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Bill Maher Flashes Satanic Hand Sign During HBO Comedy Special

[Editor's Note: The first time I can recall seeing the Satanic hand gesture being flashed on TV was in Brice Taylor's rented home in Las Vegas in November of 1999 while watching a late night news program with her. The news segment was covering the senatorial campaign of Hilliary Clinton in New York Hillary was pumping hands among a crowd of supporters when an Hispanic man flashed the Satanic sign to Hillary and Hillary flashed it right back to him. Brice Taylor turned to me and said: "Did you see that!". We were both amazed that Hillary would actually flash him back when she knew that she was being filmed.

But that was eight years ago. Today, you can see the Satanic hand signal being flashed on TV -on a fairly regular basis- by Jay Leno, Carson Daley, Conan O'Brien, the fat guy of Penn and Teller, President Dumbo, President Dumbo's family, rock performers, "Reverend" Benny Hinn, and dozens of other TV personalities. In almost all cases of TV Satanic gesturing, the hand signal is flashed quckly and as part of a pasing hand movement, but sometimes the Satnaic hand pose is held and focused upon by TV cameras, as I noticed in a series of heavy metal rock competitions which were broadcast over CBS in the November and December of 2006. I taped those shows and plan to put up a page with many still frames from those programs. When you see the frames that I've captured and enlarged, you will see that there's much more demonic promotion going on than mere Satanic hand gestures.

I suppose that people like Maher are required to "show their colors" as it were, in order to get their specials  shown on TV. Like masonic hand signals, the idea is to convey solidairty and growing infiltration into a broader segment of society among those in the know. After reading Brice Taylor's book Thanks for the Memories or Cathy O'Brien's book, TranceFormation in America, there is little doubt that the entire Hollywood entertainment industry is 'owned' by the Illuminati -- lock, stock, and caviar tin.

If you happen to notice TV personalities anxious to wave around their admiration for Lucifer, why don't you record them on your VCR or DVD recorder and send me some still frames? That way, we can add their photos to our little gallery of Friends of Satan, right along with President Dumbo, Clinton, members of G7, etc. It only seems fair to recognize their 'contributions' ..Ken]
August 21, 2007

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Bill Maher Flashing Satanic Hand Sign August 20, 2007 HBO TV Special From: Chris
To: Editor
Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2007
Subject: Bill Maher Gives Horned Hand

Hi Ken,

I have taken several photos of Bill Maher, who is allegedly a big fan of Ron Paul, clearly giving the horned hand gesture. He does this numerous times, though each time very briefly, during his "The Decider" comedy special, now airing on HBO. As far as I know, there is no connection between Ron Paul and Bill Maher. Bill has influence with tv viewers of his tv shows and has good stuff to say about Ron Paul and a lot of bad stuff to say about Bush.



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From: Chris
Bill Maher Flashing Satanic Hand Sign August 20, 12007 HBO TV SpecialTo: Ken Adachi, Editor
Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2007
Subject: Re: Bill Maher

Hi Ken,

Here they are. Bill Maher made the "horned hand" gestures over and over again during his hour long "The Decider" comedy skit which is currently being shown on HBO. You have to watch him quite carefully, as he makes the gestures only momentarily. I took some of the pictures 8/9/2007 and some on 8/20/2007, but the show on tv was videotaped, so it was identical both nights. Although Bill Maher is allegedly a supporter of Ron Paul, I think that these pictures leave little doubt as to which side he is really on. Note also the snake picture on his T-shirt.

Best regards,



Bill Maher Flashing Satanic Hand Sign August 20, 12007 HBO TV SpecialBill Maher Flashing Satanic Hand Sign August 20, 12007 HBO TV Special 



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Satanic hand gesture accompanying Zurich Transport AdFrom: Lille
To: Editor
Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2007
Subject: Satanic hand signs

Dear Ken,

First, I would like to thank you for your courage and for your wonderful website.

I just read the article you posted regarding Satanic hand signs being flashed by celebrities. Here in Europe things are not much better. A few days ago, I was really shocked to see a flyer produced by the Zürich Transportation Authority (the ZVV) advertising the late night transportation services encouraging people to 'live like bats', and depicting a teenager hanging upside down flashing the satanic hand sign on both hands. See the link below.

Best Regards,



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