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The Absolute Best Authentications Of The Protocols Of Zion

By Anonymous
January 6, 2006

The following are my nominations for the four top authentications of the Protocols of Zion, including Ivan Fraser's Proofs of an Ancient Conspiracy, Henry Makow's Protocol Forgery Arguments Are Flawed, Paquita de Shishmareff's Waters Flowing Eastward and Peter Myers Protocols of Zion Toolkit, to which I give first prize.

In my research and discussion with Henry Makow, one of the top scholars on the subject, I found Peter Myers' website, an Australian who is perhaps the living master of the subject of the Protocols of Zion. Even Tony Blizzard who worked at the Spotlight (now the American Free Press) and the Barnes Review with the previous world authority Paquita de Shishmareff while she was alive does not have a current mastery like Myers. If you read the article I have linked below, you will understand why I say so.

Myers goes into enormous detail on the technical aspects of the "forgery" argument, explaining the nuances of the arguments as well as demonstrating that only one-sixth [a liberal interpretation according to Makow] of the Protocols by word count can in fact be linked to any earlier document. The other five sixths, including the most egregiously offensive predictions regarding the Russian Revolution and other then-in-the-future events, are completely original, as is the crown jewel, the financial program - painfully evident if you look at our State Finances and the private ownership of all the major Central Banks worldwide.

If you read the Ivan Fraser article, the Henry Makow article, the book Waters Flowing Eastward by Paquita de Shishmareff and Father Dennis Fahey, and the extensive works by Peter Myers, you will come to the excruciating conclusion that the Protocols of Zion are not only genuine, but part of a stream of Masonic, Jewish Supremacist and Luciferian writing that continues to this day in works such as The Jewish Century, by Yuri Slezkine which are quite open about "Jewish" cultural dominance and superiority.

But he truth is that this scam is no more Jewish than banking is. A wise councilor recently showed me the seminal work on the topic of "hydraulic dictatorship" or the control of "scarce resources" as a method of political control: Karl Wittfogel's Oriental Despotism. Temple religions involving a priest/banker/miltary dictatorship, particularly in the Mideast, have existed since before the dawn of history. As my counsel likes to say, "Scams have a life of their own."

The nightmare of world domination and its deity Lucifer, don't give a damn who is manning the controls of the Death Star so long as they are doing a good job. This is why wars within the Illuminati appear to break out every now and then, as when Bush 41 decided to withhold loan guarantees to Israel pending "peace talks."

Although they lay claim to Jewish heritage, those "Jews" who play the world domination game are in effect no longer Jewish by religion in that their strategy is in direct contradiction with the Ten Commandments, the real pillar of the Hebrew religion. That they have "Jewish" genetic heritage is really of no importance, because empirical evidence is conclusive that both God and the Devil are equal opportunity employers.

Manipulating a religious structure in order to use its thoughtforms for domination purposes is common within any religion, and neither Christianity, Islam nor any religion are immnune to such parasitism and corruption. In effect the Protocols are a customized World Domination plan for those who identify themselves somehow with the militant, Talmudic strains of Judaism. One can find such domination plans in other forms when they are written for other audiences. The hidden author of them all is Lucifer, he just tweaks each plan a little in order to appeal to the psychological weakness or sense of identity of the target audience. However, it must be said that Lucifer has found extremely effective executors within his "Jewish" target group, and it is understandable why this should lead some to erroneously believe that somehow "Judaism" is the sole root cause of the "troubles" engendered by Lucifer's plans.

The Protocols themselves acknowledge that their plan hinges on their successful manipulation of existing power personages and that only at the absolute death of the host political organism will they reveal themselves and openly impose their absolute power. It is interesting to note in this context that Revelations hints at the same event, but farther up the change of command. Revelations predicts that at the moment the Jewish Supremacist Cult (Israel) declares its supreme rulership over the world from within a newly constructed Third Temple, Lucifer, the secret parasite within the Jewish Supremacist ideology will utterly destroy "Israel". Ultimately, Lucifer is the one who wishes to take the place of God, and he will not abide any mortal Rothschild descendant in that role.

It is to be expected that manipulated leaders will realize the ultimate intent of their manipulators and attempt to abort the plan. This appears to be happening right now as NSA and CIA whistleblowers reveal the privatization scams and absolute amorality now overtaking what was left of the "Intelligence Community."

