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Ben Fulford Debunks the 'Deadly Radiation" Psychological Media Campaign Currently Underway

From Ken Adachi, Editor
April 14, 2011

Ben Fulford Debunks the 'Deadly Radiation" Psychological Media Campaign Currently Underway (Apr, 14, 2011)

I was pleasantly surprised and gratified to learn that Ben Fulford has been relaying the same story about the engineered March 11 Japan tsunami and the sabotaged nuclear reactors that I and ZS Livingstone have been reiterating at this web site since March 12, 2011.

ZS Livingstone sent me a link (forwarded to him by Al Gray) of a video clip of Ben Fulford posted on April 10, 2011, in which Ben supports the same claim being made here at that The Radiation is Coming! The Radiation is Coming! media-driven scare campaign is just that: a trumped up, fear-inducing, psychological warfare operation (see first video posted below).

I've also embedded a second video from Ben Fulford posted on March 18, 2011 wherein Ben states that the March 11 earthquake and tsunami were caused by nuclear bombs planted in the sea floor by the US Navy and other Star War era space-based weapon platforms; and that the Japanese nuclear reactors at Daiichi were SABOTAGED to create the "deadly radiation" fear-inducing cover story being promoted so well by Lauren Moret, Alfred Webre, Christopher Busby, Bill Deagle, and many, many others at web sites like,, etc.

Whenever someone like Fulford comes out with something that's really damaging to the Illuminati or their minions in the Pentagon, you can always expect to see a tsunami of derogatory, insulting, mocking, and demeaning "comments" posted at the youtube web site. Many of these individuals, as you might guess, are government sponsored disinformation trolls, probably assigned to counter-intelligence work by the military (the US Air Force in particular). I did, however, find a couple of supportive comments posted to Rumor Mill News which I've posted below Ben's March 18 video clip.

Ben mentions that he has his own geiger counter in Tokyo and the back ground readings are normal (as government radiation monitors in Tokyo, available on the internet, have consistently shown, with the exception of a slight elevation on March 15, 2011). Ben says he's not far from the Daiichi facility, but that's not quite accurate. Tokyo is about 225 km (or 140 miles) from the Daiichi nuclear facility. However, I was told that there's a recent video clip on YouTube that shows a reporter walking around the vicinity of the Daiichi facility with a geiger counter and the radiation readings are much lower than we are led to believe from sensational "news reports' that are pasted all over the internet.

April 10, 2011
Ben Fulford's latest Report on the psychological radiation scare-mongering campaign being promoted world wide.

Update, April 18, 2011. A transcript of Ben Fulford's comments on this video clip (transcribed by <>) is posted further below.

Comments on the above video clip posted at Rumor Mill News:

I live on the Oregon Coast and have my own geiger counter, I have had lower readings since the Japan reactor crisis would have reached here than I did BEFORE it occured! So I guess I would be in agreement with Ben this time. Thanks much for your posts!! -js


Reader John: "I could sense the emotion and it resonated with me"

Posted By: Jordon [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 12-Apr-2011 19:47:38

In Response To: Benjamin Fulford New Video: "The Radiation Is FAKE!"


Re: Benjamin Fulford New Video: 'The Radiation....

Jordon: A day or so ago I sent you a message, which you published (thank you), wherein I expressed reservations about Ben Fulford. This video makes me want to amend that statement. I say this not because I agree with what he is saying in this video, which I certainly do, but because of the way he says it. I could sense the emotion and it resonated with me. Fear is the weakness we must guard against and information is what gives us power. Good for you Ben Fulford.

John Crittenden


March 18 2011
Ben Fulford on the Engineered March 11 Japan tsunami and the Sabotaged Daiichi Nuclear Reactors

posted by Ken Adachi on April 14, 2011

Transcripts of April 10, 2011 and March 18, 2011 comments by Ben Fulford

(transcribed by <>)

April 10, 2011 - You Tube video: Benjamin Fulford April 10, 2011 Address

This is April 10, 2011, Tokyo, Japan. This is Benjamin Fulford speaking. My fellow humans, the battle to liberate the Planet Earth has entered a crucial phase. The oligarchs, the financial criminals, who have been forcing us into unnecessary wars and causing trouble all over the planet, are close to their final defeat. However, they are still extremely dangerous and very evil people. They have followed their attack on Japan with the earthquake weapon and the sabotage of the nuclear plants, with a psychological campaign to spread fear and panic.

Right now, the world is suffering from psychological radiation. It is caused by fear of radiation, and not by actual radiation itself. I am in Tokyo, right near the plant where the accident happened. I have my own personal Geiger counter, and it's recording normal background radiation. Please do not let them make you scared about things like that. They require fear; they feed on it. Do not be afraid. We are headed for world peace. They are running out of tricks. They've been trying to use the Reagan-era Star Wars equipment now, because we've closed down a lot of their HAARP facilities. They're not going to be allowed to use them.

They tried to set up a new global currency, controlled by them. We did not let them use it. We are soon going to be in a position to release trillions of dollars to help end poverty, stomp environmental destruction, end war, and set humanity free.

Thank you


March 18, 2011 - Part 1 - You Tube video: Benjamin Fulford 3-18-11 Address - Part 1

My fellow humans, you are about to wake up from a long and terrible nightmare. A cabal, a secret cabal that has been causing wars, spreading disease, causing starvation and tormenting humanity for hundreds, if not thousands of years, has been identified and is about to be neutralized. The result will be world peace, for the first time in probably thousands of years. This will result in huge amounts of money being released for the purposes of ending poverty, stopping environmental destruction, and allowing humanity to live up to its potential.

