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The Fairy Tale Magic of the Bin Laden Legend

by Matt Kjeldsen
February 20, 2007

The Fairy Tale Magic of the Bin Laden Legend (Mar. 2, 2007)

Forward courtesy of Alex James ( )

[Note from Alex James: In what turns out to be more mind control, Bin Laden had US intelligence draft the Patriot Act in secret before 9/11. Through the unread passage of this bill by a mind-controlled Congress, American citizens lost many of their rights under the Constitution. And with continued mind control, the Congress and the President have passed law after law gutting the Constitution. Now all of the freedoms that Osama Bin Laden hated us for have been erased by our own government and we've spent a ½ TRILLION dollars brutally attacking a nation that had nothing to do with Osama Bin Laden's alleged grand illusion. [we can only conclude that Cheney is the legendary Osama!]

[Note: Bin Laden was a CIA operative until shortly after Sept 11, 2001, when he realized that he was being used as a scapegoat and had been double-crossed by his masters]

Most people hate and fear Osama Bin Laden [the legend]. He is accused of being a mass murderer and an enemy of free people. That being said, the man is an amazing magician. He is undeniably, the most talented of all of the illusionists of today and for that matter, any day. Don't believe me? Read on. I think afterwards, you will agree that his slight of hand, his mind control performances and his 'supernatural' theatrics are second to none.

Bin Laden is a known recluse and his video and audio appearances have been few and far between. This adds to the mystique. I guess in all honesty, there is a lot of pressure on his shoulders to top the 9/11 performance. And what a performance it was. Clearly, it was a masterpiece. Let's revisit the 9/11' piece' and dissect it for the myriad of smaller illusions that became the master illusion and solidified Osama Bin Laden's name [legend] into the annals of magic. Everything that follows is fact and can be verified, except for my assertion that Bin Laden is the best illusionist of all time. That is just my opinion.

Let's talk about the little stuff first. His assistants were able to board 4 different planes without being caught on security cameras and without appearing on any of the passenger lists. None of his assistants had the ability to fly a jet airliner. Most were already working with the CIA and yet they agreed to the stunt. And finally, none of their bodies or DNA has ever been found. From Afghanistan, Bin Laden was able to fool the cameras and four ticket agents, pilot planes precisely into targets and then make his assistants disappear without a trace. This is gold, but the show was just beginning.

Next, came the mind control. Osama was able to confuse the US air defense system and prevent every single person in charge of defending the United States from doing their jobs and even performing their default options. Once again, from a cave in Afghanistan, Bin Laden was able to schedule his performance on the exact same day that several war games and several terror drills were all running.

Most of our fighter jets were in Alaska and northern Canada as a part of Operation Northern Vigilance.,_2001

Global Guardian was running in conjunction with Vigilant Guardian. In essence, this is a massive nuclear air defense drill that puts blips all over radar screens and involves the United States Strategic Command in conjunction with Air Force Space Command and NORAD. But there is one drill he emulated, that really speaks to his genius. A National Reconnaissance Office drill was being run exactly in conjunction with Osama's real life performance that simulated a plane flying into a building!

Oh, and FEMA was running a bio-terrorism drill in New York City that morning in conjunction with Mayor Guilliani's running Tripod 2 (an emergency management drill where he and all of his staff were well clear of their state of the art command center in WTC 7 as of the night before).

Amazing, and you have to ask yourself; how in the world did Bin Laden know about all of these opportunities to distract his audience?

Ask any illusionist what the secrets are to pulling off a great stunt and he/she will tell you; it takes massive preparation and endless attention to every detail. Provide a diversion and then, Pow! Make it unbelievable.

Bin Laden had to know that the default protocol for aircraft that veer from their flight path is a scramble and interception by US air defense. At that point, the aircraft, either corrects its course, or is escorted to landing, or is shot down. 67 aircraft had been escorted to landing in 2001 through September 10. Yet, on September 11, in a performance that lasted for an hour and a half, 4 airliners all veered off course, not one interceptor was scrambled in time and 3 of the 4 reached their target, precisely and accurately.

But frankly, you know what is even more mystifying? Dick Cheney watched from the White House as the last blip came toward Washington DC.

He wasn't evacuated from the White House.

He never ordered the blip intercepted.

He never ordered the blip shot down.

He never ordered the Pentagon to use its ground to air defense system.

He never stood up and shouted, 'Why isn't our air defense system following protocol?'

This is sworn testimony by Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta before the 9/11 Commission.

It had to be mind control. To minimize damage and loss of life, Bin Laden directed the plane into the only part of the building to be recently reinforced to sustain such a hit [and where the exposers of the Neocons were working].

Are you impressed yet?

Well, this is all just been the set up for the big finish. Not satisfied with the simple display of accuracy and the 'Keystone Cop' confusion caused by his trans-Atlantic Jedi mind tricks, Bin Laden went for the inexplicable and the supernatural monster finale. Bin Laden was able to make not one, not two, but three buildings collapse into dust as if they were destroyed by carefully placed, incendiary devices. By not supplying an energy source for the free fall speed disintegrations of three skyscrapers, Osama Bin Laden literally suspended the laws of physics right before our eyes! Keep in mind that only two of the buildings were hit by planes. The third fell as an encore. There was some damage to a corner and two fires, but it pretty much looked like an intact, 47 story building that crimped and fell in six seconds. All that remained of three skyscrapers was severed steel, dust, flying paper and molten metal fires that burned at over 2000 degrees for two more months in the three sub floors. W'Allah! End of show. Or, was it?

