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An Open Letter from Art Bell

By Art Bell
March 13, 2005

Original Title
An Open Letter To My Listeners

Just so there is no confusion about my position, let me please state for the record, I DO NOT believe that President Bush ordered or authorized the 911 attack as was posted on the Rense site 9-17-04, (Thomas Buyea) this was only one of many such articles found on that site.

Yes, we do have a free press and it is constitutional to write such trash. It is also my right to say that I think those who are making such charges are repulsive, and publishing such articles is yellow journalism. The Rense site has been attacking me for several years and I have never fired back because frankly what they have chosen to say about me is not important, however what they charge about President Bush and America is damaging to all of us. Much as I think we must always be alert to what our Government does, I also feel we must be alert to BS when we see it. If there were any proof that our President ordered the murder of our citizens, we would be in the middle of impeachment hearings or worse. Make no mistake, that IS what we are talking about here. It is not possible to be just a little pregnant on this issue. I will not be part of the "Blame America First Crowd."

I have examined all the so-called evidence offered by those who make claims ranging from bombs to missiles and much more. I find no "smoking gun". That said, Coast-to-Coast AM has had SEVERAL Guest's that have talked about these claims WITHOUT CHALLENGE. The moment ONE Guest was aired with an opposing view the "wing nut" crowd started yelling unfair. How can a group of people who claim to be open minded possibly take such a closed minded view? Perhaps they are not as open minded as they claim. Worse yet, they call names and make threats. One post 911 effect is clear, we are a much less civil society.

I believe much of what is being charged is political, not criminal. The "wing nuts" of course will not admit this, but scratch a little deeper and you will almost always find a Bush hater. I am not a Bush fan for reasons that have nothing to do with 911. I am also not a Bush basher. I voted for John Kerry because he made a promise to not put nuclear waste in my backyard. Most politics are local and was in my case. I am for the most part neutral with regard to President Bush. I am a Libertarian who believes in personal responsibility and less Government in our lives.

Now being almost 60 years old, perhaps I am an old fashioned American who believes that America is still the best country in the world. I come to this view having seen much of the rest of it. America is not perfect, but it is the best. Maybe some of our tax money would be well spent by giving our youth a round trip ticket to the country of their choice, I am guessing most would hurry back with a much improved world view.

Art Bell

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