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Photographic Evidence that Barack Obama is a Human/Reptilian Hybrid, Part 1

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By Ken Adachi, Editor
September 16, 2008

Persian translation of this article:
from Hamid Behmanesh

Photographic Evidence that Barack Obama is a Human/Reptilian Hybrid, Part 1 by Ken Adachi (Sep. 16, 2008)

Jeff Rense posted a series of photos on May 24, 2008 of Barack Obama's family and relatives in an article titled Obama 'First Family' Photos? (

Lolo Sotoro, Stanley And, and Barack Soetoro ca 1967 Among those photos was the black & white photo seen on the right. The photo shows Lolo Soetoro on the left, Stanley Ann Soetoro (formerly Stanley Ann Obama, Barack's mother) sitting next to him with their baby girl, Maya, and on the right, "Barry Soetoro" (later changed to Barry Dunham, and finally to Barack Obama) Obama is about 10 years old in this photo. The photo was likely taken in 1971.

I've re-posted the photo at 500 pixels wide, exactly as it was seen on Jeff Rense's web site. Don Nicoloff used a slightly larger version of this same photo in a lenghty article he posted to the Internet yesterday titled The Three Stooges go to Washington: Part 3 . Don has found astounding anomalies and deception in the official genealogy and background profile of Barack Obama and his family. The second part of his Obama expose, soon to be published, will contain his most explosive research to date on the Rockefeller-sponsored, infiltrator and non-citizen, Barack Hussein Obama. Be sure to read his articles.

Don and I often talk on the phone and he mentioned a couple of weeks ago that he saw entities on Barack's knees and forearms in the black and white photo seen above. When he re-introduced color into the photo, these entities were easier to spot. He sent me a color version of the photo and I began to look at it carefully using PhotoShop. It's obvious that the photo was intentionally desaturated of color before publishing it on the Internet so you wouldn't notice the etheric entities popping out all over the place in this photograph. After enlarging and adjusting the contrast, the entities show up with remarkable clarity. I've divided this photo essay into three sections highlighting the entities seen on 1) Barack's forearms, knees, and hands; 2) on the wall behind Barack, and 3) on the forearms of Lolo Soetoro. It's obvious that Barack and Lolo are more than normal "aliens" in the earthly sense of the word.

First, let's compare the original published photo in black and white against its colorized version. I've increased the width to 619 pixels which is the same size that Don Nicoloff used in his article linked above.

Lolo Soetoro and Family ca. 1971You'll notice that your attention is initially drawn to the entity with the white "headband" bleeding through on the right side of the picture seen on the wall and to the right of Obama. You'll also notice that the marks on Obama's knees, which in the smaller black and white photo look like ordinary scrap marks typical of a kid of his age, now stand out more clearly and they somehow look "odd".

With the color added, you also notice the strange bumpiness of his hands that stand out more sharply. When I enlarge and crop these areas in the photos seen below, you will see very distinct images of etheric entities: some alien-looking, some human-like, and and others animal-like. The "bumpiness" of his hands, when enlarged, reveal the tell-tale reptilian feature of scale-like appearance to the skin. And within that scaly skin appearance are images of reptilian entities. I first discovered these etheric bleed-through images when I was working on a photo of George Bush Sr., another human/reptilian hybrid masquerading as a human being, standing on the deck of a US aircraft carrier on September 1, 1944 posing with two other Navy airmen. I titled that article Mystery 'Person' from a September 1, 1944 Wartime Photograph (May 20, 2007) and, upon enlargement and contrast enhancement, you see both a human-looking entity immediately to the left of Bush's head as well as reptilian-looking entities.

I can only speculate why these etheric images show up when examing enlargements of certain photos of human/reptilian hybrids such as Bush or Obama, but my guess is that their conduct carries etheric "baggage" which rides along in the aura of the victimizer. Another posibility is that entities or etheric creatures of a similar "vibration" ride along with these hybrids, much in the way that Remora fish attach themselves to certain species of sharks. How or why they can show up on photographs, I have no idea, but they are certainly there if you look for them.

(All PhotoShop enlargements, crops, enhancements and adjusted images seen below are Ccopyright 2008 to Reproduction without permission is not allowed)

Outlines of cropped areas to be enlarged

Barack's Left Arm

I've outline four areas along his left arm to be cropped and enlarged. I marked them LAC 1, LAC 2, LAC 3, and LAC 4. The  upper left arm is identified as LAC 1 and has many etheric images, but I've isolated three here and identified them as LAC-1 "A" ,B, and C

Barack Obama left arm crops to be enlarged

Barack Obama left arm LAC 1 marked

Barack left arm reptilain entity LAC-1 A

                                                                                                                    LAC-1 crop "A" image seen above is clearly reptilian

LAC-1 "B" crop (human looking face, left side view)                                    LAC-1 crop "C" (no idea)

Barack Obama left arm LAC 1 crop B BArack Obama left arm LAC-1 Crop C

The upper left forearm is identified as LAC-2., crop A and crop B

BArack Obama left forearm LAC-2 crop A    Barack Obama left forearm LAC-2 crop A Barack Obama left forearm LAC-2 crop B

Left hand wrist area identified as LAC-3

Barack Obama left wrist and hand in  1971   Barack Obama left wrist LCA-3    Barack Obama left wrist LAC 3 color adj  


The left hand is identified above as LAC-4. It's loaded with etheric images. The photo on the left is seen as the hand appears in the original, but I've rotated the photo clockwise twice on the right side to orientate the etheric images upright. This is the view that Barack would see if he was looking down at his left hand.

Barack Obama left hand in 1971 Barack Obama left ahnd outlined images

I've chosen to outline two of the more obvious images to crop and enlarge from LAC-4. Most etheric images tend to meld into adjacent etheric images.       

BArack Obama left hand image

            Barack Obama left hand image crop    

Barack's knees contain remarkable etheric images as well as the wall behind Barack and Soetoro. I'll add more images in Part 2..Ken Adachi

(All PhotoShop enlargements, crops, enhancements and adjusted images seen above are Copyright 2008 to Reproduction without permission is not allowed. All Rights Reserved)

© Copyright 2008  All Rights Reserved.

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