Finally, because the works by Myers are so extensive, and I dare not expect you to make it through them any time soon, I have extracted two particularly relevant sections, one related to Dr. John Coleman's research. A former MI6 agent now living in Carson City Nevada, Coleman's Committee of 300 is one of the most quoted books on the subject of Secret History. Check it out at bottom.

And now, the list of the absolute best links regarding the authenticity of the Protocols of Zion:

Ivan Fraser's Proofs of an Ancient Conspiracy:

Paquita de Shishmareff's Waters Flowing Eastward:

Henry Makow's "Protocols Forgery Argument is Flawed:

Peter Myers on the Protocols:

Peter Myers Teaser Passage #1: "Cohn's arithmetic is incorrect. The word-count of the parallel-passages from the Protocols, as listed by Bernstein (at, is 4,361, while the word-count of the Protocols is 26, 496. That is, the parallel passages comprise 16.45% of the Protocols; this is substantial, but still less than one sixth of the total. What Cohn especially omits to mention, is the Protocols' extensive coverage of the world finance system."

Peter Myers Teaser Passage #2:

22. Dr. John Coleman on "Colonel" House from Committee of 300 book.

Dr. Coleman's book Conspirator's Hierarchy, the Committee of 300 [highly recommended] can be read here: and here:

Anyone who has read much of Lyndon Larouche's material will note great similarity in this 1992 book by Coleman. Both say that the One-World Conspiracy is British, centred on the Monarchy. They "write out" any specifically Jewish involvement, although a number of Jewish bodies get a mention, e.g. the ADL.

Yet the Jewish Defense Organization calls Larouche a Nazi: "Lyndon LaRouche hired Jewish flunkies like Steinberg and Goldstien to do his dirtywork. The name of the game is Yockeyism, crypto-Nazism ... "

So, is there a hidden Jewish theme within Coleman's work?

When one considers the shocking press that the British Royals get (compared to, say, the Japanese or Danish Royals) with the media prying into their troubles, exacerbating them and putting them on the front pages; when one considers that Rupert Murdoch's media, and the Economist, promote the abolition of the British Monarchy; then another force is suspected behind the scenes.

Here's a clue: Coleman writes,

"... Robert Cecil of the Jewish Cecil family that had controlled the British monarchy since a Cecil became the private secretary and lover of Queen Elizabeth I ..." (Conspirators' Hierarchy, p. 201).

Coleman writes in his article King Makers, King Breakers: The Cecils (1985, ? Dr John Coleman, W.I.R., 2533 N. Carson St., Suite J-118 Carson City, NV 89706):

{p. 25} The records at Hatfield House show that the Unity of Science Conferences was the brain child of Robert Cecil, as confirmed by the Dutch Jew, Mandell Huis alias Colonel House, who was the controller of Woodrow Wilson and Wilson's personal representative at the Paris peace Conference; and the special representative of the United States Government at the Inter-Allied Conference of Premiers and Foreign Ministers in 1917; U. S. representative at the Armistice in 1918 and a member of the Commission on Mandates in 1919. Mandell Huis, like the Cecils, professed to be a Christian, but was a Jew by birth and conviction. He was a firm friend of the Cecil clan, and it was Huis who forced Wilson to agree to the July, 1915 arrangement made by Arthur Balfour which gave Palestine to the Zionists and brouqht America into the first world war. Americans should be taught these things in schools and universities, but so great is the power of the Black Nobility, the RIIA [Royal Institute of International Affairs] , the CFR [Council on Foreign Relations] and the Eastern Liberal Establishment gang of traitors, that the majority

{p. 26} of Americans will probably never hear the name of the Cecil family, as one of the names which shaped the destiny of our once free great republican America. Before leaving the subject of "Colonel House" (Huis is the Dutch word for house), let me say that in spite of the many important tasks he was given to carry out, "Colonel House" was never a member of the United States government, nor was he elected to hold any of these important offices by the sovereign people of the United States. Therefore I say to you; "Of what use is our present system? We call ourselves a republic and a democracy, yet, no matter who we elect to the White House, the secret government of America continues to enact its policies, without the slightest regard for our wishes. Of what use then, is our electoral system?" ... {end}

So here is the Jewish theme lurking with the British theme. Yet, in Conspirators' Hierarchy [Committee of 300] there are only glimpses of this, such as:

"Cecil John Rhodes, a Committee of 300 member who fronted for the Rothschilds in South Africa ... " (p. 134).

