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Episode 70

Another American Nazi Bites the Dust

By Don Croft <>
Oct. 1, 2003

Even though I feel sure that Martial Law, at least the kind hoped for by The Old Villain, is no longer possible in America, I was taken aback late last week by a brochure I found in the local post office among the innocuous postal ones and AOL/CIA ‘free internet’ CDs. It depicted the image of the new ‘Secretary of Homeland Security’ and of course if you put a peaked hat and armband on the guy he’d look like any of a number of Heinrich Himmler’s sycophants.

As I was standing in line, holding this printed abomination (probably with my mouth hanging open), a reptile walked into the post office and started shooting the breeze with one of the male clerks. Carol had waylaid him as he entered the lobby because she likes to make reptiles look her in the eye but he simply wouldn’t do so, nor would he say more than a couple of words in response because he knew who she is. He was wearing a Latah County Sherriff Dept. sergeant’s uniform and even I could see he wasn’t really human. After I finished my business he backed up in my path so that I had to walk around him. He was kind of nervous, so I think somebody sent him.

I guess a couple of years ago this all would have upset me a bit, but what did get my goat a little was that brochure, which is titled , ‘Are You Prepared?’ or something. I scanned it for specifics, of which there were none, and it was apparently designed to boost people’s xenophobia, which is the fear of foreigners. There were no references to swarthy, leering, murderous Muslims but of course there didn’t need to be, did there? I saw some of the literature and imagery that was distributed in Germany just before Hitler invaded Poland and this is what it reminded me of, though of course the hoped-for invasion (Chainsaw Cheney’s and the rest of the traitors’ wetdream) in this case is kind of reversed due to the presence of countless thousands of Russian and Chinese troops in America’s underground bases right now and many more along both borders in Mexico and Canada ;-)

As soon as I got home, of course, I cut out his little image and stuck it in the radionics oven. In this case, I simply put the pic inside a Succor Punch made on a hollow crystal.

Images are the best witnesses for radionics, though it would have been terrific to get some alleged hair from his comb or one of his boogers or something.

Carol said he started shaking right away and that he died after a couple of days. The fact that he didn’t immediately keel over with a fatal heart attack tells us that he was probably not actually the head of the Homeland Security Abomination but that he was stained with innocent blood, nonetheless. I wonder whose picture will show up after this if they’re stupid enough to print another edition of that brochure.

This unlawful, murderous regime is still laboring under the delusion that most people in America still support this treasonous federal government. I guess you could say that they don’t have a finger on the nation’s pulse. You can always get a few depression babies (that’s what I call the pink wealth addicts/willing slaves/emotional plague enthusiasts who were born during the Great Depression) and white trash to fly those stupid flags from their cars. To me, that’s like wearing a teeshirt that has a big arrow pointing at the wearer’s head with ‘STUPID’ printed underneath. You don’t see many of those car flags outside of the more degraded areas of the US. Would you value that kind of support? The number of people who know that this fake gov’t blew up the WTC reached critical mass not long after that event. What do you think that did to the malevolent false patriotism thoughtform that had so many Ameicans flying car flags during the previous genocide in Iraq? I’ve thought of flying one of those flags upside down, which is a true indication of the state of affairs, but of course even I don’t go looking for trouble. Did you watch CNN when the American Army officer raised a US flag upside down in Iraq in view of the camera?

I hope to help us all avoid the necessity of a military mutiny to arrest the traitors in Washington, DC, which is imminent now that the regime has failed to achieve its own version of martial law. I’m holding the internet up as an example that we humans can form just governments on the planet without resorting to military coups. I bet all those invasion troops on US soil would jump at the chance to return to Russia, China, (East) Germany and the other UN countries they were abducted from and as long as they’re not shooting at us or hauling us off to the concentration camps I consider them our guests and even potential friends and allies. We need to finish off that underground base complex centered around Dulce, New Mexico, folks! All we’ve disabled are some of the peripheral ones, so far.

If I weren’t going to Africa next month, Carol and I would go right to the heart with a few hundred orgonite devices and take out that Dulce undground complex, as Richard and we took care of the bases around Fallon, Nevada, last summer. Why not strike at the heart if you intend to neutralize a ravenous beast? Others are shooting spitwads these days and whining about tyranny but we’ve got the Big Guns, so why not use them? I keep forgetting that more and more of the folks who read this stuff are from other cultures: a spitwad is what naughty little American schoolboys make by salivating on some chewed, folded bits of paper, then shooting it with rubber bands at other pupils, or perhaps the teacher. I guess that now makes them eligible for summary decapitation under the Brave New Patriotism laws. Truth really is much stranger than fantasy, folks. The present regime makes H.P. Lovecraft look like a research journalist.

