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Articles on Fighting The Agenda 21 Takeover from American Policy Center
June 24, 2014

Articles on Fighting The Agenda 21 Takeover from American Policy Center (June 24, 2014)

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Commentary by APC's VP, Kathleen Marquardt

If it’s wet, EPA wants to regulate it
Source: Cfact  |   How many of you remember back in the early to mid 90s when the federal government was discussing what navigable waters were?  Their definition was that if a bird were flying over and looked down and saw water to land on, it was navigable.  So mud holes that were dry 10 months a year could be construed as navigable waters thus under the jurisdiction of the government.  They are back again for more but now they don’t even pretend to need the water to be navigable for them to take control.  As Ron Arnold says in this article: “By that I mean Obama’s outrageous proposed rule titled “Definition of ‘Waters of the United States’ Under the Clean Water Act” which would remove “navigable” from American water law and redefine nearly everything wet as “waters of the United States,” or WOTUS — and potentially subject us all to permits and fines.  That abomination is equivalent to invasion by hostile troops out to seize the jurisdictions of all 50 states.  WOTUS gives untrustworthy federal bureaucrats custody of every watershed, creates crushing new power to coerce all who keep America going and offers no benefit to the victimized and demoralized tax-paying public.” [Read the full article]

Climate change must be part of new global development goals
Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation   |   “Alarmingly, it also underlined the scale and pace of action now required if we are to avoid dangerous climate change. As the world approaches a critical junction for climate action - the next global climate change deal is due to be agreed next year in Paris - the pressure is on.  At the same time, the post-2015 development framework, which includes a new set of Sustainable Development Goals SDGs) to replace the expiring Millennium Development Goals, is also reaching a critical milestone.   As advocates for massively enhanced climate action – and robust, sustainable development goals – what should we be looking out for, given that the discussions about climate change have so far been among the most controversial?  In OWG sessions to date, key sticking points include whether climate change should have a standalone goal or be included in the framework as a cross-cutting issue, and whether a UNGA agreement on specific climate targets would adversely affect, or prejudice, the climate deal due to be agreed in Paris in 2015.  For an organization like CARE, working to end global poverty, the answer is clear-cut. Climate change has such substantial   implications for poverty eradication and sustainable development that there is no doubt the post-2015 development framework will fail altogether if the necessary paradigm shift towards low-emission and climate-resilient development is ignored.”
No matter how much evidence is shown that the world is not heating up, formerly global warming, now climate change (and whatever the next substitution for the term) this has become the fear-engendering boogeyman of the globalists.  While time elapses and the so-called threats of global warming/climate change fail to materialize, Obama, Biden et al continue to harangue us with demands (and unconstitutional laws) to cut coal usage, spend money we don’t have on boondoggle “green energy”, and to pay a steep carbon tax for breathing, i.e. existing.  The public has grown tired of this emperor with no clothing but they do nothing to change the status quo.  They have become brainwashed, brain dead and live in a state of ennui.  It will take the 7-10% of alert, informed and active citizens to get America out of this mess.  Stand up and be a part of the few who would be counted. [Read the full article]

Soros sends his minions to Tennessee to organize campaign to keep three justices
“Add billionaire George Soros’ name to the list of left-wing activists working to assist three Tennessee Supreme Court justices up for a retention vote this summer.  FOX News identified Soros as someone who has spent millions of dollars to give left-wing judges an upper hand.  As previously reported, Conner and many other Tennessee attorneys have held swanky fundraisers for the three justices, and one even indicated lawyers, not regular people, must take the lead on the election.”
According to the Associated Press, State Senator Mike Bell, “has written a letter excoriating the board that disciplines judges for dismissing an ethics complaint against the chief justice of the Tennessee Supreme Court.  Bell's letter to Board of Judicial Conduct Chair Chris Craft comes in the midst of a campaign to unseat three members of the Tennessee Supreme Court who are up for election in August, including Chief Justice Gary Wade.  Bell blasts the board for being "ineffective in disciplining judges and overly secretive in its proceedings." He also said some in the legislature think previous General Assemblies "have enabled an insular culture of cronyism and obfuscation" with both the board that disciplines judges and the panel that evaluates the fitness of appellate court judges.”
   Local politics are supposed to be local, not driven by one of the richest and most powerful men in the world – especially one who will not step foot on American soil because he is wanted for questioning in connection with the Oil for Food scandal. [Read the full article]

Global Meat Sector Needs to Show Sustainability
Source: The Pig Site   |   The global meat sector is more and more under public scrutiny and it needs to demonstrate to consumers that it embraces sustainable practices and takes animal welfare into account, reports Chris Harris from the World Meat Congress.   He said that while the sector needs to show that it is building a sustainable production system, consumers need to understand that as meat is a high-protein food, it should not be too cheap.
Now this is the perfect example of “The slice of the salami” theory – getting rid of something one step at a time.  According to Maurice Strong who was UN Secretary General “…Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class – involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work air-conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable.” And according to the UN’s Global Biodiversity Assessment (the means by which Agenda 21 is to be accomplished) “meat is not sustainable,” thus will be eradicated.  So the meat industry must embrace sustainable practices, in other words, put themselves out of business and make us all vegans.  No thank you! Meat industry, wake up. [Read the full article]

This video is from property rights advocates in my home town of Newark, Ohio. I'm proud to watch as they take action to stop yet more bike paths in the county using tax payer money for a project that only special interests are supporting -- bicyclers, bike shops, and others who have a vested interest. For the rest of the taxpayers, only 2% care about the oath that will cost millions of dollars, create crime and other liabilities for the neighboring property owners. Worse, private property is literally just taken with out permission or compensation. If you need ideas on how to fight such projects ion your community, take a lesson from these courageous folks from my home town. Proud of you guys!!  Tom DeWeese   


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Tom DeWesse of Stop Agenda 21 Reports Media Smear Campaign Launched (June 10, 2014)
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