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Ascension 101: Awakening to a Greater Reality

[Editor's Note: This aritlce is written by the same fellow who sent me an e-mail about Mental Weather Modification which I posted yesterday. Interesing stuff...Ken]

By Drew G.
November 26, 2008

Ascension 101: Awakening to a Greater Reality ( Nov. 26, 2008)


This is an article I wrote that I think is both informative and timely to the new energies that are coming into the planet at this time. People are searching all over the place for meaning and understanding of many of the strange phenomena taking place within themselves and the environment and not really grasping the true underlying phenomena at work, not understanding the greater picture of the how and the why. This article is the basis of all ascension work. For those who haven't yet discovered the truths of who and what we are on this planet and what we are truly capable of, this is the internal process of manifestation on all levels of space, time and experience. This is knowledge that has been suppressed by religion, secret societies and entities running the control matrix we live under for thousands of years of not just our planet but throughout the omniverse we are apart of.

This information transcends death as even in death most conscious spirits continue to lie to themselves. When you die, you do not have all the answers bestowed upon you. Your vibrational awareness just shifts accordingly from where you were while in a physical lower vibrational body to an emotional consciousness that finds itself in a new matrix where thought and feelings create the experiential fabric at a faster level. This is likewise reflected in the spirit guides which people have around them observing their life. You only have spirit guides in the physical that are a vibrational reflection of you so in other words if your understanding of reality and your ability to master your mind and body exist within some limited dogma, guess what you get to guide you? Ding ding ding! Guides that have a similiar understanding of the universe as you do. Guaranteed the guides may have a broader peripheral vision than you do because of the dimension they reside on but their understanding of universal truth is still on the path of learning and experience, not the I AM consciousness that resides in everything. You're not going to get ascended masters as guides if you haven't done the internal alchemy necessary to understand where they are coming from. I know this from personal experience.

This also applies to mediums who channel information from outside sources and spirits. It should not be a surprize to many people to find out that most channeled information is disinformation. The reason for this is that their physical as well as energetic astral and etheric bodies are not developed enough to be a pure channel able to hold the resonance of highly evolved spirits. Let's take a look at this from a 1 to 100 scale (This 1 to 100 scale is arbitrary for example purposes). Let's say you have worked on yourself to the point that you have an active vibrational resonance in your body of say a 3 or a 4 (most people on the planet) out of a possible 100. If you wanted to channel information from an entity that has a resonance of a 75, you are out of luck. Your body can't hold that frequency; it might be able to tap it momentarily if at all. What you get instead is an entity that may either exist on the lower astral (which resides not far from the physical -you can verify this via Astral Projection) which has motivations which serve to keep off higher truths because they are using you as a battery. These are lower dimensional astral entities, government psiops and the like. Most channelers opened up the channel of information without any consideration for where the information is coming from and just assume that because they get information feedback, that it must be real or true. There are things out there that go bump in the night and the last thing they want is for your self actualization to take place. I have been attacked by lower dimensional discarnates for telling people this in person, i.e. the entities sucking life force off people were pissed off at me for shutting off their batteries and they let me know it, I could see them as in actually perceive their presense much like I can see energy or how I can see diseases in people when I look for it.

So on to ascension 101.

I recently found out while in the Akashic records that one of my first life times on Earth I was a teacher and a healer on Lemuria some 14,700+ years ago (I've been incarnating into physical bodies for 2.5 billion years). I taught courses on internal alchemy in the body of both animate and inanimate matter into a more perfect form. It makes a lot of sense to me why in this lifetime the single principle of change and its consequences has been one of the most powerful realizations I have ever had, a message I found within the Tao Te Ching at 17. With memories of my life on Lemuria and the realization and acceptance of it, I can genuinely say that the guiding and basic fundamental principles of the power and understanding of this has come back into my mind and focus, clear as day. Not only that but it is a principle I actively practice and it works without fail in my life. It is how I have evolved myself to the multidimensional consciousness I am right now.

Let's start with the basic understanding I picked up in the Tao Te Ching. Everything is in a constant state of change. Anything that tries to go against the inevitable change of the universe is creating a disharmonious environment in which they live and exist in. Those who try to hold on to things and keep them from changing are denying this fundamental principle of all existence and as such it creates great discord in every area of their life. This is where most of lifes problems come in. This is where fights between people come in. This is where stress come from. This is where fear arrives out of. Not accepting the path you took to get here will filter into your body and poison you because you are misaligned with the continual evolution of yourself as God experiencing yourself.

Let's look at what change is, the symbol delta, rise over run, an oscillation in a wave; all imply that one thing does not go in one direction forever but goes up and down as well in it's path. Look at stock markets, they go up and they go down usually following fibonacci retracement levels, same with every other aspect of man kind. Empires come and they go. Consciousness goes up and it comes down. Look at the nautilus shell. Look at all the divine geometry and the platonic solids, they are all just a reflection of change in action. The infinite creating infinitely. All of this life is simply a vibration, which is synonymous with change. Change is the divine vibration. Everything in existence follows this principle. All consciousness on all levels is just a different level of vibration, some denser, some more intense, some more physical, some less physical, some low, you get the idea.

