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Steven L. Anderson: The Gutsiest Man In America

[Editor's Note: April 28, 2009 Update: I found another video posted to Youtube by Steven Anderson of an earlier encounter with Border Patrol agents in New Mexico in February. Please take the time to view the added 28 minute video now posted at the bottom my introductory statements, in addition to Steven's debriefing video presented further below of the april 14 incident in Arizona. Single handedly, this man went toe to toe with the dumbed down, heavy handed, NWO-indoctrinated IDIOTS who now disgrace the uniform of the U.S. Border Patrol agent, a once admired arm of law enforcement whose job was created in order to PROTECT AMERICAN CITIZENS from illegal aliens and not the other way around. ..Ken Adachi]

From Ken Adachi
April 18, 2009

Arizona Border Patrol & DPS Thugs Deliver Checkpoint TASER Sermon to Young Pastor

Arizona Border Patrol & DPS Thugs Deliver Checkpoint TASER Sermon to Young Pastor (April 18, 2009)

Steven L. Anderson is a 29 year old Baptist preacher who has a leased classroom-size space in a shopping mall in Tempe, Arizona which he calls the Faithful Word Baptist Church. Based on the video clips of him viewed on Youtube, he comes across as rather headstrong, fiery, and judgmental, but that's fairly typical of ole time Baptist preachers. I notice that he has a tendency to make politically incorrect and undiplomatic remarks about Imposter Obama in front of his congregants which, in one case, provoked an angry exchange with one Obama fan to whom the pastor said : "Get the hell our of this church if you don't like what I have to say!" That's not exactly the way I would have handled it, but it shows me that he's committed to his opinions.

Steven holds equally strong opinions about his rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution and discovered on April 14, 2009 at an internal Border Patrol check point on Interstate 8, about 75 miles east of Yuma, Arizona, that agents of the federal Border Patrol and the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) don't hold similar views. Their views would be closer to those held by the former East German Stasi or those of the Nazi era Schutzstaffel (SS) . These views go something like this: "do exactly as we tell you, when we tell you, or we will stomp on you like you are a bug and make you wish you were never born" (or something very close to that). In earlier times in America, we usually associated such views with Mafioso goons or gang members, but today American law enforcement seem to be the majority torch bearers for fascist-style thugery.

It's shocking enough that Arizona Border Patrol and DPS agents would literally smash in this guy's car windows in order to pull him out and search his car, when they had no constitutional grounds whatsoever for demanding a car search or even to answer their questions, but to repeatedly TASER this man with 50,000 volts while the guy was merely covering his face (as directed by the police) and offering no resistance in any way, is an unacceptable level of brutality and barbarism in America that MUST come to an end. What a mockery these sadistic individuals make of the words "law enforcement" and "law officers."

Steven Anderson's blog has identified some of the Border Patrol agents involved in the April 14th incident. They include C. Diaz (Cesar Diaz e-mail), E. Gomez (Ernesto Gomez e-mail), and B. Griffith

Arizona DPS officers involved in the April 14th incident include J. Mitchell, badge # 3473 and R. Jones, badge # 2819. The DPS officer in charge of returning Steven Adnderson's video camera and other personal possessions is Lt. Anderson.

In news stories immediately following the incident, Steven Anderson's blog reported that both DPS and Border Patrol denied using TASER guns and each blamed the other agency for tasering Anderson.

I've embedded the Youtube video clip below in which Steven explains what happened to him on April 14 on Interstate 8. I also transcribed his narrative into text for those readers who cannot download or view the video.

New World Order fascism is being installed and enforced by a new breed of American cops who are recruited and trained to behave as vicious Robocops beyond any level of brutality previously witnessed in America. If we don't make these men, and their supervisors, and their chiefs, and their trainers, accountable for their brutal behavior, we will be reduced to the barbaric world of Stalin-era Russia. As Steven L. Anderson says in the closing words from t his video clip: "Wake up America! Why is this happening in the United States of America?"

Why indeed.

In reviewing Steven's many sermons posted at YouTube (many weeks prior), I notice that the 98% of the comments from Youtube "viewers" are disparaging and mocking towards Steven. The majoirty of these comments posted since April 15, 2009. This tells me that this is a coordinated smear campaingn, likely being orchestrated by Border Patrol, DPS, or other police shills. There's no way that this man should suddenly get such a flood of overwhelmingly negative comments. These people want to make him look bad. I notice the same thing whenever there's a TASER killing by police posted at Youtube. The majority comments run something like this: "He deserved it. ..He shouldn't have given the cop any lip", etc.