According to the American Academy of Scientists, over 6,000 patents have been suppressed for so-called security reasons. If these patents are released in a responsible manner, it will lead to an era that we only thought existed in science fiction movies. We are about to become FREE.

March 18, 2011 - Part 2 - You Tube video: Benjamin Fulford - March 18, 2011 Address

Hello, my name is Benjamin Fulford. I am a spokesperson for an organization known as the White Dragon Society. We are an international group of financiers, military men, people in intelligence agencies and in secret organizations, as well as journalists and regular citizens, who have been appalled and disgusted by the never-ending wars caused by the military industrial complex.

They have been using over 90% of humanity's savings in order to steal oil, pillage countries, and just cause mayhem. We decided that we needed to stop these people. If we could release all the money that was being taken by the military industrial complex and us it for peaceful purposes, we could end poverty and stop environmental destruction within months ! We could also then create an era of progress such as never been seen before, releasing all the technology that they have hoarded for themselves and for their secret groups. This would include, above everything, something known as free energy. It is the ability to create energy at almost zero cost. It would allow every one of us to live the life of a millionaire.

What's been going on now is that we have been slowly cutting off money to the military part of the United States government. We've been telling them, "You cannot borrow any more for your killing purposes. You need to transform the military industrial complex from a swords-to-plowshares thing." And we will give them money to make sure nobody's unemployed. The same with the oil industry; we'll let them phase out oil in a way that nobody loses money. If we release the free energy technology, we can turn
Canada into a tropical paradise. We can increase the amount of fish in the oceans by 10 times. We can make the other planets inhabitable. We are just trying to free ourselves as a species, from the control of this ancient cabal.

They are a group of people who have been using assassination, bribery, war, and ridicule as their way of controlling society. And because they have been running out of money, they have become incredibly dangerous. They threatened to attack Japan with an earthquake weapon, as a result of their impending bankruptcy. They said, "If you do not give us money, we will sink Japan into the ocean." And a fleet of American ships and submarines was sent off the coast of northeast Japan, where they planted nuclear bombs in the bottom of the ocean and set them off in order to create a tsunami - a tidal wave - and cause destruction.

Not only that, they also deliberately engineered accidents at various Japanese nuclear power plants in order to cover up the radiation incoming from these bombs. This was not a natural tsunami. If it was, the waves would have reached Hawaii; they would have reached other islands. But no, it was targeted in a single direction. That cannot happen in nature. The leaders of this group are members of various organizations that you know of as the Bilderberg, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the various groups of knights. The top leaders of this warmongering group are: George Bush, Sr., Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Jay Rockefeller, the Pope, and Prince Charles.

There are many other members of this group, but we know where they are; we know who they are. We now have the backing of a large group of intelligence organizations. This includes Asian secret societies, including the Triads and the Yakuza. It means members of the CIA [Central Intelligence Agency]; the NSA [National Security Agency]; the Pentagon; we have people from MI6 [another name for the SIS, Secret Intelligence Service]; and British security. We have cooperation from people within the KGB [Russian Committee for State Security] and the FSB [Federal Security Bureau of Russia]. We have cooperation from within the Japanese military establishment. We are growing in power worldwide and we will no longer allow these criminals to act as if they cannot be prosecuted for anything.

If you go into a country, like Iraq, and you murder more than a million people and you steal their oil, you are a criminal and you deserve to be tried in a court of law. You cannot get away with this behavior any more.

They have been given a deadline, and they know that we're serious. They will be found wherever they try to hide on this planet and arrested. Their only chance is to agree to appear before a South African-style truth and reconciliation committee; and if they do so, and if they stop tormenting and harassing our species and our planet, then they will be forgiven. This is a one-time offer. We want world peace. We want an end to hunger. We want an end to environmental destruction. And we want all the progress that has been stolen from us to be given back, so we can have the future we were meant to have.

Thank you.


Subject: response to Fulford posting/your insights
From: Larry (Germany)
Date: Fri, April 15, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

Thank you for posting this and your spot-on insights on the situation (always appreciated)-

Yeah, even such reputable webmasters such as Jeff Rense, Michael Rivero, Shepard Ambellas ( normally a great website), 'contrived' gravel-sounding, fear-mongering Alex Jones (I'm an opera-singer by profession- I can immediately recognize a contrived voice, believe me), yes even David Icke, above all (!!!), has fallen to this scam-

But even Dr. Joseph Farrell (if you are not yet familiar with his works/books I can only highly urge you to do so- they are highly informative, impeccably researched/documented, etc., not to mention absolutely 'mind-boggling,' well, at least for me- maybe you're at a different level), although not yet 'scientifically' convinced the Japan earthquake/Fukushima disaster was "man-made,", Farrell has often stated in regards to the 'official stories' of the tragedy (I'm paraphrasing):"something is not right here"-

his website:

Truly a remarkable truth-seeker, as you also are-

Hey, guy, "keep on truckin'!" :-)

Many regards,

Larry M

P.S: no, Ken, I don't receive "revenue" from promoting Farrell's books- I'm just a big fan of his intellect and buy his books at the going price on the market

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