We as a consciousness mind are simply vibrations that are able to latch on to and pick up other vibrations from the universe. Your brain is only an electrical circuit board striving to latch on to a particular vibration whether that be love, anger, depression, happiness, joy, intoxication, etc. from which your physical body can experience the physical body and all that comes with it. When you understand this you can see that your brain is not only capable of picking up the frequencies that we are familiar with but also the ones that elude most people. I picture it like a lightning bolt about to be grounded, you have a small spark that comes up from the ground and the bolt meets that energy coming from the ground in the air, through what are known as streamers (the streamer is the energy coming from the ground). When you, as an individual consciousness, try to establish or bring something into your life whether it be long term or immediate realize that you are simply reaching for a vibration in the ether which has already existed or usually has some sort of vibrational channel or pathway already in existence. You aren't trying to recreate the mousetrap, you are simply reaching out for that frequency to come into your brain and consciousness. Your brain in the physical is working as the streamer to find that lightning bolt which has already been established. Your etheric body acts as a streamer, as does your astral, monadic and buddhic consciousnesses. They all reach for that frequency simultaneously, your physical body is the last to feel it's effects.

Let me give you some examples. To go to say the Akashic records you need to raise your vibrational consciousness. You need to go inside yourself and move out of a normal beta brain state and focus and center your emotional intentions on where you want to go. Your intent and being open to it is you reaching up for that vibrational experience which already has a pathway created for it in existence. It's been established and has a resonance (pitch and frequency) which you are trying to pull into you. So you start reaching up towards it acting as a homing beacon on whatever frequency you are reaching for. You're acting like a high powered cosmic antenna.

Everything in existence has it's own unique signature and frequency, this is more or less what the Akashic records keep track of and records your experiences off of. It is also the way in which I find people I have never met before when doing my out of body distance healing. I center myself, do a 4:4:8 breathing pattern ( inhale 4 seconds, hold 4 seconds, exhale 8 seconds) and set out to find them. It's their resonance that I'm latching onto with my brain when I find them. Likewise when I see a tree that I am going to do energy work on, when I connect it to it, given it allows me to, I am just picking up this tree's frequency. We do this all the time. Emotions do this to us. They are nothing more than a well established frequency in the omniverse that we have learned or been taught to associate with certain situations. For instance when many people get cut off by a driver on the highway they flip their lid and draw unto them that frequency of rage, anger or utter disgust which of course now changes the resonance of all that water in their body (up to 65% of the body) which is of course a vibration of its own. In fact quantum mechanics has shown that at the most basic particle levels of atoms and below, they are simply vibrations, cognizant vibrations. That means that the vibration of an atom has some sort of consciousness to it. It's able to spatially relate and react according to a perception of itself and the other atoms around it. It modifies itself in accordance with was is going on around it (consciousness).

Let's look at what happens when you receive an attunement like say Usui Reiki or some other cosmic energy out there (as an energy work and healer, I am intimately familiar with these). You typically receive the attunement as a point to point transmission from someone who already has the energy (resonance) within them and has been cultivating it and getting to know it for what it is and what it's purpose is. All you did is open yourself up to the frequency of the energy which is already present and nearby because someone else familiar with it is giving it to you. This vibratory signature or this vibration of change, comes in and merges with the other vibrations you are latching on to. The more you hold on to a particular vibration, the stronger its resonance and the stronger the pathway you begin to build for it. Think of this as someone who uses their intuition actively every day and allows the information to come through them, i.e. practice. This high information pathway is going to be a lot more accessible to the person who does the work every day than say someone who one, either doesn't even awknowledge this 6th sense or two, just awknowledges is on a sparing basis. I am encouraging and nourishing this pathway to merge with my vibratory signature and allow it to change me on a cosmic level. I am learning to embody this vibration as a constant within me.

Let's get deeper with this. You can hold these vibrations and energies within you to the point that they take over your dominant system and frequency as you generally operate under. Holding this vibration as an ideal for most people will draw that frequency towards them till they can bring that frequency close enough so that they can become the lighting bolt and connect from the ground to the energy at the top. It comes from both directions, you and outside of the you that you currently experience. Once you've found the frequency that you want you still have to cultivate it. You found the frequency, now you have to acknowledge the vibration and energy signature it embodies and learn to work with it. I have a fully activated Kundalini, work with Usui Reiki, Gold Reiki, Tachyon Energy, Etheric objects, an energy known as the Lily, an activated Merkaba, an evolved and activated Caudate Nucleus, thought forms and several different rays of light of which I can tap into and do tap into on a regular basis to work with.

