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Black Beam & UFO Filmed Near Camp Verde, Arizona April 16, 2007

Dark strokes UFO filtering April 16, 2007 Camp VErde, Arizona[Editor's Note: Remote viewing instructor Fred Gunn from Sedona, Arizona has once again sent us some remarkable aerial photos. These photos were taken by one of Fred's students who was traveling along Highway 17 near Camp Verde, Arizona on April 16 (around 5:20 pm) on his way to Fred's home. The first two photos shown below were taken while driving and the remaining photos taken from a parking lot the student had pulled into. Fred's student was concentrating on photographing the black beam and did not see the remarkable UFO captured ONLY in frame CAM_0666 until they uploaded the digital pictures at Fred's house. Amazingly, the UFO is no longer seen in the very next frame, which was taken only moments later.

Fred cropped the UFO in Photoshop and ran the picture through a few filters in an attempt to draw out more detail. I enlarged the cropped photos even more so you could see the outline of the UFO in larger perspective. The UFO appears to be a very large craft considering the distance from the photographer. There are many other photos of 'Black Beams' posted at this web site along with two essays posted on April 22 ( ) and April 26, 2006 ( by ZS Livingstone giving his take on the reason behind black beams, which he describes in his essays as 'disrupter beams'.

Update April 30, 2007. It occured to me that the UFO may be projecting the black beam, since the ship appears to be the same width as the beam itself in the CAM_0666.jpg photo seen below. I recall that Wilhelm Reich's laboratory/estate ('Orgonon') in Rangeley, Maine was beseiged by stationary UFOs in the early 1950's. Reich wrote about those attacks in a book ( I forget the name). The UFO's were raining down DOR onto the Rangeley estate in a form that Reich identified as "Melanor". It was black in color and it covered everything-trees, rocks, the houses, everything. The vegetation was dying and everyone on the estate became ill. Reich was eventually able to stop the Melanor poisoning by using his water-based Cloudbuster to destabilize the UFO's and force them off their pickett locations. He aimed the pipes of the Cloudbuster at the base of the UFOs and they would begin to rock violently and were forced to leave the area. If the black beams are indeed a beam of intensified DOR energy, it could be that the chemtrail being laid down along the black beam's trajectory is not as easily neutralized or detoxified by the Sylphs as may be the case with an 'ordinary' chemtrail, and that may be the purpose of the black beams .. Just a thought.. ...Ken Adachi]

From Fred Gunn <>
April 16, 2007

Hi Ken,

Got an exclusive for

My friend and fellow remote viewer (name withheld by request) was driving up to visit me from Phoenix this past Saturday afternoon with a cluttered chemtrail sky up above him. He suddenly noticed the"black beam" phenomena as he was nearing Camp Verde, Arizona on Highway 17 North. There was a chemtrail being laid down right in the path of this beam, which I feel is concentrated DOR (deadly orgone). He grabbed his digital camera and took a picture even while driving because the beam was so black and clear.

He took two pictures while driving (CAM_0662 & CAM_663) until he could pull over. Then he stepped out into the parking lot and took four more pictures. (CAM_664 thru 667). He called me immediately and told me excitedly that I had to go outside if I hadn't already seen the black beam, and to get my camera and take some pictures, too. I went outside but couldn't see it from my vantage point in Cottonwood.

When he got here a few minutes later, I downloaded the pictures to my computer, but the date and time were not set correctly. The actual time of the pictures was from about 5:20 to 5:26 pm. The first thing I noticed was a dragon sylph on the left side of the picture seemingly looking right at the black beam. The next thing I noticed was an unidentified object within the beam, low down towards the horizon in picture CAM_0666.

OK, a UFO in a picture randomly numbered "666".

I was intrigued, so I zoomed in with Photoshop and did some filtering. Wow, what the heck is this? Anyone know or care to guess? It takes up the entire width of the black beam and is at the same focus as the mountains in the distance, so it must be huge. When the next picture CAM_0667 was taken only a few seconds later the object is gone.

I named the Photoshop images as "crop 1" since that is a cropping of the object from the original photo, then for the various filters that were applied to the cropped object, I named them after the filter that was used;"dark strokes, glowing edges, neon glow and sketch-stamp". Very interesting results.

I reduced the attached images for viewing since the originals are very large files. If anyone would like to do their own analysis, please e-mail me for a copy of the original images.


Fred Gunn
Sedona, Arizona

CAM_0662.jpg 65 k (photographed while driving North on Highway 17 nearing Camp Verde on April 16, 2007, approximately 5:20pm)

Single Chemtrail and 'black beam'

CAM 0662 65k

CAM_0663.jpg 63 k

CAM 0663

CAM_0664.jpg 82 k (photographed from parking lot)

CAM 0664

CAM_0665.jpg 63 k

CAM 065

CAM_0666.jpg 117 k (this  photo alone reveals the UFO at the bottom of the black beam/chemtrail, just above the mountain line spanning the full width of black beam)

CAM 0666

CAM_0667.jpg 101 k (the UFO completely disappears in the next frame below, taken just a few seconds later)

CAM 0667

crop 1.jpg (UFO cropped and enlarged only, no filtering)

Crop 1 UFO Camp Verde, Arizona April 16, 2007 5:50pm  Crop UFO B


dark strokes.jpg (above cropped photo filtered and contrast enhanced in Photoshop to accentuate detail)

Dark strokes UFO filtering April 16, 2007 Camp VErde, Arizona


Subject: slyphs/nagas
From: John C <>
Date: Tue, May 8, 2007 5:05 pm
To:   Editor


Compliments on a good reply to "son of a window dresser". I myself think that the phenomenon we currently call "sylphs" has been around for quite some time. In a conversation with a Buddhist globe-trotter some years ago, he told me of a conversation he had with another fellow English Buddhist who had just returned from Indonesia.

He had been on one of the many minor islands and noticed one cloud that had amazing similarity to a form of the Chinese "dragon" and had jokingly told his girl friend,"well, looks like the Nagas are out today." and went back to chatting.

About half an hour later he looked at the sky and was stunned that the dragon-like"entity" had rotated ninety degrees and the dead and long neck were now stretched out towards him and his friend.

I recently made the mistake of posting my comments about "black beams" over on the skywatchers subboard at, which brought out the disinfo agents in full hostile attack "swarm" mode, including some simulations of black beams that supposedly proved them to be nothing but shadows of classical contrails. I didn't like that argument one bit, not since seeing a black beam over western Phoenix at about one hour *after* sunset that maintained its straight line form through two clouds with no apparent shadow on any of the clouds.

John C


Hi John,.

Thanks for your note.

Your observation about the disinfo swarm is VERY useful. We need to be prepared for the mind controlled zombies out there and not be deterred or demoralized by their knee jerk attacks.

Do not regret your decision to post. Despite the naysayers, you will ALWAYS touch those who recognize the truth, but who aren't necessarily ready to defend you over a chat forum. That doesn't mean that you didn't have a net positive effect. Truth will always win out over falsity. Truth has a 'CARRYING POWER" of its own that is independent of you. Just get it out there and the universe will do the rest.

Best Regards, Ken

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