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Arthur Topham (Radical Press) Interview with Rense March 26, 8PM PDST

From Arthur Topham
March 25, 2008

Arthur Topham (Radical Press) Interview with Rense March 26, 8PM PDST (March 25, 2008)

Subject: RadicalPress Interview with Jeff Rense National Radio on Wed. March 26th, 8-9 PM Pacific Time
From: "RadicalPress" <>
Date: Tue, March 25, 2008 10:26 am

Dear Radical Reader,

Last night I had a call from Jeff Rense of inviting me to join him Wednesday evening (March 26th) between 8 and 9 PM Pacific Standard Time for an hour of discussion on issues relevant to Canadian justice, politics, etc. I told him that I would be pleased to join him.

If you are able to listen please do so. There is no call-in ability but I¹m sure that Jeff will do his best to assist me in highlighting some of the important issues that Canadians are facing especially with respect to the clear and present danger that the Zionist Jewish element within Canada poses to our ability to speak, write, think and express ourselves freely on both the Internet and in all other forms of media.

I also hope to discuss my own battle with Harry Abrams and rest of the censors from the League for Human Rights of B¹nai Brith Canada who have filed a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission alleging that I and my website  ttp:// are guilty of spreading ³hatred² toward Jews and ³citizens of Israel².

As well I want to highlight the efforts of Marc Lemire and his ongoing battle with these same forces as they are currently manifesting in the case of Lemire v Warman. A public hearing on that case is scheduled to take place today, March 25, 2008. Hopefully I will be able to discuss some of the outcomes in tomorrow evening¹s radio interview.

To listen I would suggest going to Jeff¹s site and tuning in. Check the following urls for further info:

The Jeff Rense Program is now being brought to you by Genesis Communications Network

Rense Program Times/Links

M-F 7pm-10pm PST - LIVE
M-F 10pm-1am PST - Refeed

Sunday 7pm-10pm PST ­ Encore

Please pass this message on to anyone else who you feel would be interested in listening in. Thanks.

For Peace, Light & Justice for All,

Arthur Topham
The Radical Press
Canada¹s Radical News Network
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