The more I use these energies, the more familiar I become with them and the more their resonance merges with my identity and consciousness. This is what Christ Consciousness is all about. You as a soul with a particular resonant frequency within you can hold onto the idea (resonance or vibration) of Christ Consciousness and accept it to manifest into the full blossom overtop of your current vibratory state or just completely replacing your old system with a newer, better one. This is how you learn to live the I AM. This is the process of ascension by connecting with the vibration that has already existed and been developed by other souls over countless evolutions and you are simply and effectively tapping into that already established resonance. This is the simple, straight and true path of least resistance, the full embrace of what change is in the omniverse and how to use it to achieve whatever is you want in this lifetime.

This is also how the deified abilities operate of which Red Elk teaches some of. You find the frequency (the idea) of which you wish to embody and you hold it within you until you bring it forth in your frequency. You will eventually bring it forth in your frequency so long as you keep your awareness on it and work towards it, you're not trying to find the vibration or trying to embody it within you, you find the vibration and embody it, it's a doing process as opposed to a trying process. Deified abilities incorporate such higher faculties such as telepathy, telekinesis, the ability to physically levitate, remote viewing, the ability to make yourself physically invisible, manipulation and creation of physical matter using metaphysical means (you can create an edible apple or real money using pure concentration and an understanding of more perfect laws of the universe, not only that but the establishment knows this and has kept it from you), bifocation, the ability to stop time or slow down time, eternal life of the physical body and things like physical teleportation by non technological means, running cars and appliances without an electrical power source, etc. All of this is part of self actualization as a human being.

One of the questions I asked doing some of my intuition development activities was whether there were stronger forms of Reiki energy that were not presently being used on the planet to heal people, in other words, are all the practitioners out there using less perfect forms of the healing energy than they could be using? I got a 'yes' response from my highest self. At the time I didn't explore the reasons why after I asked the question to get deeper feedback but the reason why just came to me, I love the way that happens : ) The Reiki on Earth being used right now is not the highest and most perfect form of the energy that could be used because the masters and practitioners are not embodying the activity and making it the core of their energy signature. They are using it as a healing modality instead of being the healing modality. They are separating themselves instead of allowing it to be them. To be a pure channel in the highest sense of it. When I do Reiki on someone I was taught to allow the energy to flow through me coming in through my Crown chakra, circling around my Heart chakra and then channeling out through my hands into where ever they need the energy to go within them. This action is me tapping into that frequency, using it for a given time and then releasing it back to where it came from. A perfect channel of Reiki as not being done on Earth right now would not be channeling the Reiki energy, they would be pure Reiki energy incarnate as a living ideal. They would exist as Reiki energy of the highest degree and purest form living a physical life. They would have to adopt the Reiki energy as their primary vibratory state and live it. Can you imagine for just a moment how wonderful and amazing that would feel? Living not just as someone who had some of the Reiki energy come into them, rather actually being the pure embodiment of Reiki energy.

This is the most powerful transcendental change you could aspire to because it is all there is. This is what it's like to be an elemental consciousness. To actually be the consciousness of the atoms that make up say a quartz crystal or a diamond. This is internal alchemy at the most fundamental level and the easiest way I can think of to explain it without added complexity. This is how you can master every single aspect of your life through vibrational resonance and accepting the inevitable change that is the core of your experience of yourself as God on Earth. In any given life time you are given the opportunity to go beyond ego, beyond enlightenment and actually merge with the God spark within you to transcend the life and death cycle. You can live the highest ideal and come and go in a physical body as you please, you can learn to master not just yourself but everything on all levels of existence. There is no entity, soul or spirit in existance that is more powerful than you are. Anything that tries to tell you otherwise is either trying to manipulate you for it's own end or stuck in a weakened existance and in all likeliness being manipulated itself by some other force or consciousness usually at a level beyond its conscious awareness. This it the idea from which you can judge all other sources by. It's how I know I am communicating with my highest self and not some discarnate spirit or hyperdimensional entity when I go inside for answers.

Lastly, I want you to know that your personal development only takes place according to the idea's you have set in place for yourself. If you think your awakening will take a lifetime, your right and chances are high that you'll get tired of waiting. If you are able to realize that it is immediately in front of you and you ask for it, the vibrational change will come into your body and spirit whole heartedly and at a pace faster than you ever imagined possible. Not only that but these changes in and of themselves change the physical charachteristics of your body so that your body can inhabit a higher frequency of energy. These changes within you can last for extended periods of time and can be rather uncomfortable as your body adjusts. I highly reccommend that you gradually work towards this rather than ask the universe for an immediate and full force rewiring. Take that as a prudent warning.

Everything I have written here has come from the search for answers inside myself detached from ego. This is not book theory, this is my realization and experience from 2,500,000,000+ years of death and rebirth.

I wish you luck and many blessings in your own personal discovery.



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