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Dr. George Carlo Disavows Efficacy of BioPro as EMR Shield

[Editor's Note: In a previous article concerning the dangers of cell phone usage, mention was made of the use of the BioPro design in place of a conventional cell phone plug-in earpiece which has a wire connected to the speaker ear bud. The last 6 or 7 inches of the BioPro design uses a plastic tube which vibrates the air in the tube and carries the sound to your ear. This is still a safer design than the conventional hard wired earpiece. I haven't seen the video referred to in this article yet and I don't know which products by BioPro that Dr Carlo objects to as being ineffective as an EMR shield, but I'm always interested in paying attention to Dr. Carlo's comments when it comes to products touted as being effective against microwave Electromagnetic Radiation. Apparently, Dr. Carlo had a former affiliation with BioPro that ended about a year ago....Ken]
April 2, 2008

Dr. George Carlo Disavows Efficacy of BioPro as EMR Shield (April 2, 2008)

Forward courtesy of "panacea1" <>

From: Paul Doyon
To: EMF Refugee
Subject: BioPro's Fabricated Science Fiction: From Dr. Carlo
Date: Apr 2, 2008 7:27 AM


I deeply regret the misleading message that is portrayed in this video.

a.. The video is the product of fabricated science presented to the Safe Wireless Initiative by Biopro to manipulate the Safe Wireless Initiative into a working alliance that could be leveraged by Biopro to sell its wares.

b.. Information presented to the Safe Wireless Initiative by Biopro and the person who sells them the MRET technology, Igor Smirnov was science fiction.

c.. In 2005, when the data were presented to us at the Safe Wireless Initiative, we took it at face value -- we took Biopro and Smirnov at their
words. We erred. And, unfortunately did not make it a priority to perform the proper due diligence with independent testing until the middle of last

d.. With that independent testing and evaluation now completed, there is no doubt that the Biopro technology does nothing of what it claims. Indeed, it has little value in helping prevent EMR related health effects.

e.. I am firmly opposed to what Biopro does in their business and opposed to the misleading portrayals of their products.

f.. The strategic alliance with Biopro has been severed now for almost a year, and was indeed one of my most regrettable professional mistakes.
Please accept my sincerest apology for any harm this misrepresentation has caused you. I regret that this video now has a life of its own on the
Internet being propagated by Biopro people trying to sell pyramid-type business dreams and products that have no independent scientific support.

Please help us by circulating this e-mail to whoever else might be harmed.

It is critically important that those who are potentially being damaged by this misinformation are given the proper information.

Thank you.

George L. Carlo

Dr. George Carlo
Safe Wireless Initiative
Washington, D.C.


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