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Amy Goodman and Democracy Now!

[Update, July 3, 2011. I did a lot more digging about Amy Goodman after posting the brief commentary seen below on June 29. I now see that Amy is at the helm of a huge Leftist propaganda machine -of which she is the principle owner- called Democracy Now! that reported assets of over 13 million in 2007. She earns over one million a year in salary from Pacifica alone, but is also syndicated over 800 radio and TV statins and has a newspaper column carried by Hearst Publications under their subsidiary King Features. Her actual yearly earnings are probably in the 2-4 million range-and all of it tax free.

Beyond her salary, she gets direct donations to Democarcy Now! in the range of 1.9 million a year from a dozen or more Illuminated Foundations like the Ford Foundation, The Kaplan Foundation, the Pew Charitable Trust, and more than one foundation owned by George Soros. I plan to post much more information about who Amy Goodman is and how she uses the cover story or fearless reporter, muckracker, and defender of the powerless and oppressed as a stage setting to become very rich, while carrying water for her globalist paymasters with every step she takes along the gold brick road of Illumimated gatekeeper....Ken]

From Ken Adachi, Editor
June 29, 2011

Amy Goodman and Democracy Now! (June 29, 2011)

Democracy Now!

Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! radio/internet program is a well funded, highly organized international 'news' organization of the Leftist persuasion (now self described as 'progressive', since 'liberal' is considered ill advised by Tavistock planners). She seems to have a "reporter" (or reporters) ready to narrate the breaking story -on scene- from any location in the world. But how is that?

Who's paying for all this professional-sounding news coverage? Amy is forever boasting that she's now carried over 400 odd radio and TV stations. How does that happen without money--lots of money? Who pays for the plane tickets and the hotel bills? Do all of these on-scene reporters work for free? Who buys the audio and video equipment? Who pays for the editing and the transcripts and the studio production time? How much does Amy Goodman pull down each year and who's paying her? We know from articles posted to the internet many years ago that Amy was (is) funded by the CIA's Ford Foundation and a number of years ago, I heard a KPFK radio host reveal at 3 AM in the morning -during a KPFK fund raiser-that Amy Goodman's show was underwritten by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Unlike NPR, we never hear Amy Goodman tell us who's paying the bills for Democracy Now! She says she's "listener funded," but there's far more money being spent here than that accountable by listener 'donations'. Mega bucks are coming in from somewhere and Illuminated 'Foundations' seem to be the most likely source.

Leftist Propaganda

Amy's brand of Illuminated propaganda is of a different caliber and flavor than the Illuminated propaganda we hear from NPR (National Public Radio), for instance, but it accomplishes the same goal: inculcating Illuminati-driven themes among listeners under the guise of news coverage. The casual listener will not realize that Amy's insightful and thorough coverage of legitimate (but under-reported) news stories-such as the current Greek street protests taking place due to the (intentionally) intense 'austerity measures' being imposed by the IMF upon the people of Greece (or of the Arab Spring protests/ demonstrations, or the CIA drone missile attacks in Pakistan upon unsuspecting civilians, or the unjustified slaughter of innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan, etc.), is interspersed with 'other' news stories that carries the drone propaganda missile to unsuspecting listeners.

Yesterday, for instance, Amy reported that cesium was found in the blood of some people located within 25 miles of the Daiichi nuclear plants in Fukushima, Japan (of course she didn't mention how much cesium was found or whether it was at a life threatening level). That shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who understands that one or more mini nuclear bombs were exploded at Daiichi on March 11, 2011 in order to account for the "hydrogen gas explosion" or the "meltdown" myth.

It's quite obvious, that Amy will now add the Japan Radiation Psyops to her laundry list of Illuminated propaganda themes which includes the promotion of homosexuality and same-sex marriage 'rights', and her continuing promotion of the utterly contrived Peak Oil and Global Warming ruses. In fact, today's Democracy Now! report included a short segment about a Global Warming debunking 'scientist' who was caught red handed--mind you--being paid over a million dollars from the Evil Men of oil and coal (thankfully, we have Amy Goodman at the ready to defend the Good Fight of Global Warming launched by Saint Albert Gore in 2007).

Of course, Amy is never at a loss for words -along with Middle Eastern born, Leftist propagandist Sonali Kolhatkar- to defend the "rights' of 'undocumented immigrants' to "share" in the American dream with unfettered access to taxpayer funded schooling, welfare subsidies, housing subsidies, social services, driver licenses, health services, the 'right' to unionize, etc. etc,. etc., ad nauseam

Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! program provides meaningful, in-depth coverage of major news stories that are mostly ignored or under-reported by main stream media and for that, I am grateful. However, her co-mingling of Illuminated propaganda memes such as Global Warming or the 'rights' of 'undocumented immigrants' is infuriating and extremely vexing to any intelligent - and concerned -American citizen who is starved for real news coverage - that was long ago abandoned by main stream media outlets.

Ken Adachi

1.Prominent Climate Change Skeptic Received Over $1 Million From Oil, Coal Companies

Greenpeace has revealed that one of the world’s most prominent scientific figures to be skeptical about climate change has admitted to being paid more than $1 million in the past decade by major U.S. oil and coal companies. The climate skeptic — Willie Soon — works as an astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics. Since 2001, he has received money from ExxonMobil, the American Petroleum Insitute and Koch Industries along with Southern, one of the world’s largest coal-burning utility companies.

2. Gay, Lesbian Families Sue State of New Jersey to Recognize Same Sex Marriage

Seven gay and lesbian couples are suing the state of New Jersey, arguing the state’s civil union law has failed to live up to up its promise of providing them the same legal protections afforded to married couples. As a result, the group is calling on New Jersey to recognize same-sex marriage. Out the seven families behind the lawsuit, one man says he was denied the ability to make urgent medical decisions for his partner, while another saw the health insurance of his partner and children canceled by an auditor.

3. Six Youth Undocumented Immigrant Activists Arrested In "Coming Out" Protest

In Georgia, six young undocumented immigrants risked deportation on Tuesday by staging a protest in the state capitol. The demonstrators — most high school aged — were arrested after they sat and blocked traffic, declaring their status and denouncing anti-immigrant state policies. The young people were specifically directing their protest at a policy that bars Georgia’s most competitive universities from accepting undocumented immigrants. The protest is the latest in a string of so-called “coming out” demonstrations throughout the country, intended to pressure lawmakers into adopting policies that would favor young undocumented immigrants seeking higher education and other rights. Meanwhile on Capitol Hill, the Senate held its first-ever hearing Tuesday on the DREAM Act, legislation that would provided young undocumented immigrants a legal pathway to citizenship through attending a university or serving in the military.



Amy Goodman, Left Gatekeeper

Amy Goodman and The Rockefeller Foundation (Sep. 6, 2005)

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