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Amy Goodman Stumps for Gun Control in Immediate Wake of Staged Colorado Theater Shootings

From Ken Adachi, Editor
July 23, 2012

Amy Goodman Stumps for Gun Control in Immediate Wake of Staged Colorado Theater Shootings (July 23, 2012)

Amy Goodman is, and always was, a Left gatekeeper, or to state it more accurately, a servant of the Rockefeller (communist) arm of the American Illuminati. That's why her program, Democracy Now!, has been underwritten--from the beginning-- by the CIA controlled Ford Foundation and (less well known) by the Rockefeller Foundation (along with many other well known Illuminated foundations). Rush Limbaugh serves a similar role for the Right, acting as an apologist and propagandist for the Bush (fascist) arm of the American Illuminati.

Amy Goodman earns millions of dollars each year to convince the American public of the propaganda themes dearest to the hearts of the Rockefeller family: A) that we're running out of oil (the Peak Oil hoax); B) that the earth is heating up due to man made carbon dioxide emmisions (the Global Warming hoax); C) that somewhere between 12-30 million illegal aliens from Mexico, Cantral America, and South America, as "undocumented immmigrants," somehow possess "immigrant rights" in America and are entitled to work, obtain driver's licenses, take blue collar jobs away from American citizens, force taxpayers to pay for their children's schooling, health care, and school lunches, be victimized by their criminal element (including paying for their prosecution and imprisonment) and be given a fast track to American citizenship by either remaining in the country illegally for five years or by joining the Pentagon Killing Machine. And now, with the staged Colorado theater shooting psyops in full bloom, she once again boards the Gun Control bullet train (pun intended) to see if she can help Rockefeller convince enough dumbed down socialist retards in this country that the only way we're going to stop MK Ultra mind controlled shooters from participating in staged shooting spectacles is to make it impossible for American citizens to obtain guns, or bullets or anything related to firearms from the Internet, for now, but eventually from gun stores and gun shows, so we can end ~ for once and for all ~ the "menace" of guns (and gun owners).

And isn't it a remarkable coincidence that Amy's anti-gun propaganda blitz today, ignited by a staged shooting that took place in Colorado in the early morning hours of July 20, 2012, should also include a segment commemorating the anniversary of Norway's own staged shooting and bombing event on July 22, 2011? And how about the harrowing account of Omar Esparza who barely escaped the Aurora theater shooting with his life? And then there's the Virgina Tech shooting account of Colin Goddard who, along New York's anti-gun crusader Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, are anxious to know why there should be any further delay in enacting meaningful gun control legislation in America? After all, it's not as if these events and anti-gun commentaries are scripted and pre-planned. No, no, no, this couldn't possibly be a pre-packaged publicity stunt orchestrated by the Rockefellers, working through their opinion manufacturing outlets, to bring in gun control, and remove the last obstacle to roundups and internment camps.

Here are the key memes you are expected to inculcate:

Thousands Remember Shooting Victims in Aurora

Shooting Suspect Amassed Large Arsenal Through Online Purchases

Norway Marks 1-Year Anniversary of Shooting Massacre

Tens of thousands of people gathered at memorials in Norway on Sunday to mark the one-year anniversary of the bombing and shooting rampage that left 77 people dead. On July 22, 2011, the attacker, Anders Behring Breivik, set off bombs at government buildings in Olso, killing eight people, before shooting dead 69 people at a Labor Party youth camp, most of whom were teenagers. Breivik has said he targeted the ruling Labor Party because its policies were too open to Muslim immigrants. The head of the Labor Party’s youth wing, Eskil Pedersen, said mourners had done their best to honor the victims.

Eskil Pedersen: "So, to come together to mark that it’s been a year that has gone by is a special experience but an important experience, and I think we did the best of it. We were together, which is important. We had the possibility to show your emotions, your feelings about what happened, and at the same time we had the message that we have to continue living our lives."

Arguments in Breivik’s trial came to a close last month, and a verdict is expected in late August.

