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Author Exposes Amitakh & Dr. Joseph Chiappalone as Psyops

If Amitakh and Dr. Chippalone have their way you will all be destroyed, along with the Earth and the Physical universe as a whole! We have a theme going here, yes? ... Channelz

By Channelz
March 27, 2004

Author Exposes Amitakh & Dr. Joseph Chiappalone as Psyops (March 27, 2004)

'Pick Your Doomsday Scenario Here!"

Original title: An Analysis of the David Booth Affair

For those of you new to the case, author of the book "Code Red: The Coming Destruction of The United States, 2004" has been accused of plagiarism. It has caused quite a stir, but there is much more to this thing than one might expect.

David Booth, is a person who quite a few years ago, had dreams about an aircraft crash, he reportedly let the Feds know about his dream in advance, the Feds reportedly took him seriously and tried to figure out in advance what flight it might happen to. Later the first major air crash occurred, in a manner similar to what he recounted from his dream. Wide coverage of this incident brought David Booth a sort of fame.

Mr. Booth's fame regarding this incident drifted from view, it followed him, to be remembered in the present. His past visionary incident validated to a degree his announcement to the world that he again has had a series of dreams. This time the dreams did not involve an aircraft, but the whole world. He explained that in a series of dreams he foresaw a celestial object from a perspective in space, pass between the Earth & Moon, that then triggers an event that originates in the western U.S.A causing inconceivable damage and killing 90 some odd percent of humanity. He reportedly comes forward with this account to warn folks on radio interviews and by extension via his book "Code Red: The Coming Destruction of The United States, 2004".

Then more recently he is challenged in the article linked directly below, under charges of improprieties and plagiarism. But there is more to this story than meets the eye.

this is a link to the article mentioned above. "Doomsday David Booth - Plagiarist?"

The article speaks to the plagiarism of material that is included in David Booth's book: "Code Red: The Coming Destruction of The United States, 2004." (The web site content of David Booth's site has been taken down in recent days, except for an ordering inquiry link for the book).

Link to David Booth's web site:

In the article "Doomsday David Booth - Plagiarist?", it is alleged By "Steffan Stanford Barrister at Law Queensland, Tasmania Attorney at Law Washington State" and his wife "Amitakh Stanford" that; David Booth plagiarized, in essence, the whole article written by Amitakh Stanford On September 11, 2002 entitled: "Nibiru and the Anunnaki".

Nibiru and the Anunnaki by D. M. (Link to version of the article independently published on the web)

What is extremely odd to me, is that, after having spent some time in the study of cults, it became clear to me that the article reportedly written as a completely original work by D.M. aka Amitakh Stanford, mirrors exactly the concepts and terms of an author named "Amitakh Chippalone", reportedly the wife of Dr. J. S. Chiappalone. (The cult of ANNWN in my opinion).

Who is Amitakh Chippalone? She is the wife of Dr. J. S Chippalone. The dates of first publishing of their material and relationship is revealed in the following article titled: "The Phase Of The 'Shells'. the quote is by Dr. J. S. Chippalone: "When Amitakh, my lovely wife, and I first published this information in 1985, there was little in the way of evidence."

A read of any of Chiappalone's essays, and the works of Amitakh Chippalone, (ANNWN) will give the reader the immediate understanding that virtually every concept and most if not all terms used in the so called original work entitled "Nibiru and the Anunnaki" by D.M aka "Amitakh Stanford" are the same.

What is the point? Well the question begs to be asked; is the article titled "Nibiru and the Anunnaki" by D.M. reportedly written by Amitakh Stanford, which allegedly is completely original in concept and terms, original or not?

Has D.M. pilfered the primary concepts and terms from Dr. Chippalone's organization (Term used loosely), or is the allegation of plagiarism also to be leveled at D.M aka Amitakh Stanford?

There is little doubt that the author of these works are the same person. Amitakh Stanford, D.M. and Amitakh Chiappalone are the same person. Why then why is Dr. Chippalone alleging she is his wife if she is married to Steffan Stanford? Perhaps Dr. C & She are now divorced?