Update April 28, 2009. I was perusing articles at Republic Broadcasting and I came upon a video that Steven Anderson had made during yet another encounter with Border Patrol agents in New Mexico a few months ago. In a brief conversation with Steven's wife, I found out that Steven was videotaping the encounter with the Arizona Border Patrol as well, but that the Border Patrol in Arizona had confisicated his camera and tape and have not yet released it back to him. I would have posted this video along with his Arizona post-detention debriefing video posted below had I'd known that it existed. It's stunning to see how these New Mexico Border Patrol agents, most of them with Spanish accents in this case, will regurgitate the spiel they were given during their indoctrination training, without actually understanding the MEANING behind the wording of the very statute they are showing to Steven as justification for their ILLEGAL detaining and ILLEGAL demands upon him. Everything Steven is telling these morons is constitutionally correct and everything they are telling him to justify their disgraceful conduct is a subversion of both the INTENT and WORDING of the law. What Steven Anderson had endured at this check point and his unbelievable BRAVERY in standing up to this phalanx of overweight goons is a TESTAMENT in COURAGE that one rarely witnesses today. This man ought to be hailed as a hero by American patriots from sea to shining sea. This guy has guts, real guts. Border Patrol agents who behave this way are NOT Americans; they are NWO NAZIS and should not be drawing their salaries from U.S. taxpayers. We can only hope that Steven will get back his camera and video tape back from Arizona authorities, as it will reveal an incident of abuse far more grave than what is documented in this video.

The Anderson family now has a blog set up which has the latest updates and developments posted there. I also see that Steven has recently done a video interview with Alex Jones about this incident. You can read more at this link:


Here's is the video of the Alex Jones interview with Steven Anderson on April 22, 2009

New Mexico internal check point encounter with Steven Anderson around January or February 2009 (this video segment is 28 minutes long)

Ken Adachi

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Baptist Pastor Beaten and Tazed


Hello this is Steven Anderson, pastor of Faithful Word Baptist church. I just want to record this video while everythinng's still fresh in my mind; to tell the story about what happened to me last night. I was driving back from San Diego to Pheonix [pause, gets cue from off camera person] .. Eh, today is Wednesday, the 15th [April 15, 2009]. This was yesterday on the 14th, I'm driving back from San Diego to Pheonix, and I go through a Border Patrol suspicionless, internal check point.

This is about maybe 75 miles east of Yuma on Interstate 8, somewhere around there. And, I get stopped at the check point and eh, they start asking me questions. Eh, I refused to answer the questions. They wanted to search my vehicle. I didn't allow them to search my vehicle because of my Fourth Amendment rights; not to be searched without a warrant. And they referred me over to Secondary Inspection area . I said "no, I'd like to go on my way. I would like to go home". And they insisted that I went to Secondary.

Well, then they bring a dog over and they say "well, the dog alerted us that there are drugs or a human being in your trunk. He's trained to do that. And so now we have Probable Cause to inspect you."

Now, the dog didn't bark. The dog didn't make a sound. And I asked them to tell me: "Well, what did the dog do to tell you that?" Because the dog just walked over, sniffed, and pretty much walked away. And I asked them to bring the dog over a second time and show me. They refused to do it. I never saw the dog again.

`So I sat there for over an hour, just waiting for them to let me go. Eh, they just held me there, They wouldn't let me go anywhere. Well, after little over an hour, the DPS shows up, the Department of Public Safety, which basically is like the Highway Patrol of Arizona, shows up and says that I'm under arrest because they have Probable Cause to search my car and I'm refusing to get out of the car and let them search the car. Well, I told the DPs officer, I said: "look, ya know, the dog didn't do anything." I said "ask them to bring the dog out and show you" because I said: "the dog did not detect anything." I said "there's nothing in the trunk except tools."

Well, the DPS officer asked the Border Patrol if they would get the dog out, and they told him "no". So basically they told me that 'you're coming out of this car one way or the other...and we're going to search this car whether you like it or not'. And so they.., uhm, eh, a gentleman from the DPS walked over to the passenger side of the vehicle and got out a hammer. And some other device and he was kinda tapping on the window for a couple of minutes, like as if you were, ya know, getting ready to break the window. And he was on the passenger side. I'm all the way over on the driver's side.

Well,they told me, ya know, "cover your eyes because there's going to be glass from when we break this window in". So, I put my hands over my face, like this [gestures] and I lean forward to cover my eyes. And at that moment, not only did the officer on the passenger side break the window, but another hammer just came from out of nowhere.. I didn't see this coming at all, and shattered the window right behind my head... and it's six inches from my head

So both windows shattered in the same instance. I'm like this [gestures} with my face in my hands and at that moment I'm shot by TASERS,.. So I'm in excruciating pain. I couldn't even control my body anymore because when you're hit with these TASERS, you're paralysed.

And so I couldn't even,.. uh, my hand came down to my face. I was trying to keep my hand back in front of my face; I couldn't even control my arm. I'm screaming in pain. I'm shot with ANOTHER TASER. One guy from the Border Patrol grabs my head and basically shoves it into the , eh, the driver door where the broken glass was... where they had just busted out the window. And I could just feel the glass shoving into the side of my head here as he just jammed my face into that, eh, side of that door. And eh, held it there for a little while.