Wanted: A Few Good Men
Have you noticed how often they name a new head of the Homeland Security Abomination? Why do you think that is? A few of our network gleefully whack the top predator every time a new one gets appointed. It’s kind of like winning prizes a carnival marksman booth for us. Allegedly they aren’t doing much, yet, so what’s the fuss and why else are they appointing so many ‘new’ heads to this monster? According to our reckoning, several folks in our informal network have prevented their 9/11-style mayhem in several major US cities since our first effort in Chicago on July 4, 2002, and we regularly check to see if anyone’s been appointed as the next boss of this bunch of nazi thugs after each time we fry the current one with our special kind of love. They’re foreigners as often as Americans, by the way, at the top of that dung heap.

At least two times, that we’re aware of, somebody else apparently did something similar to our efforts to stop Homeland Security Terrorists from commintting mass murder. The blackout in the Northeast that was concurrent with the massive assault on the internet that destroyed millions of PCs was probably the latest failed bid for martial law and they’ve tried that a couple more times in Europe since then. What a bunch of losers/halfwits The Old Villain has on the payroll these days!

The reason we speak openly about our activities is so that more and more people can participate. That’s empowering and has a sort of democratic implication.. Yes, folks, your ‘vote’ actually does count right now! ;-)

Dearly Beloved, We've Gathered Here Today...
Cbswork advised me to check the obituaries after he got busy erasing reptoid predators at the top of the American dungheap with his radionics/vortex-boosted efforts. I don’t read the papers, so what I’m getting is filtered through the internet but if you take a look at who’s been kicking the bucket in the past couple of months you’ll get the picture and also a lesson in how the reptiles in human form are a little different from ordinary people. The Bush family’s got a lot of those, as do the Royals, but of course those are all figureheads and even whipping posts designed to distract our attention away from the more culpable predators, which is why we never go after them. The very worst predators’ names are rarely if ever seen in print or on TV. Ollie North was an example of a predator who was much more powerful than his alleged rank implied, and the demise of Chainsaw Cheney after the failed plan to assassinate President Cujo last November is an example of what happens to The Old Villain’s favored ones when they don’t live up to the scheissvoegel’s expectations . I sincerely pity the poor pajama-clad souls who are even yet laboring under the delusion that the media whores/newsreaders are giving us even an approximation of truth about the political landscape.

Of course, I like reptilians in general, as I like all sentient species. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. They’re our earthly neighbors and fellow natives and many of the hives are not predatory to humans. The predatory hives give the others a bad rep. The nicer ones living under Florida, the Bahamas, W. Cuba and Yucatan were quite supportive after we made our first CB in Florida almost three years ago and took it up the coast for some field trials. Up close, they lacked that menacing aspect that you’ve probably seen in the reptiles where you live. They’re kind of cute the way they ape human behavior and I like their sense of humor and the way their shiny little saucer craft show up at odd times. They even have some individuality. Compared to those green predators I inadvertently killed in Pasadena in February with my brand new Powerwand the Florida ones seemed more familiar and I wasn’t uncomfortable around them, even up close, as when we visited with Al Bielek then (there were two of them at the next table for three hours in that IHOP, monitoring our conversation, and they didn’t even eat anything—I wonder if they were invisible to the waitress ;-)

Here’s a reptile story the likes of which I’m SURE you’ve never heard:

Lizzies, Lizzies
A friend/client of Carol’s told her last week that she and some friends had attended a new age conference during which there was a guided meditation. She wasn’t comfortable doing that, so she just politely sat there. She was near the front of the crowd of 300 or so in that room and during the meditation she turned around and was shocked to see that just about everyone in the room looked just like big, seated lizards.

During the break, she met up with her companions, who were also quite agitated. Before any of them opened their mouths, she said, ‘Let’s write down what we just experienced, okay?’ They did so and in each case they described exactly the same observations.

How cool is that?! Carol didn’t remember who conducted that workshop and it really doesn’t matter, anyway. It sort of boosts my recommendation not to blindly follow those new age mind control protocols, though, don’t you think?