Perhaps Amitakh Stanford is the same person as Amitakh Chiappalone, and she wishes for this little fact to remain unknown, to remain anonymous. I would too if I put out the kind of rubbish that flows forth from these sources. An example of what I mean is that the essays and material reveal the thoughts of a megalomaniac. This kind of thinking is present in the works of Dr. Chiappalone and and Amitakh Chippalone. Example: "A few thousand workers/warriors, who are of course viables, will remain in physical bodies to assist Amitakh and myself as we supervise the Process which will terminate Planet Earth." Reference: article titled 'The Phase Of The 'Shells'

The terms; viables, amoebas, Amoebic Rescuers, Viable beings, Reptilians etc. that are reportedly "unique to this piece" by the Stanford's are to be found throughout the material espoused by Dr. Joseph & Amitakh Chippalone and within the material by his organization ANNWN. (The Dr. J.S Chippalone Foundation).

Following is a quote from the current article "Doomsday David Booth - Plagiarist?"

"Many of the terms used in Nibiru and the Anunnaki were specifically coined by Amitakh as long ago as 1985, while others were unique to this piece. Such terms include but are not limited to: Anunnaki Remnants, Vulturites (Pers-sires), Reptilians (Ducaz), ZA-OS, Amoebas, Amoebic Rescuers, Attas, True Creation, Divine beings, Viable beings, Final Rescue &c. When Amitakh discussed "Anunnaki Remnants" she added the parenthetical (a term I use to indicate those Anunnaki who were stranded on Earth)."

The admission by Dr. Chippalone that he and his wife Amitakh Chippalone first published in 1985 coincides with the dates noted from the quote directly above regarding the article by D.M., which states "specifically coined by Amitakh as long ago as 1985". It would appear that this little piece of evidence suggests that D.M, Amitakh Stanford and Amitakh Chippalone are in fact the same person.

What the reader may be particularly interested in knowing, is that, according the the pseudo-philosophy of Dr. Joseph Chippalone, and the Amitakh Chipalone writings, is that you dear reader, are regarded by these folks as either artificial beings or robots, categorized as so called non-viable beings, who the Chippalone's say that they are in charge of destroying. I kid you not!

In 2001 Dr. Chippalone announced that there were no viable beings left on Earth! Meaning everyone left is a non-viable being, all so-called rescuing had been accomplished by their alleged efforts and all that remains are several different categories and descriptions of non-viable beings, such as robots & artificial beings who are under their charge to be destroyed!

What the double H hockey sticks are these folks up to anyway?

This whole thing just wreaks of psyop new-agey 'get hood-winked here' baloney.

I would not recommend that the public pollute it's mind by spending time reading the material of Dr. Chippalone or his associates. What I have just stated is true, and is evidenced by the writings of the Chippalones. The curious are welcome to discover these facts for themselves.

I can't personally stomach going back to read the Chippalone material to find the exact page and paragraph regarding their statements as fact that; everybody who is now in the world is a non-viable being, i.e., either "artificial" or a "robot" who are according to them; scheduled to be destroyed along with the whole physical universe, by them and their so called true-being forces, referred to as (terra-ha-tikas). They believe this must occur because the physical universe, (they state) is wholly evil in nature.

Sure the world is messed up, but anyone who has a classical education, who knows the works of leibnitz, Keppler, Fermat, Riemann, Gauss etc. can attest, this is not a wholly evil world or universe, and you dear reader are not likely an non-viable artificial being or robot, as these folks state. Though some of you may cause the sanest among us to wonder at times.

The bottom line is this whole damn thing is just plain freekin weird, so before people go off jumping to conclusions that the only peculiar behavior regarding this incident is on the part of David Booth and Mr. Green, (who often appeared on talk shows with Booth) think again.

If Amitakh and Dr. Chippalone have their way you will all be destroyed, along with the Earth and the Physical universe as a whole! We have a theme going here, yes?

Question: What is the reason that Amitakh targeted Booth? when, according to the ANNWN site, Dr. Chippalone says, dating back many years, that there are numerous others who have plagiarized their material. So why haven't these others been the target of their wrath? Is it because Booth's scenario steals their thunder? Booth indicates a large object triggers incredible destructive action on Earth, but according to Dr. C & Amitakh Chippalone they will personally be destroying the Earth along with you all. What, don't want any competition in that regard? It may also appear somewhat odd that the article by D. M., the cause of this additional commotion, was written on September 11, even if written in 2002 it is still an odd coincidence don't you think?