Here are the articles that Amy feels you need to realize that: 'guns are bad'; 'gun control means safety'; 'you can trust the government police, & military to protect you' and similar hallucinations. :



Jews and Jewish organizations lead the gun control campaign (Jan. 1, 2013)

Who Funded Amy Goodmen and Democracy Now! into Existence? (a little known, but important report from Bob Feldman ca. Sept 2002)

Read Bob Feldmen's September 2002 report (no longer found online) outlning the Rockefeller/Soros/Carnegie/ CIA Ford Foundation// J.M. Kaplan Fund/ Boehm Foundation / MacArthur Foundation / Astraea Foundation / and Public Welfare Foundation generous underwiriting grants to establish Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! and Deep Dish TV

Gatekeepers Of The Left: Amy Goodman. Democracy Now, Alternet, Mother Jones, The Nation, FAIR, Counter Spin, – If you want To Control The Dissent, Lead The Dissent
November 12, 2011


Subject: DemocracyNow! Article
From: Ruben
Date: Thu, July 26, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

Greetings Ken,

I was very interested to read your article about Amy Goodman's role as a Left gatekeeper and the role of DemocracyNow in the establishment of a phony"progressive" media bloc. I find the whole thing really interesting. I very much apppreciate your work and insightful posts.

If I may be so bold to offea a point of criticism, however, I found many of the"related posts" (i.e. Pacifica Radio Gatekeepers Sponsored by Ford (CIA) Foundation) lack substantial referencing. For example, in the aforementioned article I would have loved to be able to check the sources for the financial figures of the donations allegedly made by the Ford Foundation to the Pacifica Radio and others. I had the same problem for the really cool graph which appeared in that article and displayed the various contributions by dubious institutions and organizations to apparently "progressive" ones - when I tried to follow the link to the original website, it resulted as having been taken down. Also, I found the article "Gatekeeper Amy Goodman Publicly Questioned On WTC-7 (Oct. 1, 2007)" to be interesting, but based on urely circumstantial evidence.

Should you have the time, and if you be so kind, would you be able to provide me with the references for a) the Ford Foundation funding Pacifica article and b) for the figures displayed in the aforementioned graph?

Thank you very much in advance for anything you may be able to do.


Ruben R.C.


Hello Ruben,

In 2002, Bob Feldman published a number of articles exposing well known Leftist alternative media outlets such as Pacifica's Democracy Now, Deep Dish TV show, FAIR's Counterspin show, the Working Asssets Radio show, The Nation Institute's Radio Nation show, David Barsamian's Alternative Radio show and the pages of Progressive, Mother Jones, and Z magazine as examples of controlled opposition outlets funded into existence by the same Illuminated corporate Bad Boys that they often pretend to rail against. Feldman's web site,, is no longer online, but I archived his articles and will repost them at this web site.

The Ford Foundation's funding grants to Democracy Now and Deep Dish TV have been taken down from their web site and even erased from most Internet crawls in the Wayback Machine archives, but I was fortunate to discover at least two grant descriptions from the Ford Foundation to Democaracy Now and Deep Dish TV that Bob had originally reported in his 2002 article that were still in the archives.

One grant (#209798 ) for $75,000 was given n 2002 to Democracy Now and their Deep Dish TV outlet :

Another grant (#168613) of $150,000 in 2004 from the Ford Foundation was given to Democracy Now and is found here:

Most crawl dates listed by the Wayback Machine had the Ford Foundation data erased, but I found the very first crawl to still be intact. You might want to save these pages to your hard drive in case these two solitary copies are also wiped from the Wayback archives.

Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: DemocracyNow! Article
From: Ruben RC
Date: Sun, August 19, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Ken,

Thank you so much for the very prompt reply and the fulfilling answer. I've taken a few days to check the material that you've sent me. Indeed I have to say that I am quite disappointed. Amy was one of my last remaining heroes, but perhaps it was too good to be true.

What I don't really understand is why place such an effective left gatekeeper? I mean, Amy and DemNow! have been starting points for many radicals and radical movements. Why do so if it serves the opposite effect and is counter-productive to the grand agenda?

Thank you again.