In places like Southern California I feel quite sure that about a quarter of the population is partly or purely predatory reptilians in human form. Al Bielek told us that in order to maintain a human form, purebred reptilians need to regularly drink human blood. Hence, I suppose, the incessant blood drives by the masonic Red Cross, whose literature has claimed that it was started by Count Ste. Germaine. I read that in a promotional pamphlet from the International Red Cross Society that I found when we were living in Tonga in 1884. I bet they’re not saying that any more. My theory is that reptoids from all over the world gravitate to areas where there’s already a concentration of reptiles, a sort of ‘Like seeketh like and taketh pleasure in the company of its kind’ scenario. That may account for Cbswork’s experience one day in Los Angeles during a gifting mission when he instructed his Succor Punch to cause his car to become invisible to all predators. After a few minutes he’d been nearly blindsided several times by cars driven by folks who obviously didn’t see his car, so he changed the parameters immediately to specifically make his car invisible only to secret police agents (all of whom are now officially predatory, by the way, because this government is manifestly treasonous and they’re employed to enforce its unlawful mandates). Carol taught me how to make the car invisible (I could show you but she’d have to kill me ;-) and it’s awfully fun to watch the faces of the secet police as they drive by in both directions, frantically looking for us. That’s one of the most fun aspects of our gifting missions. When they know you’re looking at them they get all stone-faced, but when they don’t know you’re looking they are as animated and nervous as Woody Woodpecker. I suppose that’s an appropriate analogy for those p@#&*rheads.

I feel a little bemused that some folks who should know better, assume that progressive movements need to involve ‘the masses.’ In fact, even a cursory look at history indicates that this has never been so and in fact ‘the masses’ are always a hindrance in the beginning stages of any grassroots movement, which is what this global cloudbuster network is, and they’re fickle as hell, which is why The Old Villain invented ‘bread and circuses’ in the first place (‘Who’s gonna win the Superbowl?’) .

I’d sooner enlist a bunch of English soccer fans than invite ‘The Masses’ into this little active network ;-).

Mark Gets Marked
Most of the people who are reading our offerings and then making cloudbusters and also disabling these heinous new omnipresent towers will never even send me an email. One of Mark Davey’s detractors in England publicly claimed that Mark had joined a cult (‘crazy’ is a favored, time-honored appellation bestowed on viable warriors by disinformation agents) and that I was scamming people in order to sell cloudbusters. I prudently decided early on that we would not be selling any of these devices because I knew that this accusation would damage our efforts if it were at all justified. In this case, the detractor is just making an ass of himself, which is okay but certainly won’t stop him. I think I told Mark that arguing with these payrolled scheissvoegel is like wrestling with a pig in the mud: the pig has a grand time, but you only get filthy and exhausted.

After Mark created that lovely blue hole in West Yorkshire, he got the confirmation he required in order back this network 100%. Without confirmations like this from our own efforts, folks, we’re just wasting our breath talking about this to others.

The only orgonite devices we sell are the Terminator Zapper, which was developed and marketed six months before we made our first CB, and Carol’s inexpensive Harmonic Protector. I’ve been making and selling zappers for 7 ½ years and the T is the fruition of a lot of R & D during that time, especially in the final stage in which I had Carol’s help. I think the CB and the other inventions kind of grew out of what we learned from that, mainly, though Reich’s offerings were what inspired me to investigate orgone’s symbiotic relationship to microcurrent in healing serious illnesses..

There are many thousands of cloudbusters in the world, perhaps twice or three times as many as my wildest estimate if my considered hunch that the Russian Gov’t has been distributing them is correct. After all, Dr. Reich advised his associates that his demise was being orchestrated from Moscow, even though the Russians were already using ORACs in their hospitals by the early 1950s. Al Bielek told us that Dr. Reich had worked for the CIA until he figured out that his contributions were being applied to predatory programs such as MKUltra. Reich’s associates were completely unaware of any of that.

I’m only personally aware of a few hundred cloudbusters, though I’ve had second-hand reports of a great many more, because most people who make them aren’t interested in telling even the inventor about their efforts and in fact, generally, once a person has set up a CB and busted the new towers in his own town or neighborhood he/she likely forgets all about this stuff, which is natural. After all, once you’ve fixed what’s bugging you, why not get on with life? Reasonably, local chemtrails, HAARP molestations and neighborhood deathforce transmitters are really no more annoying than a bunion in real terms and it’s probably cheaper, quicker and easier to fix those ‘big’ problems than it is to fix one’s bad feet.

Carol and I have disabled all the towers for a hundred miles around our house, visited other countries to fix vortices and to do a little networking, and traveled extensively in the US and Canada to disable underground bases and clear the smog/DOR from entire large cities, but this is our calling right now and we enjoy it immensely. We’re paying our own way in every case (we’ve got two maxed-out credit cards to prove it ;-) and the rewards we get are the abundant sensory confirmations that follow our efforts, every time.