Man oh man, folks we need to be more discerning. How can anyone believe, even as bad as things can get, that the whole physical universe is a purely evil creation allegedly overlaid upon the true creation? And that the whole of the population of Earth are artificial beings and robots? But this is exactly what the Amikakh and Dr. Chippalone's material states is case of fact! Somehow people actually buy this clap-trap.

It would be prudent at this juncture to cover some of the issues involving the controversial book in question.

Though I don't totally disregard the concept of a Planet X, since it would seem that the Summerian's have left records that are due serious inquiry. What is hard to swallow is the idea of it sneaking up on us.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Planet X, and doom generally thing is very much a distraction and tool to engender lots-o-fear and discordance, and it is working, yes?

I would tend to agree with Richard Hoagland on a point he made in a recent Mysteries of the Mind interview. In essence, he says that, the idea of astronomical observatories only being able to see planet X from the south pole is not accurate. He explains that there are tons of amateur astronomers with telescopes that rival the big scopes just 8- 10 years ago that are in locations far above the south pole, in civilized locations that would be able to see the same celestial locations as could be observed from the south pole. What you gotta be at the south pole so you can see around corners?

So astronomical observation of the area of space viewable from the south pole, would not be limited exclusively to the south pole. But Planet X will still be able to sneak in without anyone noticing? additionally, it cannot be assumed that not one large official observatory would report such a finding, even if done via a concerned or disgruntled leaker. I could understand a small extremely fast object, such as a recent near-miss of an asteroid passing just 26,500 miles from Earth exemplifies. But big ole Planet X?

David Booth dealt with the reason for Planet X sneaking in, buy interpreting the image of the object in his dream (which he did not claim exclusively as being plant x) was probably appearing in the ultraviolet part of the light spectrum. Additionally he said in his dream it appears as if it comes from nowhere, goes by Earth causes destructive effects, defies normal physics by making a right angle turn then disappears.

Lets hope this guy just has an overactive imagination, is just plain nuts or part of some hood-wink the gullible folks operation. It would be hard to prove that an invisible planet size inter-dimensional object is heading our way, wouldn't it?

To me the other reported evidence of planet X by the zeta folks images are questionable at best, corroboration from trusted independent sources are simply lacking. By trusted sources I do not necessarily mean Vatican or Government agencies, I am talking amateur astronomers with adequate equipment, there are a slew of them, and believe me some of these folks have the means to buy top notch stuff.

One thing is clear, there is no lack of misinformation, disinformation and just plain craziness out there. Many of you reading this will agree that we are not being told the truth about a great many things, when it comes to officialdom generally. But this does not justify getting sucked into the pattern of believing on blind faith, every story that comes along, believing under the auspices of it likely being true because the major media is not covering it. it is indeed tough to figure out what the heck the truth is about a good number of things, especially when the only facts are sketchy at best or hearsay.

Jim Mccanney seems to have the inside skinny on why planet X can just sneak up on all of us unnoticed in spite of not being invisible. I for one would really like a concise explanation regarding how this can be so? If it is true that this could occur, this should be at the forefront of public disclosure, more so than the anti-dirty snowball theory. It would be interesting to have McCanney and Hoagland have it out in public over this topic, that might shed some additional light on the subject.

Why am I and others continuing to beat this dying horse? Well the premise of Booth's book and the subject at the root of this matter is; are we headed toward a doomsday scenario due to an event, which triggers Yellowstone & possibly Long Valley caldera etc. or whatever, causing 90 some odd percent of us to perish! Or alternately are the Chippalones going to vaporize us. These would seem worthy of discussion.

World-wide global devastation. Gee, it would seem, based on their writings, that Dr. C & Amitakh would be cheering for Mr. Booth's scenario to occur. But no, remember they want total inhalation and disintegration of the physical universe and everyone and thing in it. So a paltry drastic population reduction and planetary destruction scenario just won't due.

So what is really going on here? A good guess; Mr. Booth probably saw the piece on the web signed by D.M., he made a big mistake thinking that initials did not protect the work, he took the easy way out and copy pasted it into his book, this primarily speaks to his character, it would appear he is now relegated to the wreck yard of charlatans and has beens, and his tale of the eminent destruction of our precious civilization a lie. Done deal, or is it?

