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The Contrived Bird Flu Hoax & The NWO Vaccine to 'Save' You

From: Keith Howe
Aoril 20, 2009

The Contrived Bird Flu Hoax & The NWO Vaccine to 'Save' You (April 20, 2009)

From: Keith Howe
To: Ken Adachi
Subject: The next round of bogus viral threats and genocidal vaccines.
Date: Apr 20, 2009

Hi Ken,

It seems that Baxter Inc. ( H5N1 contaminated vaccine manufacturer ) has some competition from another vaccine company, Recombinomics, Inc.

Recombinomics following article states:

“H5N1 Cairo Cluster Delays Raise Transmission Concerns", Recombinomics Commentary 22:31 April 19, 2009

[Cairo] Woman, age 25, 33 weeks pregnant, began experiencing symptoms of fever and cough on April 6. She was admitted to Ain Shams Hospital on April 11 and received Tamiflu April 16. Infection with avian influenza [Bird Flu] was confirmed April 17.”

Has anyone checked the Tamiflu being given for H5N1 virus? Was the H5N1 introduced into her body via the Tamiflu, or a vaccine, so they could say voila, a global threat! Quick, everyone in the world must get our vaccine or perish!

Did you know that the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic was started by vaccinating soldiers, some of which dropped dead on the spot after multiple vaccines? See:

Fever and cough are present in hundreds of infectious processes! Just because a virus is allegedly found in that person does not mean that it is causing symptoms or a threat to life! This is the same B.S. they used as a scare tactic with the West Nile Virus, which is an INSIGNIFICANT THREAT to humans, unless, of course, you are a vaccine manufacturer, like say, Baxter or Recombinomics!
( see: )

People have dozens, if not hundreds of viruses in their bodies. Just because someone who died had herpes in their body does not mean that the herpes virus killed them. This is total fear mongering!

Tamiflu is a “Ronald Dumbsfeld” fraud and next to useless, if not worse, being harmful in itself! See what Dr. Mercola says about this bogus "infection injection" at

Now the World Health organization (WHO), more like genocide international (see Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s book “Aids Ebola, and other Emerging Viruses’) is getting involved. See:
Get ready to roll up your sleeves, sheople.

Here is another interesting article, although I can not verify this information, it sure seems to be right in line with the virus/vaccine/ population reduction agenda.

See: “Bird Flu Distributed by Dept of Homeland Security” at

Also see: Baxter lawsuit update at



From: Keith Howe
To: Ken Adachi
Subject: Vaccinicide!
Date: Apr 21, 2009 3:50 AM

Hi Ken,

Came across two more articles regarding H5N1 purpose/fraud.


"What Do The Globalists Want?"
“The Elite want a global government as a means of power & control to enforce dramatic population reductions. The programs and tools they are using now in various places (i.e. one-child policies, forced vaccinations, etc.) will ultimately devolve into systematic genocide”

Take care,


From: Fred Gunn
To: Ken Adachi
Subject: Aaaaaaaachooooooooo! (Fred)
Date: Apr 21, 2009

Hi Ken,

While following this Avian Flu Hoax in current news of the internet, I came upon this game:

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The player plays the part of a human with a virus and the goal is to infect as many humans as possible, with just one SNEEZE. As you progress up the levels you go from indoor situations to outdoors and eventually extreme depopulation. Target humans are classified as; children, adults and elderly and each category awards different points based on their susceptibility to viruses and their mobility or how each type of human normally intermingles with other humans.

The existence of this game, which was just recently introduced to this website, comes with very suspicious timing when I think of the recent Power Hour broadcast in which "Mary" reports on evidence she has uncovered with regards to the Bird Flu Hoax getting ready to play out in the US, with truckloads being sponsored by the DHS. A very sick idea of a game, at the very least!



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