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Art Bell Derides 911 Skeptics as 'Wingnuts'

From Leslie Bell <>
March 6, 2005

Original Title
Bell Calls 911 Skeptics 'Wingnuts' - Tells Them To Leave

Last night's program was a doozy. Art Bell sent a clear message to his faithful listeners, and it wasn't a nice one: if you don't buy the government's line on 9-11, you're a loony. Out of your mind. And that he and his show would be better off without your listenership, so if you want to quit listening, leave. He's better off without you.

His guest, Ben Chertoff, was quite good; very reassuring, very relaxing, very professional, and very coached. And all the material discussed overlooked what is painfully obvious to perhaps the majority of Bell's audience: that only one group of people benefited, MORE THAN ANY OTHER, from 9-11. It wasn't the Israelies; they got some collateral benefit but not one-hundreth what the main group that benefited did. And if you believe that George Bush & Co. benefited more from 9-11 than any other, and therefore they're responsible, even though it's the truth, according to Bell, you're a looney, and his show doesn't need you in its audience.

So, oblige him. Quit listening. Listen to George Noory during the week, who respects other people's opinions and searches for the truth, and boycott Bell. When the weekend numbers drop precipitously, maybe he'll at least apologize, as he should. He'll never believe Bush and Co were behind 9-11, because as faithful long-time listeners know, Art is an old soldier, a man of violence, believes very much in revenge, and if he, for one microsecond, even allowed himself to entertain the thought that Bush even knew about 9-11 in advance, it would require him to load a handy rifle, drive his RV to Washington DC, and put a bullet in a certain brain at the earliest possible opportunity. Those of us not so like-minded don't have that particular problem.

So, now you know why Art Bell refuses to believe the obvious. What there is no explanation for is the rudeness, the close-mindedness, the snipes at Jeff Rense ("that Rense site is 'Jew this' and 'Jew that'") and the obstinate belligerence.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is far more proof of Bush 9-11 complicity that there is for UFO's, yet Art has no problem with that particular LOONY belief system, as well as plenty of others.

And all the crap spewed last night was just that: crap. It's all a smokescreen. NONE OF IT MATTERS. Whether the towers fell naturally, whether they were demolished, whether this plane or that plane hit this, the pod people, NONE OF IT MATTERS. What matters is the simple fact the THE BUSH CABAL BENEFITED MORE THAN ANY ONE ELSE, both in terms of MONEY, POWER, and EMPIRE. A group of hounded ex-CIA agents turned Moslem extremists in rags living from cave to cave sure as Hell didn't benefit in the slightest, while Laura Bush herself couldn't wipe the SMILE off her face for two weeks after 9-11, EVEN AT THE VICTIMS' MEMORIAL SERVICE. Go watch the video, it's part of history. There's your TRUTH, in those dull dead grinning eyes.

So, oblige Mr. Bell. Boycott Coast on the weekends until YOU at least get an apology. I myself personally don't need one because I understand Art very well, and realize his belief is based on the most powerful human instinct of all, the instinct for self-preservation. If Art was a pacifist instead of being the old warrior he is, his life wouldn't depend on believing the crap the government spews out about 9-11. But as his life DOES depend on believing one particular pile of crap, believe it he will, and to his grave. Only THEN will he find out what the rest of us, including HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of his FAITHFUL listeners already know: that 9-11 was the greatest act of Treason in the History of the Planet.

And yes, something like that makes people angry. VERY angry. Anyone who wouldn't get angry at even the mere idea, doesn't deserve to be called an American. But don't blame Art, he's NOT a traitor. He's not Illuminati. He's not working for the Government. What he is, is a man fighting desperately not to become another Oswald.

And that's SOME motivation for believing lies and crap. More so than merely hating a corrupt Administration, or the government.

And I say, Art, you go right on believing that lie. Because I, too, would rather have you around and alive, believing the lie, than believe the truth, and what you'd do if you knew it.

Leslie Bell


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