Obviously conspiracy think would cause us to wonder; are Booth and Amitakh in it together? Is this some nutso operation to drive people wacky and spread contention among the alternate researchers and press? Does it serve as a cry wolf scenario, so that a real Earth threatening event will be ignored when it is announced, most likely via the alternate press? Is it designed to simply discredit the alternative press? Maybe?

I think the truth is probably much more simple. The truth simply has a way of seeking the light of day, these parties were brought together by the synchronization of the events that unfolded. Hypothetically; a laywer who married a lady who he probably didn't know as well as he thought, jumped in to the Frey in defense of his damsel in distress, revealing in the process her questionable participation in authoring and promoting the material still being fed to the public by Dr. Chippalone. I suspect that Amitakh dreads reading this as much or more than Mr. Booth did when reading the article about his plagiarism.

Booth it would seem acted so oddly though, that it is hard to imagine that his actions are other than intentional. The stuff he pulled on (see article at the top) and then with George Noory, seem to be purposely self defeating. This whole thing sucks, big time. Just look at what it has done to people who heard Booth's interviews. (click link for examples)

In any case these folks have bled folks of enough attention and or emotion, don't you think? How did so many get sucked into this thing? Well, I can hardly think of an issue that is more important to address in full than the potential demise of most of us, and a questionable fate for those to survive, who are without a well supplied underground base.

In closing I wish you all the highest level of discernment and peace of mind. Realistically, we do not need an outside threat to create problems for us. Students of economics & history, who think outside of the box, and the observant, know that we are faced with real provable oncoming catastrophes here and now! The global economy is in its systemic death throes right this moment! (In the back ground the sound of weary sighing.)

The ongoing global economic collapse is really occurring, here is a situation where not believing the main stream press and the hawkers of the story that all is well would be appropriate.

We also know that the classical tragedy that this current situation represents is actually caused not simply by evil factions, but by the population at large, in the form of false axioms, disengagement from reality and the processes that support the establishment of the truth. Truth that is evidenced by provable universal physical principles, which are realized within the sovereign process of our individual consciousness, beyond the limits of the limited and observable. A non-linear, multiply connected manifold of processes, that, bring past knowledge into the present, to then be preserved and extended to future generations for the sake of posterity of our fellows, as a form of immortality, collectively representing the continuity of eternity.

So as not to also be guilty plagiarizing also, I give credit for my understanding of these concepts to Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. and associates.

A population that ceases to engage in a hands on approach to keeping its leaders and the system as a whole in check, and subservient to the good of all, (the common good). As well as keeping private interests as well as leaders from infringing upon or denying the universal principle of sovereign freedom as a natural law, will by default self-destruct. Such acts as voting, engaging the political process individually and collectively, challenges that which is untruthful, unjust and unsavory in this world. If not you then who?

Our armchair patriots will not be enough to stave off the negative effects of a population self absorbed in consumption, demoralized to the point of complete disengagement in the political process (supposedly justified by the axiom that the so called 'powers that be' will win no matter what) or alternately that its all good as long as my situation is not adversely effected by the bad stuff that happens to other people. These axioms my friends form a self fulling prophesy that I would not advise adopting for your own!

As this global systemic economic depression hits, waiting in the wings are executive orders and other nasty things such as fascism, slavery and intention to cause a clash of civilizations war. These are the real current provable doomsday threats. I think that those who want to really know what's going on, look to addressing these issues for a place to employ their energy in the form of ACTION.

It will not be enough to build a bunker and stock food to prepare for the type of never before in history scenarios we now face. If the likes of Cheney, Wolfowitz, Ashcroft, Sharon and others, acting on behalf of financier interests have their way, it will make little difference if we are able to chat on the Internet now about which faction who belongs to, what so and so is really up to, whether Booth is a fraud, Amitakh is a psyop and loads of other stuff. these things would matter little to us, if in the future we are attempting to pass notes from the gulag!

If there is a reasonable explanation for the many distractions upon us now, keeping us from realizing the true threats would be the most obvious.

Excuse me gotta get back to preparing for the worst and organizing people into doing more than just following trends and reading about the latest juicy thing that's happening.


(Perhaps in fairness to the issues at hand JR will consider also posting this?)

Note: anonymity is a good thing if done for just reasons.

References and further reading for those with a strong stomach:


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