If we’d put that amount of energy into gathering a following we’d probably be bitter by now and bogged down with sycophants and backstabbers. As it stands now, we’ve apparently got more Teflon on us than Ronnie Reagan did because since we don’t stand to gain anything in particular by promoting this stuff the occasional gratuitous and even concerted attacks from ill-wishers rather draw more good people to us out of simple curiosity and The Old Villain knows for sure that if we aren’t heard from by our friends on the internet for even a few days the fake gov’t will be scrutinized by an uncomfortably large, vocal number of rational people and right now, thanks to their recent, blatant treason, those Nazis in Washington, DC, are loathe to contend with any scrutiny at all, especially on the net.

This is a win/win situation for you and us and it would be a real shame to waste this opportunity to disable their potentially genocidal infrastructure with impunity. Ten years ago any of us would have been suicided or disappeared for committing so much mayhem on their capital and management-personnel assets.

Right now, Mark Davey is under the gun more than anyone else in this informal global network is because he set up Etheric Freedom Fighter, a board strictly dedicated to reporting our collective efforts, strategies and tactics, to disable this world regime.

I’ve never witnesses such a vehement response by the legions of secret police hackers, psionics agents, character assassins, sorcerers and other saboteurs as has been directed at Mark and Phillippa, who is his able and conscious psychic consultant. Georg Ritschl is sending a Powerwand to Mark, who is having to contend with this mob more or less barehanded with whatever remote support a few of us occasionally send them.

I have no doubt that he’ll prevail and I’m very impressed by MI5/6’s massive response to his recent efforts. This is one of the best confirmations we could get. Everyone who posts there has had to contend with their hackers. I’ve never seen anything like that in the US. I think one reason they’re so determined to shut Mark down is that they stand to lose so much if even a few hundred Brits take this project to heart. The City of London is the world’s financial, and therefore political, capital and all of that mess depends on a sanction from the Queen, whom Lyndon LaRouche has called ‘The Whore of Babylon.’

The English are never far from a referendum to disband the monarchy and when that occurs all of the little banker trolls and malignant secret police jerks who are hiding under QEII’s ample skirts will be exposed to the light of day and that will be the end of the IMF, the World Bank, and, by extension, the global dope trade, National Socialism, communism, Wall Street, etc, etc. and I know from my years in the parasite extermination trade that better health is ALWAYS the immediate result of expelling parasites ;-) This is just as true in the body politic as it is in the human body.

At this point, they can’t kill Mark or Phillippa because they’ve already got enough of a profile on the net to ensure that their murders would precipitate a global groundswell of attention to this effort and that, too, would spell the abrupt end of this world regime. Do you have even a hint of the potential we few havce tapped into? There is no leadership in this grassroots movement but there are many exemplars and potentially many, many more. We constantly try to outdo each other, which is the proper expression of the competitive spirit.

Jeff Rense and Trevor Constable stopped publicly attacking us as soon as it became obvious that their condemnations and ridicule over a two-month period had doubled the number of activists in this network within a month, so what do you suppose would happen if the news of a murdered activist got out? Life is sweet in several ways for us all these days ;-)

DeMeo is still on the attack, though. I just heard form a man in Namibia who had made two Cbs recently and was asking for my advice about how to deal with some local DeMeo sycophants who were haranguing him for deploying orgonite cloudbusters and telling him that he’d joined a cult. This was the first contact I ever had with him and I suspect that after he’s got it straight that the reverse is true in his case I may not even hear from him more than one or two more times. That’s pretty typical. I count myself lucky if they even tell me their last names and where, in general, their CBs are located ;-)

By the way, DeMeo ordered a cloudbuster kit from Michelle Ridgley over a year ago and apparently built it not long after that because when Carol and I were in a motel on one of our gifting missions we saw on the Weather Channel that there was a neatly circular rainstorm centered just east of Ashland Oregon, where DeMeo lives. Carol went there astrally and told me that he dismantled it right after that. As you know, when you first make one of these CBs you normally get an initial little ‘thank you’ from the atmosphere for about twenty miles around in the form of gentle, sustained rain and a pleasant ambience. That is, if you’ve taken the time to disable the new towers where you live you’re pretty much guaranteed to get that response. We were fortunate in that we got our initial observations before they started building these horrible, underground-nuke-powered deathforce transmitters all over the globe a couple of years ago.

We weren’t even allowed on the property of Orgonon, Dr. Reich’s workshop in Maine, even though we visited during a time that it was scheduled to be open to the public after giving them a month’s notice of our arrival. As I’d posted before, a CIA agent who became my girlfriend briefly (before I connected with Carol) tried to entice me to move to Santa Fe with the offer to let me copy a large quantity of Dr. Reich’s own handwritten notes that she’d been personally given by Eva Reich. Since I wasn’t that fond of her and wasn’t, at that point, particularly interested in Reich’s information I declined her offer. Too bad, as her masters at Langley probably took that material back right after that. Her assignment was to travel the world and insinuate herself into the confidences of the more demonstrable healers/pioneers on the planet. She called herself Rhoda Sage when I knew her four years ago.

