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Amy Goodman & Global Warming Promotion

From Ken Adachi, Editor
December 8, 2011

Amy Goodman & Global Warming Promotion (Dec. 8, 2011)

Amy Goodman, while bringing much to the table, especially when reporting on the suffering wrought by the CIA and US military in unjustified wars of aggression against innocent people in the Middle East, is ultimately a propaganda tool of the Illuminati, at least for that arm of the Illuminati that influences and manipulates the Left into selling their "Green" story lines.

Amy's unceasing promotion of the Al Gore-initiated Global Warming myth is in full flower this week as she broadcasts her show, Democracy Now!, from the UN Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa. One or two days ago, I heard her on-the-scene interview of a handful of people from Greenpeace (long ago, sold-out and co-opted, useful idiots "environment police' similtar to the role players found at the Sierra Club) who attempted to hang one of their giant banners from atop a building in Durban and were stopped by local police, so naturally they were treated as 'storm the ramparts' heroes by Amy and given the opportunity to regurgitate the dire Global Warming laundry list of Terrible Things to Come if we soon fail to contain The Beast Called Global Warming.

Today's on-the-scene, Moment of Drama, came with the interruption of a speech about to be made by Todd Stern to the UN Summit participants. I'll let Amy describe the whole gripping story:

"Several prominent U.S. environmental groups have accused the Obama administration of obstructing negotiations at the United Nations Climate Change Conference and have called for the United States to step aside and let other countries carry on with the talks. Earlier today, the top U.S. climate negotiator Todd Stern addressed the U.N. summit for the first time. But as he took the stage, Middlebury College student Abigail Borah interrupted the proceedings. "I am scared for my future," Borah told Stern. "2020 is too late to wait. We need an urgent path to a fair, ambitious and legally binding treaty. You must take responsibility to act now." Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman later questioned Stern about Borah’s comments and accusations the United States is a major obstacle to progress at the climate talks. [includes rush transcript]"

Every day this week, Amy has dutifully hammered away at the idea that anybody who doesn't accept her and Al Gore's interpretation of the manufactured Global Warming party line is tantamount to a misanthrope now labeled a Global Warming denier, a term borrowed from the Zionists who are equally adament to quell any dissent concerning their 6 million Murdered Jews Holocaust scripture.

The ultimate goal of selling the Global Warming story line to the tender and gullible socialist souls of the Left is to install a new money making shell game (invented by the Illuminated pals of Al Gore, of course) called "carbon trading."

In order to create the pretext to justify the new money maker called 'carbon trading,' we first need to convince the world of the "problem" of Global Warming. And in order to do that, we need to generate a suffficient and emotion-laden "reaction" to the "problem", and that's where Amy Goodman, NPR, and other promoters of Global Warming come in.

The Problem-Reaction-Solution opinion-shaping strategy, routinely employed by the Globalists, was explained in the books of David Icke over a decade ago. It's nothing more than the Hegellian Dialectic at work. It's a technique for deceiving people into believing that they are achieving a 'solution" to a "problem" that was created for them by Illuminated elites--like Gore and Company--working quietly in the background

"Carbon trading' in just the first step in a larger Illuminati scheme to replace cash currency (and possibly even gold as a medium of exchange) with a new, all-inclusive control scheme called a "technocracy", which will employ units of "energy" credit (E.g Carbon 'taxes', etc.) in place of what we now call money.

It's a Brave New World we face, and Amy is doing her part to help bring it in-and the rest of us to our knees.

Ken Adachi


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