Hello Ruben,

I continue to listen to Amy Goodman, on and off, even though I long ago recognized her role as a Left gatekeeper. She's a SELLOUT in the interest of aggrandizing power, money, fame, influence, and a historical legacy. We have to remember that. However, there are many news stories that she covers which need to be covered, and you'll never hear about them on mainstream media. So I'll give her credit where its due, but she also needs to be called out on her obvious attempts to sell the Rockefeller propaganda themes that I've mentioned in my write ups and the critiques I've posted about her from other writers.

And those themes are the crucial ones for Americans to realize the depth of BETRAYAL we are experiencing at the hands of those treasonous, NWO sellouts in congress who pass the statutory edits that rob us of our liberty, our wealth, our privacy, our dignity, our sovereignty, our independence, and eventually the Republic of America itself.

I just watched the full length version of the chemtrail documentary called "What in the World Are They Spraying?"

The most telling part of the entire video was near the end when the the two guys who made the video were trying to catch the attention of congressmen walking in the halls of the Capitol Building. They tried to talk to maybe 25 or more congressmen (and women) and NOT ONE OF THEM would even own up to the reality of chemtrail spraying which they video taped in the skies over Washington just prior to stepping into the Capitol building. The VERY FEW who actually were willing to talk to them for a few seconds, would either dismiss the idea of chemtrails entirely as "simply contrails" or they said that "there's no such thing" or "I've never heard of it" or "I don't know anything about that" before running away and cutting off the conversation. This is in-your-face TREASON, Ruben, and we MUST eject these snakes from congress and replace them with patriots who will DEMONSTRATE their loyalty to the Constitution and to the People.

And so when Amy Goodman isn't willing to talk about chemtrails or 9/11 being an Inside job, she's playing the same role as the NWO sellouts in congress: she's betraying the public trust. The very sort of trust and belief that you once held for her.

It's not possible in the modern world to rise to such a level of public media prominence as Amy Goodman has without having compromised yourself to some degree in order to be acceptable to the Illuminati media controllers (which essentially boils down to the Zionist media owners and the Tavistock Institute in the City of London). Since Amy is Jewish, you have to wonder if she wasn't chosen for the role. People like Amy don't rise to prominence based on blind luck alone. They are guided into that position; much as well known Hollywood actors are shepherded into positions of stardom (and almost always mind controlled) --in order to influence the public in some manner, to play a role to inculcate some Illuminated theme into mass consciousness.

The End game for the Illuminati is to bring in their One World Government scheme and eradicate the USA as a nation of power and influence. The continued existence of the United States in the ONLY impediment to the NWO takeover, worldwide. When the USA is no longer a viable, independent nation, the NWO will be a fait d'acompli and the shadow of a totalitarian, satanic nightmare will descend across the earth. That's why they've been working so hard to elevate China in the past 20 years; in order to overtake the USA in every area of production and economic growth. But while doing this, they need to prevent REAL opposition from taking root in America and foiling their takeover agenda. And that's where gatekeepers like Amy Goodman come in.

She and the other leftist media outlets mentioned in the Bob Feldman articles are suppose to represent the "opposition", but they really represent a CONTROLLED opposition that the globalists use to dupe millions of gullible and trusting souls into believing are genuine, but they are merely a phony facade of opposition. This is why Bob Feldman's articles are so important. They show the grant funding paper trail behind the so-called "fiercely independent" Left. You already know the rule I'm sure:

Always Follow the Money.

Whoever is paying the piper is calling the tune and that axiom has, and always will, remain true until the end of time.

Regards, Ken


Appalling Propaganda from Amy Goodman About Libya ( Orig posted on Sep. 18, 2011)

Who Funded Amy Goodman and Democracy Now! into Existence? (a little known, but important report from Bob Feldman ca. Sept 2002)
Read Bob Feldmen's September 2002 report (no longer found online) outlning the Rockefeller/Soros/Carnegie/ CIA Ford Foundation// J.M. Kaplan Fund/ Boehm Foundation / MacArthur Foundation / Astraea Foundation / and Public Welfare Foundation generous underwiriting grants to establish Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! and Deep Dish TV

Amy Goodman Gatekeeper

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