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Berkana Wireless Radio Tower Locator

By Ken Adachi <Editor>
October 4, 2004

Thanks to Frankie, we know have an easy way to locate cell phone towers from your computer. If you've been reading the Adventures of Don & Carol Croft, you know how absoutely necessary it is to secret an orgone generator within 1300 feet of any (and all) cell phone towers in your immediate vicinity. Start with your house as the center of a circle, and 'gift' all towers within a 2 mile radius of your residence with a tower buster or other types of orgone generators. As time allows, gift your way out to a 5 mile radius. Do that, and you will not only short circuit the mind control functionality of those towers, but you will also bring in legions of Sylphs to clean up your local skies of chemtrails and all the toxic junk they contain.

Do it folks. It's the most valuable contribution you can make to assist humanity to abort the planned Illuminati enslavement/genocide agenda that is rapidly enveloping the world.

Do it because it's within your capability.

Do it because it needs to be done.

Do it because you can do it without exposing yourself to any serious danger.

Just, do it.


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To: Editor
Sent: Monday, October 04, 2004 10:29 PM
Subject: maps of tower locations

Tower Location Mapper: Wireless Tower antenna maps for the USA This is very useful. Found 68 towers in and around my town.

Let me know if you get this. Sincerely, Frankie

Update, Oct. 21, 2004

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To: Editor
Sent: Thursday, October 21, 2004 10:18 AM
Subject: Made a mistake!!!!

Hi Ken, If you leave the company line blank at the tower website it will pull up ALL FCC licensed towers in your area.

Sorry about that.

Tower Location Mapper: Wireless Tower antenna maps (


Update, Nov. 12, 2004

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From: "Terry Hamel" <>
To: <Editor>
Sent: Friday, November 12, 2004 9:23 PM
Subject: tower locator website

Hi Ken,

People might benefit from saving the tower locator results to their computer because we don't know if this web site will be available in the future and they won't have to perform the search again if they need to do more than one gifting run.

To be really necho-nerdy, you can use to PLAN A TRIP with the tower address results. This will allow you to save time and gas money on gifting runs.

To save the results to computer:

1) I used the 2 letter US Postal Service rendition of my state IN CAPS
2) I spelled out my city name with the first letter capitalized
3) As noted on the site directions, you can use % as a wildcard in any field. I used % in the company name field. This gave me ALL tower owners.
4) Choose one of the 4 radio buttons for MAPS or TABLES. I chose NO MAPS.
5) Choose the largest results on one page - 5000

Let some time for the results to fill in. Note it gives longitude and latitude coordinates as well as street addresses.

6) Now SAVE PAGE AS from your web browser to your hard drive using ALL or COMPLETE. Make sure it has an .HTML filename extension (e.g. towers_of_my_city.html)

Some of the links will not work, such as each towers's VIEW RESULTS and the MAP OF ALL TOWERS at the end of the page. To remedy this:

1) Open the saved HTML in notepad or your favorite text editor.
2) In between <HEAD> and </HEAD>, paste in <BASE href="">

e.g. Mine looks like:

<title>Tower Location Mapper: Wireless Tower antenna maps for the USA</title>
<meta NAME="keywords" CONTENT="wireless,tower,towers,tower sites,antennas,maps,radio,cellular,longitude,latitude,sprint,pcs,bell,antenna,AT&T,ATT,license,map,mapping,berkana,berkana productions,database">
<meta NAME="description" CONTENT="On-line maps of Wireless radio tower locations">
<BASE href="">

3) Save the file, then from your web browser, do FILE > OPEN (or Control/Cmd-O) and find the saved file.

Voila! Instant tower maps accessible even when you are offline!


Update Nov. 14, 2004

Editor wrote:

Can either of you help this guy?

Thanks, Ken

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*From:* c <>
*To:* Editor
*Sent:* Saturday, November 13, 2004 11:58 PM
*Subject:* berkana map question...

the maps page has a box for registration # i think it doenst show the maps becuse i dont know where to get a registration its not usefull?

let me know...

thanks...chris bay area tb spammer, mostly thrown , some burried...

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From: "Terry Hamel" <>
To: <>
Cc: "Ken Adachi, Editor>
Sent: Sunday, November 14, 2004 11:32 AM
Subject: Re: berkana map question...

You don't have to enter anything into reg # - it is optional. It's used to find a specific FCC tower via registration #. Same with Company name.

The only criteria required is city, state and finds per page. Make sure city is capitalized, state is 2 letter US postal acroym and all caps, and choose a dropdown item from number of finds per page. You can use % as a wildcard.

e.g. Sa% C% will find

Sacramento, CA
San Andreas, CA
San Bernadino, CA
San Bruno, CA
San Carlos, CA
San Diego, CA
San Dimos, CA
San Fernadino, CA
San Francisco, CA

You probably want San Fra% CA


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