It's hard for me to measure the time because I was in so much pain. It felt like it was taking forever, but it was,.. eh, I mean, was definitely taking some time. Then they grabbed me, threw me on the ground. Another officer eh, stepped on my head...I mean with eh, felt like his full body weight. And basically was just driving my face down into more broken glass, asphalt, which is what all these cuts are.. from on my head [gestures]. And, eh, he's got his foot on my head . I'm shot by MORE TASERs...again.

Keep in mind, I had my hands like this [gestures] over my face. I haven't resisted at all. I'm crying out for mercy..and they're just torturing me with these TASERS, again and again. And they're stepping on my head. They're shoving my face in broken glass..for no reason!

I wasn't resisting them. I wasn't fighting back. I was just limp! Just begging for mercy. So then finally, I decided maybe I should just be silent; maybe they don't want me to cry out. So then I was just silent. And, eh, still.. just tormenting me. So finally, they stopped Tazing me. They pick me up on to my feet. They take me into the, eh, trailer of the Border Patrol there. And when I walked in, I could see all their, eh, tons of screens showing all the different cameras. So I mean, this is on tape from a whole bunch of different footages, by the Border Patrol.

They said, eh, ya know,.. they put my hands behind my back. They handcuffed me; and, eh, blood was on my face. I saw my reflection for a moment, and there was literally not one square centimeter of my face that was not covered in blood. I mean my face was just solid blood, I looked like a monster.

And so I'm sitting there, in the chair, with my hands handcuffed behind my back. The Border Patrol agents come in...they were laughing at me. Let me give you their names: One of them, his first initial was "C." last name "Diaz". Comes in, Mocks me. Laughs at me. Reviles me.

Ah, another one, "B. Griffith" was another one. Eh, another agent that was standing in there at this time, eh, agent "E. Gomez". And so these men are, eh, are laughing at me, razing me, while blood is dripping from my face. I'm just sitting there helpless, ya know, helpless. I've been beaten horribly. And, eh, so anyway, the DPS comes in, they read me my rights...pardon?..What? [woman voice off camera says "didn't they tell you if you just answered the questions.."] Oh yea, and then, DPS told me: "Well, if you would've just answered the questions we would have let you go." And I said "Wait a minute. I said "I thought that it was because the dog detected drugs or a human being in my car." I said "I just caught you in a lie. I hope these cameras have sound."

And so eh, that was eh (DPS?), as I told the guy. so anyway, the DPS agent comes in. He read me my rights. I have the right to remain silent and so forth. They take me, they throw me in the back of the squad car. They drove me about 70 miles away from where I was going home. They drove me all the way back to Yuma. Eh, they took me to an Urgent Care Center. For some reason, they didn't want me to go in there and get treated. I begged him to let me use the bathroom because I really had to go to the bathroom. I hadn't been in hours..and I drunk a bunch of water and I had to go really bad. I told him, I said "ya know, I'm in pain. I have to go so bad." He said "no, no, just wait, just wait".

Ya know, he gets out. He sat with another guy from DPS and kinda tells him the story..while I'm waiting. And then eh, finally he tells me "it's just 5 minutes to the Emergency Room" You know, I'm holding the bathroom. He takes me over to the Emergency Room. Finally, ya know, next thing I get in there, I use the bathroom...

They put eleven stitches into my head. And eh, ya know, they cleaned out the glass..They cleaned me..and it took .Now, now, ... you probably thinking right now: why haven't I cleaned off my face? [close up of injuries to head] This is AFTER my face has been cleaned. They cleaned my face for about an hour and said "hey, this is the best we can get it; this is the best we can clean it."

So I got eleven can see the damage, eh, now that it's all cleaned up. Before, I just had a mask of blood on my face. They, eh, they took me from the Emergency Room to the County jail. They, ya know,, I was basically, ya know, checked into the jail... slept, spent the night in jail. I'm in a cell. I don't know what's happening...I don't know when I'm going to see a court...I'd figured it be within 24 hours. So then eh, they basically pulled me out..and eh, "court" was basically just a lady telling me that I have to show up on Friday at 10 Am. It's going to be my arraignment where I'm going to plead Not Guilty because I did not, eh, was not detected by the dog. And guess what they found when they searched my car by the way? Because of course they did after they had shattered the windows out of my car and eh, beat me to a bloody pulp. Then they did search my car and guess what they found? NOTHING, because all I had was tools. I didn't have any drugs. I didn't have a human being in my car. And so, wake up America.

Why is this happening in the United States of America? [end of video clip]

End of transcript

This contact information is provided by Steven Anderson at his web site,

Faithful Word Baptist Church
Pastor Steven L. Anderson
2707 W Southern Ave, Suite #105
Tempe, AZ 85282

Phone:       (480) 248-4082


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