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The Bailout Swindle, Act II
Congressional NWO Sell-outs Show Their True Colors

By Ken Adachi
October 3, 2008

The Bailout Swindle, Act II: Congressional NWO Sell-outs Show Their True Colors (Oct. 3, 2008)

If you had harbored any doubts that the majority of your congressional REPRESENTATIVES, both Senate and maybe House, are working hand in glove with international bankers, wall street barons, and international corporations (E.g. the NWO) to subsidize their sponsors' greed and reckless business decisions at the expense of the American taxpayer, then those doubts should evaporate after today's vote in the House.

I've never seen National Propaganda Radio (NPR) work so hard to try and convince their listeners that this historic swindle and robbery of Mr and Mrs. American Suckers is actually a "necessary" step to prevent "calamity" in the financial markets and ultimately lead to ruination of the nation and a need for MARSHAL LAW. Pelosi and other NWO shills actually were quoted on the radio saying that marshal law may follow in the wake of a no vote by the House. These people ought to be taken out and publicly horse whipped for engaging in such blatant and unjustified fear mongering.

I was never so livid in my life when I heard NWO/Bush lap dog and self-serving slug from Connecticut, Christopher Shays, tell an NPR reporter that "sometimes you have the do the COURAGEOUS thing and vote your CONSCIENCE, even though it may not be the popular Will of the people, at the moment". This Vietnam War draft evader then went on to tell the reporter that he believes these is " a Silent Majority that exists in this country who favor the bailout". I also heard similar tripe from both the Senate and House majority and minority whips, to say nothing of the main cabal of sell-outs like Barney Frank, Harry Reed, Christopher Dodd, Pelosi, etc.

There is still time to call your House representative and to shout your objections from the top of your lungs.

Call your House rep. today and tell tell to either vote "no" on the bailout or plan of looking for another job after November's election.

Ken Adachi

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