"Committee of 300 members Cecil John Rhodes, Barney Barnato and Alfred Beit instigated and engineered the war. Rhodes was the principle agent for the Rothschilds ... " (p. 150)

This reverses Rhodes' usual priority over Rothschild, and puts Rothschild at the helm. Beit, too, was Jewish. Carroll Quigley wrote in The Anglo-American Establishment:

"{p. 134} Even Rhodes ... was not a racist. ... Some of his closest friends {p. 135} were Jews (like Beit), and in three of his wills he left Lord Rothschild as his trustee, in one as his sole trustee."

Here's another important quote from Conspirators' Hierarchy, on ties connecting Walter Lippmann, Edward Bernays (both Jewish), with H. G. Wells and the British Fabian Socialists, who, Quigley shows, were linked to the Anglo-American Establishment via the the Coefficient Club:

{p. 200} In 1928, Lippmann's compatriot Edward Bernays wrote a book called "CRYSTALLIZING PUBLIC OPINION" and in 1928 a second book of his was published entitled simply "PROPAGANDA." In it Bernays described his experiences at Wellington House. Bernays was a close friend of Master Manipulator H.G. Wells, whose many quasi-novels were used by {p. 201} Bernays to help formulate mass mind control techniques.

Wells was not shy about his role as a leader in changing lower class society, mainly because he was a close friend of members of the British royal family, and spent a great deal of time with some of the most highly placed politicians of the day, men like Sir Edward Grey, Lord Haldane, Robert Cecil of the Jewish Cecil family that had controlled the British monarchy since a Cecil became the private secretary and lover of Queen Elizabeth I, Leo Amery, Halford Mackinder of MI6 and later head of the London School of Economics, whose pupil Bruce Lockhart would become MI6 controller of Lenin and Trotsky during the Bolshevik Revolution, and even the great man himself, Lord Alfred Milner. One of Well's favorite watering holes was the prestigious St. Ermins Hotel, meeting place of the Coefficient Club, a club to which certified gentlemen only were admitted and where they met once a month. All of the men mentioned above were members and also members of the Souls Club. Wells claimed that any nation could be defeated ( , not by direct confrontation but by understanding the human mind-- what he called, "the mental hinterlands hidden behind the persona."

With such a powerful backer, Bernays felt confident enough to launch his "PROPAGANDA":

"As civilization becomes more complex, AND AS THE NEED FOR INVISIBLE GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN INCREASINGLY DEMONSTRATED (emphasis added-JC), the technical means have been invented and developed BY WHICH PUBLIC OPINION MAY BE REGIMENTED (emphasis added-JC). With printing press and newspaper, the telephone, telegraph, radio and airplanes, ideas can be spread rapidly, and even instantaneously, across the whole of America."

Bernays had not yet seen how much better television, which was to follow, would do the job.

{endquote} More at

Is Coleman describing a Jewish conspiracy lurking within the British one and using it as a cover?

If so, this Jewish movement is divided into Internationalist ("Socialist") and Zionist wings. What Coleman says about Socialism applies to the former; he says nothing about the latter.

But the Fundamentalists in Israel are waging their own campaign against the former, which they call the "British" conspiracy (ignoring, for example, the Jewishness of Bill Clinton's cabinets).

The CIA is on one side; Mossad on the other.

The Socialist Internationalists (New Left), who can be considered either the Left faction of the "British", or as the Left faction of the "Jewish" block, are led by George Soros and Noam Chomsky. Both are Jewish; both oppose the war. Both support minority causes of the Gay Marriage type; a part of Chomsky's website is devoted to Gay and Lesbian issues.

Michael Higger writes in his book The Jewish Utopia that "A Jewish Utopia begins where Wells leaves off" (p. 6). jewish-utopia.html

Thus, we now witness a struggle between these two visions of Judaism. Gay Marriage and the World Court are litmus issues that identify the two camps.

"Colonel" Edward House's "novel" of 1912, Philip Dru: Administrator, a model Woodrow Wilson followed; Jacob Schiff's campaigns for Zionism and World Government; and how two Conspiracies, an "Anglo" one and a Zionist one, joined up: house-schiff.html."

Anonymous (by request)

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