are other causes such as underwater volcanoes adding to the problem. In addition to the global warming effects brought upon the Earth by the Lemurians desperate attempt to save themselves, other catastrophes are in store for the planet.

Another reason for global warming comes from another Anunnaki group's plans on the surface to overpopulate the Earth to drain resources and for other reasons. It did this primarily by manipulating religions and cultures to encourage large families.

It is said that there are over 6 billion human beings on the planet at this time. That is not accurate. Many of the "people" on the planet are clones who are basically robots although the clones are unaware of this. They are being used to replace many of the human beings. Some are cloned from children, while others are cloned from adults. These clones are then dispersed among the unsuspecting population. In other cases, human victims are kidnapped, then murdered and clones take over their identities. This sounds like science fiction, but it goes on far more often than most could imagine. Many of the clones are in religion, politics, business, education, science, media, entertainment and medicine. This gives the alien cloners a power base to work from. One example is a well-known royal figure who has been replaced by a clone.

There will be three MAJOR cataclysmic events to befall the Earth. The first one will startle many, however, many will survive the first. The second will take out further numbers, but the third one will be horrendous and few will survive it. These will occur because Evil has reached a saturation point and it is back flushing upon itself.

Fireballs appear in the sky;
The sky cries with bloodstained eyes;
While the ocean floors give out poisonous gas,
A smooth, boulder like object is targeted at Alaska;
Many places, including Istanbul, Barcelona and several parts of Italy will be devastated;
Many of the disasters will be artificially created quakes and floods;
Alien shooting wars will be waged in the sky and on the Earth.

Those who respect Truth will be attacked even more openly. The appearance of civility by those of the Shadows will be dropped, revealing their vicious nature for all to see. The separation of the wheat from the chaff is unavoidable, but everyone has been given ample opportunity and the free will to choose where they want to be.

It is not necessary for the people or other beings to have physical knowledge of the separation process or the Message. All classes of Creation, including the animals, plants, minerals etc. are being sorted out. The spirits within all beings understand what is occurring and the respective spirits have made their choices.

The children of the Shadows will continue to mock in vain until the very end. Their scorn is of no consequence.

The Path to Liberation from Darkness is narrow, and few chose to travel it. The Path to Destruction is wide, and many chose it. Each must listen to the small, still voice within them, and not be led like sheep by those who would keep them on the Path to Destruction. Like the story of the fallen angels, the children of the Shadows want to take as many down with them as they can.

The viable ones are those who have chosen the Light. They may suffer a little longer for now, but soon they will be returning to their Pristine Home, where there is Eternal True Love, Joy, Peace and Purity.

© 2004 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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