Only after coming to terms with the absolute horror of this magic show did we realize; Osama Bin Laden, from a cave in Afghanistan on dialysis, had made the Pentagon jet airliner disappear as well. However, the aluminum jet airliner that hit the Pentagon pierced three rings of heavily enforced concrete and yet, left no holes for the wings or tail section. Little pieces were picked up by government men, carted away under a tarp and never seen again. Apparently, he was able to make wings disappear; titanium engines disappear and the entire fuselage disappear! He's also still using mind control on government officials, because they refuse to let us see the 84 surveillance tapes from the Pentagon and from the surrounding businesses that the FBI stole for him just minutes after the show. I guess it's a magician's code thing.

Osama performed the same basic trick with the plane in Pennsylvania, except he added a little touch of art to it. The fuselage, tail section and the titanium engines all vaporized just as at the Pentagon, but he made a debris field eight miles long from a plane that was flown straight down into the ground. It is these added touches that make him so sublime, so brilliant. Terrorist, magician and artist all rolled into one.

Now, at this point, you might be saying, 'Stop, stop, I've got it. He's brilliant and it was a masterpiece'. But, you would be missing the pure genius of this masterpiece. It turns out that once again, just when the audience thought there could not possibly be anymore, the true climax is revealed. As if toying with us, Osama releases a video taking credit for the performance. But, the video was a fake, with a right handed actor playing the role of left handed Bin Laden. It's just confusing, it was a hoax, but why? Artists' license, I guess. fake bin laden tape

The US vows to hunt him down and smoke him out of his hole. But, just like the steel from the World Trade Center, almost all of the black boxes and an actual investigation, Bin Laden vanishes into thin air. In what turns out to be more mind control, Bin Laden had US intelligence draft the Patriot Act in secret before 9/11. Through the unread passage of this bill by a mind-controlled Congress, American citizens lost many of their rights under the Constitution. And with continued mind control, the Congress and the President have passed law after law gutting the Constitution. Now all of the freedoms that Osama Bin Laden hated us for have been erased by our own government and we've spent a ½ TRILLION dollars brutally attacking a nation that had nothing to do with Osama Bin Laden's grand illusion.

Along with the planes, the buildings, his assistants, the US air defense system and any curiosity from our representatives and the press as to how he pulled it off, Osama made something else disappear as well. The final curtain opens back up to reveal an American stage now empty. Before Osama Bin Laden's masterpiece of illusion we now call 9/11, that stage was filled with freedoms. [we can only conclude that Cheney is the legendary Osama!]

Now I ask you, how magical is that?

More magic from Osama Bin Laden:

Black boxes vaporize

Through mind control, Bin Laden oversees the largest destruction of evidence from a crime scene in history as all of the steel beams from the WTC are cut up, shipped overseas and then melted down.

First time in history 3 steel framed buildings collapse due to fire

First time in history jet airliners vaporize and the NTSB doesn't investigate and doesn't put the parts in a hangar to piece together

Mind control of 9/11 Commission 'patriots':
He leads them to leave the hundreds of police, fire fighters and victims, all witnesses, who claimed there were secondary explosions at the WTC and at the Pentagon, out of their final report-ditto for the witnesses who did not see a 757 hit the Pentagon

Mind control of all politicians and media personnel-none of them question even one aspect of the performance and in fact, they will belittle and disparage any who do (that would be their constituents)

34% here (Third of Americans suspect 9-11 government conspiracy)

and the 84% here (Times poll only)

16% believe gov is being truthful) click here

45% here

In destroying WTC 7, Bin Laden wiped out between 300-500 securities fraud cases being investigated and housed there. Stock options made days prior to 9/11 on United, American, and Boeing betting on the fall of stock-I wonder if Osama made a killing on these or if he just told others so they could make the killing?

1 Osama knew the Pentagon had already run a drill in 2000 simulating planes hitting the Pentagon called MASCAL

2 Pres. Daily Brief warns of hijacking of airplanes

3 Flying a plane into a building drill National Reconnaissance Office but, Condi and George did not know?

'No one could have anticipated using planes as weapons.' --National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice

Bin Laden prepares us for the performance (9/11Pre warning ) (9/11Pre warning )

Ground Zero workers told wtc 7 is "coming down"

14 min video eyewitnesses explosions

Giuliani told buildings were "going to collapse"

MK Ultra Project/ Paper Clip video

List of military/government experts who question 9/11

Why isn't Bin Laden wanted by the FBI for the 9/11 murders? (front page fbi Most Wanted)

FBI's 10 Most Wanted: Osama's on there-but not for 9/11

Seven " hijackers" still alive!

Improbable Collapse video

Shape charges demolition

Able Danger/ Curt Weldon

In all. 15 drills were running on 9/11-Bin Laden had planned it that way

They included: Vigilant Guardian, Northern Vigilance, Northern Guardian, Vigilant Warrior, Global Guardian, Apollo Guardian, Amalgam Warrior, Tripod 2, NRO Plane Crash Drill and Operation Northern Watch

Skeptics who doubt Bin Laden's magic (911 Mysteries Demolitions Part 1) proof and activism (Press For Truth -What do the victim's families think?) (Terror Storm-What is state sponsored false flag terror?)

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