With ‘supporters’ like James DeMeo, it’s no wonder that none of Dr. Reich’s voluminous unknown writings have been published since before his murder in 1957 and I hope to God somebody with some integrity will gets their hands on Dr. Reich’s remaining occulted material before it all disappears from Orgonon into the bowels of Langley. What will it take to make that happen? He’d discovered how to overcome gravity, had developed a workable orgone-powered engine and who knows what else, besides leaving a written legacy of his powerful insights and inspirations and much of that is probably recorded for posterity at Orgonon. A few Towerbusters tossed over the fence along three sides of that heinous CIA compound outside Washington, DC, last November was one of my token efforts to get a little payback for what they did to Dr. Reich during his life and even in the present. What a bunch of parasites!

Of course, no doubt saw they noticed that lovely, big blue hole we poked in the raging blizzard (no wind where we were standing, of course) over Rangely that day with our brand new orgonite cloudbuster. I’ve got pics of the CB standing on a snowdrift in the sunshine next to the ‘Orgonon’ sign that day in early March, 2001.

Etheric Freedom Fighters is set up to report activities. It’s really okay and appropriate if only a few people participate there now because we don’t want to fill up space with a lot of empty ruminations or noisy gladhanding. Since the secret police in Britain are so vigorously slamming Mark and Phillippa now and hacking the snot out of anyone who tries to post there I know that this approach is already paying off.

Mark’s very good at marketing and networking and as soon as he’s cycled through all of this and gotten a clearer picture of where the true potential lies in his efforts, I think he’ll get the energy that’s required to overcome his assailants, with the network’s help, of course. Both of us have banned several agents, mind control dupes and malcontents already. Several folks, some of whom I’ve personally known, have shown up to bait me into personal fights with them and I banned them, too. We’re not inclined to that kind of fighting ;-)

What I learned from the first CB forum two years ago when it first got started, is that summarily banning these incorrigibles early on creates a sweeter atmosphere in which substantive, committed, action-oriented people are more comfortable posting, so they do so more often. We orgone warriors are essentially quite gentle people. ‘The meek’ are indeed inheriting the earth right now, folks. Otherwise the trouble makers will run the show by default. I don’t give a lot of thought about whether the trouble makers are on a gov’t payroll or not because in fact that’s not important. We are what we do, after all, not what we say, and some of my favorite people are posting now about what they’re doing to further the work and knowledge connected with this brand new technology.

From where I stand, Mark doesn’t need to ‘do’ much right now except weather the storm and keep this site open. The $#!+storm of secret police harassment clearly indicates to me that they KNOW that we’re on the verge of the next step, which is wider awareness of this network on the internet. Every time I ban a trouble maker I get the next human wave of MI6 hackers and their pitiful satanic ritual sorcerers (witless Crowley-wannabees, no doubt). It’s happens like clockwork, but have you noticed, folks, that their assaults are getting weaker each succeeding week? That means we’ve cycled through most of that unwashed horde by now and the path is getting clearer for us. Keep boosting Mark and Phillippa with your Powerwands 2, 3, Shivas, and whatever else you have on hand until we’ve gotten past this hurdle, okay?

Remember when Teia’s brother (a Maori shaman) vanquished the reptiles who were trying to keep that ancient predatory hive portal open on New Zealand’s North Island last fall? He’s the one who first gave me the notion that we don’t really need tools to do this work, but it wasn’t until after I’d made my first Powerwand and experienced that ‘feeling’ that I knew for sure that this was so. Around the same time we got a Shiva from Mark Hooten and the ‘feeling’ got refined more and expanded. Now I’ve gone back to using an ordinary Succor Punch, through which I direct ‘global artillery’ barrages at friends and foes for healing, disabling or even killing, whichever is appropriate under universal law. Dr. von Peters came up with that technique. Anyone can do any of this, of course. This has turned me into a voter at last. I never knew I could make a difference in politics ;-)

Refugees vote with their feet but we vote more proactively with our Powerwands and similar tools once we’ve overcome the mind control protocols that prohibit us from effectively stopping tyrants in their tracks. This is more elegant than just shooting these rabid, fake-gov’t rats, don’t you think?

What are you waiting for? GET BUSY and have some good, clean fun in the process!

Don Croft

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